Thank You Thursday: Your Temple

Be thankful this day for your temple.

When most of us think of temples, we think of a gathering place of worship, a place to pay homage to God or "God Like Figure". The true temple is the light in us. The place where we go within to pray and receive answers to the prayers prayed. When we meditate or pray, we sit in our temple to commune with the Divine Source. We sit in the sanctum of oneness to voice our intentions. Our intentions are carried on light waves to be heard and shared with the Divine Source. The center of our being is the connection we all need to live in the communal space we call home, our temple. We all gather there, whether it is with self or others.

Our soul is the beacon of light shared with others. Then the temple becomes a refuge to seek the answers so desired by the soul and sometimes we are the prayers of others. Our physical and energetic presence is all that is required to bring for the desire of self and others living in the temple created. Know we all carry this temple with us daily and access it at will and we do. The access time and point is predetermined by you. How is it is accessed is up to you; whatever channel or method used, whether if it's a quiet moment in the day or apart of your routine. As a growing collective our mind set has shifted to how we pray or worship. There have been many forms of practices to benefit each form of faith. Our soul rest in the level of comfort to be the light desired for self and others using a medium or tool to translate/channel desires.

Each soul is different in how it communes with the Divine, yet the place in where it communes is the same. We all seek the rays of light to fill us and expand the temple we commune in. Each temple is sacred in its own right and is a place of peace, solitude and replenishment. As individuals we recognize the light in others and gravitate towards them. With the gravitation of the like individuals, thoughts and ideas are shared creating a union of communion; a communion to speak the highest truth and receive wisdom to take action upon the intentions spoken. Our temple teaches us to be honest with self and creates new levels of awareness. When we listen, we can be heard.

We each have a significant voice. Our voice is the gateway to the temple in speaking our truth for the highest good of self and others. What is the highest good? It can only be determined by your soul, yet it changes. The highest good often refers to living in a space of unconditional love for self and others. Once we do for self we can do for others, the golden rule. Know we have the power within self to change life through intentions; no matter the circumstances. All we have to do is travel within. All we ever desire to know is in us. All we ever desire to be is in us. Our temple is the key and connection to all things. The temple is more than the light within us; it is the ancient wisdom from all the masters before granting us access the Hall of Knowledge.

Be thankful this day and everyday for traveling within to commune with self, Divine Source and community.
Be thankful this day and everyday for knowing you can be a beacon for self and others from within.
Be thankful this day and everyday for knowing the truth and evolving from the highest good for all.


Feeling heightened sensations
Being connected to the Source Self and the Source of all Solitude
Is the frequency all is heard

Wearing light energy
The protection desired in stillness
The beginning of redefining the absolute trueness of Isness
Self contained

Eyes shutter to conceal blinding light covering my being
Images flash in the vision
Creating a sense of comfort

Shedding all of no use
This soul slumbering is awakened state
Yet asleep to all existence

Deprived of all senses
Only acknowledge the rainbow
A place sacred to choose a path already chosen

Harnessing the light of Choice
Breaking through acceptance and shatter the once was

Emergent regeneration
Standing in stillness created me
Observant of new sensations of purifying and releasing light

Going fourth in the redefined understanding purpose
Conditioned in the ways of harmony and balance

Being of visual desire of change
Before the change maker


herb.hernandez 13th January 2011 8:38 pm

Thanks for the nice words! You inspired my Thursday :)

Tzaddi 15th January 2011 12:48 pm

Thank you, Hillis, for this lovely post! As a child, I was taught that my temple was my body, and that prayer was quiet time with God. Forty years later, as a yoga and meditation teacher, I learned so many other wonderful ways to access that quiet time. My practice endured for most of twenty years, but then it got lazy. I have only recently resumed my regular practice and it makes such a huge difference in my ride through life.

Hillis 19th January 2011 11:52 am

Greetings Herb, I'm happy I inspired your day!
Be well,

Hillis 19th January 2011 12:00 pm

Greetings Tzaddi, you are welcome. I'm happy I could have helped you. Be well!!


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