Thank You Thursday: What I Am Not

Be thankful this day for "What I Am Not."

Who we are not has much more to do with who we are. We focus so much on what we desire, and what we are, we tend to forget about our polar opposite. I'm not saying to lose our sense of "positivity" but without our opposite how can we know what we truly want and how to live now. Who we are changes from moment to moment and is subject to change with our external circumstances. Yet, our external circumstances has no bearing on who we truly are. The circumstances themselves are an experience we choose to go through to better understand the process of being human. Each experience is not unique to the soul having it, what makes the process unique is each different response to it. Each response is added to the collective mind (akashic record). With each recorded response, we are getting close to who we are not to be who we are. The question now becomes, how do I know who I truly am?
How do you know who you are? The answer to this question is different for everyone, depending on where you are in the process of life. Are we more than flesh holding our Soul, yes; are we more than the energy creating life, yes; are we more than light shining brightly for others to follow, yes. Who we are and who we are not is relative to the situation and circumstance in the moment it occurs. Most of us look through life with glasses of judgment and labels. The process of judgment allows us to label a person or situation for self to better understand the person and situation according to our human experience. Yet our human experience is to remind us who we are, our Soul Self. We live from a place of memory and this is why we judge our situations from previous ones. Our memory serves us to remember experiences and not judge present ones based on previous ones. What we fail to understand in beginning is process of acceptance. All we experience is a process. The process of acceptance allows us to look at self, others, and situations, as they are, free from labels and judgment. To get to know who we are is a process of acceptance of self. Once we learn how to accept self we can accept others. Now, how we label self and others is a different process.
We label everything! The labels we created made it easier for the human brain to discern what is good and what is bad. What we view as good or bad is subjective and relative at the moment it occurs. All of the people, items, situations, and places we label as bad do not serve our best interest or we are not interested in. All the people, items, situations, and places we label as good serves our higher self and most interested in. Then there are the people, items, situations, and places we are indecisive about, because we simply don't care. Have we stopped to think why we have our personal label for everything? We label all from a place of curiosity and higher knowing. The labels are meant for the instance of occurrence and a not continual label of similarity to be judged. Each person, item, situation and place is meant for a singular experience and should be accepted as it is and not judged or labeled from previous experiences. By labeling all experiences based on previous ones the same; we are limiting our growth and understanding about who we are not.
We all desire to be our Divine Self and live in our true purpose. In order to accomplish this way of living, we have to experience the opposite of our truest desire. What this looks like will be different for everyone. How we will get there will be different for everyone. Once on the path of acceptance, the process of being who we truly are takes place. We begin to see life as it is. We fill out hearts with more compassion and empathy. We begin to see clearly and better understand the choices each soul makes. We accept people and situations as they are. We increase the energy of around us with more acceptance. Who we are not is no more than who we are to be.
Remember all that is experienced is a process and serves a purpose in the moment occurred. The purpose is seeing life as it is, no more, no less, while bringing more light to what simply IS. We already have the knowledge to be who we truly desire to be. Yet we all believe our wisdom comes from applying our knowledge to each situation, yet, our wisdom comes from sharing what we know, our innate knowing of being connected to the Universe and to God. Now the process becomes knowing and having faith in what we already are. Do you know what we already are? We are more than we appear to be, more than we reveal, yet all is shown, all is seen in our daily life. Only you know and can accept who you are now and to be who desire to be in the Now.
Be thankful this day and everyday to know who we are and who we are not in the process of life.
Be thankful this day and everyday to bring clarity and acceptance to situations and people who open the Soul.
Be thankful this day and everyday to remember our source of wisdom, allowing it shared and magnified with Self and others.

Equal Two

I am everything
I am everywhere
I am nothing
I am nowhere
I am darkness
I am light
I am present
I am absent
I am the choice made
I am the indecision
I am as you made me
I am created by you
I am you and you are me
I am the creation
I am the creator
I am universal
I am insignificant
I am joy
I am pain
I am love
I am fear
I am success
I am failure
I am alive
I am dead
I am good
I am bad
I am the is
I am omnipotent
I am feeble

I exist because I am not
I exist because I am
I exist in harmony with self
I exist with the equal parts of the sum of Self
I exist because you exist
We exist because you exist

We are two equals not separate
We are whole
We are one


zorro 21st January 2016 8:03 pm

Dear brother, you say, "Most of us look through life with glasses of judgment and labels."
Might this be an assumption? Who is "most of us"? And as you also say, "We label everything!"

Perhaps, at times, we have moments of labeling things, hey? But hopefully, we are moving out of this at a rapid pace.

Best wishes and thanks for your contributions to the discussions here.

MareGrane 24th January 2016 1:13 pm

Hi Hillis, It's interesting that we try so hard to create balance in our life and end the duality we perceive. I totally experienced this today - in the now - and I don't like it. Yet I made an internal decision that was prompted by this experience. It was only a feeling until now. And NOW I know, I must move on and find my own inner happiness and truly live for myself. I have always lived for other people - clearly that doesn't work. No, I'm sure you are right. We can not lose the opposite polarity life offers; however Is there truly balance. Thought provoking question. Will we see a triality.

I liked your poem. It that sense it makes sense.

Hillis 28th January 2016 11:04 am

Hello Zorro, thank you so much for your additional insight.
Love to you.

Hillis 28th January 2016 11:08 am

Mare, I am happy for your new insight in being NOW. Even as I walk in my path, I am learning the importance of being aware of the present. It's a daily task.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and love.

Hillis 28th January 2016 11:14 am

Hi Niko, it is also judgment. We place our knowledge of experience on the event or situation witnessed. It's all about our perspective.

Love to you.

Toni 24th November 2016 5:00 pm

Who we are is Love… who we are not is Fear… The game is to transmute fear back to love at physical density.

Ever noticed that what we judge ends up being the path we walk…karma. Judgement is fear.

Labels are required for communication when telepathy and empathy are blocked within collective consciousness.

It is the embracement and integration of polarized fear that creates our evolution… when returned to love that is. The process begins with denial or judgement followed by the anger or blame and if you look there is always DNA grief underneath that is blocking the heart and soul flow of information. When the grief is clear we shift to acceptance and the information regarding who we are is free to flow creating more love and balance within core self.

When the polarity of the present dimension is embraced we spiral to the next dimension.

Yes Thank you… :thumbs:


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