The Energies of March 2014

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February Review

February was fairly calm as energies tend to go.  Even with some intense days of solar radiation, it was still calmer than recent months.  In many ways, February felt like a month of preparation, as we reworked the energy of the mind to align with the heart. March will feel somewhat similar in the energy of preparation, yet I feel more change abounding in March.  One of the main effects I was noticing in late February was the back of the heart chakra opening, specifically related to the solar flare energy.  When the back of the heart opens, it gives the visual effect of angel wings, just as the crown chakra emanation gives the effect of the halo above the head.  We are becoming human angels!  Well, we always were!
The back of the heart chakra flowing more energy means that humanity has moved into a new state of Trust – trusting the self to create, trusting life to respond.  We have and will continue learning the true power of Love in all ways.  In order to feel safe utilizing Love as your interaction with earthly life, one must Trust, for Love does not always have visible effect in the moment.  Love creates a new vibrational set point from which life expands. 
The final February surprise is the Sacred Masculine/Feminine templates that are shattering that held the energy of separation.  This is in its beginning stages to such a point that I don’t feel that it will be visible much in the outer world yet.  I call these templates because they form a pattern of energy that has a structure to it that creates a habitual energy flow.  At any time (and indeed, throughout time) these templates can be resisted on a personal level through choice (forgiveness is a big factor) and new patterns begin to form, though the masses are still mostly experiencing the old template energy.  Finally a critical mass is reached and the old template can no longer hold its structure, so it gives way to the new pattern, creating a morphogenic response in our collective structure. Or you could just call it evolution.  ;o) You are part of that field of response that has been choosing anew.  Continue your powerful Lightwork!  It is making a difference that is already visible when you look for it, and yet it will be more obvious throughout time. (Image by

March Energies

March feels similar to February in the energy of preparation.  It is as if we are still laying groundwork for things that will manifest soon.  Though I feel more outward, visible movement in March, as if the pot is stirring a bit more! There is a very strong energy of Truth coming forward in March.  On a personal level, which is the most important level, this is a time for expression of self.  It will show up in your life as you are most benefited by your Love and Empowerment.  The antagonist – calling you to your power.  The protagonist – calling you to your power.  It doesn’t matter what form it comes in, the real power is inside of you, so either way it shows up, it is for you to hold your power within and respond to life with empowered love.  Remember, expression isn't just words spoken - it is words unspoken, actions, is you expressing your self. 
March is calling you to a new level of heart expression, the Truth of YOU.  First that requires the internal action of aligning yourself with Love, then the external action of living with Love.  You’ll see/hear this in the Light Language transmission – absolute love and nurturance.  You you you are unique and cherished.  In this year of personal empowerment, you are building your heart and mind to a new support structure of energy flow that supports the peaceful, joyful creative flow that is your birthright.  As we each maintain our Sovereign connectivity, we are blazing a new template that will create the coherence of Love that we Know Life is meant to be.  It will take time for the collective to choose, but it can happen in a moment in your life. 
With the upgrades of February that are opening us even further, we are constantly adjusting to balance our strength with our new flexibility.  For the sensitives, this is a time of new strength that is exciting, if not somewhat exhausting at times.  It requires knowing your limitations - knowing when to stretch, when to strengthen, when to rest and rejuvenate.  You are changing rapidly in these times.  If it seems like much is staying the same, it won’t for long! 

In Summary

March asks you to find your courage to love yourself even more.  The Truth of your glorious Light is so ready to shine in new ways!  There will be a lot of energy stirring up movement.  That movement?  It’s really in you.  What will be going on outside of you is for you to remain the eye of the storm.  Watch.  Observe.  Detach with deep compassion and go within to maintain your balance and choose your action (internal and external) from there.  That isn’t avoidance, it is such loving grace that those around you will be caught in the wake of your empowered Love. What a wave that is!  As we bring our Truth expression to another level of Love in March, just imagine how businesses, families, relationships and Life will be effected!  Our Lightwork is moving into a stage of faster progression.  That is what Ascension is.  Your evolution in Love as a sovereign creator in human form.  Its built into your biology, its built into the fabric of life on earth.  You are weaving with each choice.  Choose Love!

Have a Magnificent March!


Peter fox 3rd March 2014 11:50 am

Thanks Jamye- informative and inspiring,as ever. And as you say exciting
(if not a little exhausting at times!). Anyway I know that the result is going
to be fantastic and ever increasing so well worth the pryce- (sorry!).
A magnificent March to you too!

jamye 4th March 2014 9:53 am

Yes, Peter! Exciting and sometimes exhausting! Pryce- lol!


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