Thank You Thursday: Wisdom

Be thankful this day for wisdom.

As a collective we believe wisdom comes from age and experience. This is only half true. Yes through experience, we develop a keen wisdom for matters in the world. This experience is developed through observation of others and self. Our senses aide in the wisdom developed. The senses guide us to experience different life sensations. Remember part of our purpose is to experience life and report our findings to God. This can only happen if we are willingly open to experience all we are meant too. Each individual is different, so will be the experience and wisdom. This too is only half true. Yes we all choose to have different experiences, or the same experience felt or done in a different manner. However, we all have access to the same level of wisdom.

As children of God and energy or spiritual beings first, we have access to the divine library or Halls of Knowledge. The location of this wisdom is with God. This collection of ancient text is here for us to access at will. This is the history of the planet and universe. To fully access this wisdom at will, we have to understand how our energy works and its development. Then we can channel wisdom to us at will. As individuals, we can spontaneously access this wisdom in our waking state or sleep by asking our question enough times verbally or mentally. The answer will come, when we are ready to receive it. Once we have trained our essence or mind, the wisdom will be readily accessible, when we desire it. How do we train ourselves to receive such wisdom? This can be achieved through meditative practice. As energy beings, we are infinite. This means we can hold an abundance of wisdom. Though we have the ability to hold an abundance of information, doesn't mean we should. We must remember to drink our cup of wisdom to keep it empty to receive more. At times, we have to look no further than within to find the answers too many questions asked. The experiments or experience we have daily are keep as records for the collective and future souls to access. What we experience benefits those to come after us, this aide the evolutionary process. Our wisdom is all wisdom.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the experience and sensations to develop keen wisdom.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have limitless access to the Halls of Knowledge.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the evolution through wisdom.


The wondrous spirit decades for a century or two only to invade a new vessel learning new sensations remembering what is and what is lost

Coming to a clouded realization of the past of gifts a trace sense of self growing comfort ability of self no longer confused of who you are and where you come from having a purpose

The orientation of your sex can be predetermined from the life before whether if this attraction leads to men or women

This dates back to the Gods worshiped in the motherland who has given us birth

Gods who can change sexes at will

Naturalistic tendencies of curiosity enlighten through self discovery without fear wanting comfort in truth no longer mystified by society’s lies

How it is and we shall be

The origin of this truth stems from our belief in God and His creations


The love given and gained only to be returned equally and willingly

There are some items where no choice is given only learned to accept over time with the acceptance there is new found joy

The foundation of any one being deeply rooted in thy self accompanied with love and understanding of the first creation leading to self origin

Found the answers in the stars inspired in through heavenly energies harnessed and channeled for centuries past

Now to be free complete withstanding all of me holistically

The truth beyond normality

Finally found what I seek




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