The Energies of May 2011

May is a 5 month, which signifies change.  We’ve still got a lot of planets in Aries until about mid-May (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus and Jupiter until early June), the sign of new beginnings, so there is great potential for movement in May.  While we had a lot of planets in Aries in April, though that month had more of a feel of preparation and inner work rather than full throttle action. 

May is ripe for blossoming.  It’s time to take action on the things you need, the things you want and healing how you relate to yourself, those close to you and life.  Shifting your money flow is as easy as taking some steps that may not even be permanent, but that offer you relief from worry.  Shifting relationships is as easy as setting realistic boundaries that serve your growth and your ease in as close a balance as possible.  May will be a month of more emotional ease and excitement, which will help prepare us for the 3 eclipses coming in June and July (which actually feel more potently positive than usual).  Utilize this time to allow the free flow of excitement to propel you to a new level so that the choice points are more graceful and approached with an open heart and mind. 
The new moon in Taurus on 5/2 starts us out with a wonderful opportunity for bringing a new foundation to life.  This new moon has a positive feel and an unusual feeling of brightness to it that I wouldn’t expect with a new moon.  Light your inner world with the bright light of Love and expect this new moon to nurture your seeds with an uncommon Light.  This is a rare new moon that beckons you to dream big and live big.  Shine so bright that your Light is visible in the darkest of nights.  Taurus is a passionate earth sign ruled by Venus. 

Taureans love beauty, creativity and yet being earthy, they love stability.  Taurus is about bringing beauty into everyday life and, in general, they love to laugh and share life and love generously.  There is a beautiful gift in this particular Taurus new moon that is offering the world this generous Taurus spirit.  Taurus loves being in the world, living life to the fullest.  That is what we’re here to do.  Be IN the world, just not of it.  That is a courageous, take-charge position.  One that a Creator Being would ENJOY!!!  Here we are offered a Divine Dispensation.  Create Heaven on Earth. 

What is it that makes your heart sing, that you want to SHARE with others?  What is your vision of enjoying making this world a better place, one joyous moment at a time?  This new moon invites you to open your heart to reveal the Divine Light inside.  That beautiful Light is the pathway to heaven and we can live it right here, right now.  In all the years I’ve been working intuitively with the new moon, I’ve never felt one like this.  This new moon is intimately connected to the upcoming eclipse series, preparing us to take a quantum leap that is indicative of the times we are in, movement is the name of the game now and it is happening rapidly.  There are times where it is more inner focused and times where it is more outer focused, times where it is more challenging and times where it is more exciting; and this new moon gives you a boost of grace to make your dreams come true. 
All that great Taurus energy and predominantly benevolent planetary alignments in May will help ease the beautiful full moon in Scorpio on 5/17.  I feel this one as a flood, but in a good way, like the flood of the Nile that expectedly fed and prospered a land, so too will the flood of this Scorpio moon offer you the release of nourishing and cleansing waters that stagnate when kept immobile.  As the ancient Egyptians knew, there is a cycle to all things and when you honor the cycles and work with nature, life is supported.  As you allow the water to flow in your own life - the flow of tears, the flow of laughter, the flow of anger and the flow of compassion; you nourish your world to grow and sustain a life of ease and plenty rather than stagnation and decay.  I feel this full moon as a dichotomous understanding of sorrow amidst joy and fear amidst relief.  It is the way of it, you know.  The release of sorrow yields to joy, the embrace of fear yields to courage.  Here the brilliant Scorpio full moon releases the flood gate to empower renewable energy, the energy of movement, The Flow.  Do not fear the pain, do not hold onto joy.  Allow the movement through all the cycles of life to feed your next season.  The summer of Love!  (Harbingered by the eclipses)
Saturn is still retrograde in Libra until 6/13.  We are being called to task with our relationships.  It is time to speak out Truth, honor who we are while allowing others the same courtesy - as long as they don’t over step our personal boundaries.  Expression is healthy when it supports your personal growth and self-respect.  Expression is unhealthy when it seeks approval from others or to push another down.  It’s a fine line of balance to maintain your boundaries and to understand that much of what goes on around you is not personal to you, but coming from the insecurity and unhappiness of the other(s), so in many situations, it’s not actually your boundaries that are being tested, but your self-esteem.  Self-esteem recognizes that pleasing others or making everyone be nice to you in the way you want them to doesn’t actually fulfill you.  Being the best you that you can be in the moment (even if it’s a moment of picking yourself up & dusting yourself off) is all that is required.  Comparison, one-up-manship and proving things rarely help you (comparison has its benefits when used in balance for decision making).  Saturn in Libra is our wake-up call to relate to the outside world (people, situations, ideals, etc.) with a strength and compassion that belies the perceived opposition within the terms.  The actively creative month of May asks us to review where we could improve our understanding of balance and fairness for ALL involved; not just others, not just ourselves.  Truth is relative to each person and changes over time.  Allow others their own truth and nurture yours into tangible joy and excitement.  Appreciate everything around you for the focus it brings, rather than getting caught up in making everyone/thing around you conform to your ideal. 
Pluto remains retrograde in Capricorn until 9/16.  Outmoded structures continue to be destroyed.  Destruction can be as simple as release or it can be as strained as a long, drawn-out, futile battle (‘It’s merely a flesh wound!), many of which you will see acted out in the media.   Pluto is an intense planet that rules Scorpio.  Heed the lesson of the full moon and let your river of truth flow; shaping new shores, soaring over immovable rocks and breathing new life through mere flowing movement.  Your personal structures are also your beliefs, your self-imposed limitations and your habits that don’t serve your sustainment.  Use these months of retrograde to patiently examine, choose and restructure your life toward a healthy, realistically optimistic, observant, free-flowing, abundant, strong, compassionate life.  All that you see around you is a reflection of your structures, so readjust them patiently and steadfastly to house your most empowered, joyful life.
May should feel lighter and more consistently optimistic than we’ve felt all year.  It’s been a tumultuous year, and that’s not over, but we are learning to adjust at a much more rapid pace.  May is a month to act upon your dreams, act upon your necessities and truly start to build the foundation that will support what you share with the world.  Your Light makes the world a brighter place.  Open up like a flower this month and SHINE!



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