The Energies of August 2012

July Review

OMG!  Jul-WHY ME?!  ;o)  July was rather intense.  We are being pushed to release any remaining baggage that we tucked in our pockets.  The astrology was intense and emotions were running on overdrive.  In the July Light Language video, my Guides specifically said, ‘keep your words soft.’ Now I understand that fully.  We’re not out of the woods with that completely as August will have its forceful movement, though it will mainly feel easier than July.  But the clearing is worth it and doesn’t have to be traumatic or disturbing if you keep your words soft, especially toward yourself as you feel the restriction of the cocoon that has actually been keeping you safe through transformation. 

Ascension symptoms were high in July with dizziness, word loss, lack of focus, bouts of fatigue, 31 flavors of emotional outbursts, sinus/lung issues and joint pain.  July brought many to the brink of change, then pushed them over the edge!  We were being brought into alignment with becoming a global and galactic family.  As with all family, there are those that it is well to associate with, and those that are better loved from afar.  When you have empowered boundaries, you know when to allow someone into your life, when to hold them at a loving distance and when to disassociate from interaction, even if just temporarily.  August will test your empowered boundaries more and there will be a more global feel to it. 

August Energies

In this powerful month of Leo sun we are asked to shine our Light with great focus to build the world of form.  What are you building?  Are you focusing on what is falling down, what is wrong or what is not here yet?  As Lightworkers, we walk a fine line of balance as we dip into areas of lack or darkness and shine our Light.  There is nothing wrong with observing, but you know you are Lighting with Love when you feel compassionate detachment in a situation that is calling for your Light.  Empowerment is key, as enabling can be easy to do when you just focus on a peaceful outcome.  Are you walking that fine line with the grace that allows another to find their power within rather than depending on you for certain behavior or energy that you allow them to ciphon from you?  When we build form from the Power of Love, we utilize a connective force that creates strong community that expands and expands. 

Ultimately encompassing a global community, then a galactic community.  We are building the Golden Age that heralds our return to our origins of Source Love, the Universal Creative Flow of Life.  As you focus with a generous, creative beam of Leo Light, you are using the pride of the lion to create True Family. 
Family was a big theme in July and it will continue in August as we release the dysfunction that blocks our empowerment and unity.  Your personal relationships are highlighted and that will continue as you find your balance and freedom.  Humanity is a cohesive unit, each individual part working together; celebrating and actually requiring the diversity to function fully.  What are you best served to change to interact with ease?  What in your life is to be released in order to allow your full flow?  Are you blocking another’s flow by trying to control your environment too much?  We have all different types of ‘family.’  Our biological family, our work family, our friends family, our family of humanity, our family of Life on Earth (plants, animals, water, air, Mother Earth, etc.).  Right these relationships within the self and you will see a natural flow of connection within yourself and with others.  There are few biological families that have taught empowerment.  Children are often taught through limitation, fear and conforming.  Communication isn’t taught on the intuitive, internal level.  Emotions are disregarded and suppressed.  These patterns are changing, especially as the Lightworkers throughout all walks of life are taking responsibility for their thoughts, words and deeds, and shining the Light of forgiveness and Love.  We have a big job that we’ve been working at for a long time.  It ain’t over yet. :o)

The Astrology

August will be calmer than July in many ways.  We have a full moon sandwich starting in Aquarius on 8/1, a full moon in Pisces on 8/31 and a slice of new moon cheese in Leo on 8/17.   August will herald our collective unity (Aquarius) with our individual creativity (Leo) and our spiritual connection to the mystery of All Life (Pisces).  What talent have you been holding back that is ready to burst forth?  Where have you cut yourself off from others or allowed avoidance to keep you separate or not participating in life fully?  These are the themes of August as we also continue our same retrogradations from July, though Mercury will go direct on 8/8.  Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries will continue renewing our commitment to Love Flow. 


Your Light is needed!  Focus your beam of Love on family, your empowered boundaries and forgiveness that unites and supports life!  Take initiative to create the new world of Love in your heart and mind as the fire of Leo roars warmth into the hearths of all.  Your focus directs your life and creates form.  Begin with an idea of a universe of Love that supports Life infinitely.  Life continues, and it seeks inclusion (Love) to build form.  You are that builder of form and it is your focused Love Light that builds the new structures that life dances upon.  Like a laser of Love, Light up your world! 
Have a great August!


LauriLumby 2nd August 2012 7:19 am

This is exactly what I have been feeling and experiencing as we move into August. I had a really powerful dream the other night that I experienced as a Rebirthing.....receiving a whole new breath of life and moving in this energy has been amazing. A friend likened it to a "Jedi Initiation"....Now I am ONE with the Force. The good news is that the past two years have forced me to face EVERY now.....I know I will not be tempted to go to "the dark side." :)

Lauri Lumby

Homeostasis68 2nd August 2012 10:42 am


this is amazing. I had the exact same experience. It was Friday night. I am still processing what that exactly was, but it really changed the whole perception of life. Wow. Amazing. So curious where this leads me.


Leigh42 2nd August 2012 3:25 pm

Interestingly, last weekend I had a couple deep family oriented dreams with strong emotion present. One, I was screaming at my mother as a pattern she maintains that bothers me was showing up... I woke up completely immersed in the feelings, just as if we were screaming at each other in person right there and then. We dont scream at each other, so it was clearly suppressed feelings being cleared.

I also saw mirroring of how that sneaky manipulation tactic is occasionally put-upon my five year old son by my husband and myself the pattern was being identified, witnessed and healed in both directions.

This seems to be a theme, as Lisa Renee's post this month also mentions family healing.


Gia 2nd August 2012 3:46 pm

Great article, I can really connect with everything you're saying. Just have to comment though about dreams because I also had a birthing dream and a family dream this week so similar to the ones mentioned here in the comments. On Tuesday night I dreamt I was giving birth and I could actually feel the pain, I remembered viscerally what it felt like to give birth to my children. And then last night I dreamt I was yelling at my Mother and this is not the kind of relationship we have so it must have been some kind of suppressed emotion coming to the surface.
I can't wait to read your next post, Jamye. I'm a little scared about September after experiencing the scariest July I can remember.

malia2boys 5th August 2012 1:33 am

Dear Jayme~
I now know what has been going on for past couple of weeks! My mom and I have not been "getting along" and I was feeling so bad about it because I couldn't explain on why I did not want to come near her, hear from her, hang out with her, etc. just anything that had to do with her just put me on edge like nails down a chalkboard. I have also been having emotional issues towards my oldest son (not as bad as I do with my mom)but I am really glad that I now know whatever it is just needs to be released. Thank you for that powerful insight!


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