Weekly LightBlast: Accepting Oneness

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Following your heart is your path to connection, not only with the Self, but with the timeless flow of Life. You are infinite in your Spirit, finite in your form. This form has its limitations which can be illuminations for the enlightening one. To surpass a limitation, you move beyond it, or expand. To surpass the limits of your form, you expand into your formless nature.

This reshapes your experience into one that is more aligned with the attributes of the formless; the connectedness of life, the Oneness. This requires your openness, your attention to the formless realm, and the trust that the self is capable to do so. With patience, or the allowing of time, it reveals a new set of limitations that call you to a greater expanse.  

Thus to surpass the limits of your form you seek beyond what is in the present moment of form and you find the thread of connectedness, of Oneness. So as your boss berates you, as your parent chastises you, as your friend speaks ill of you to another, you seek the thread of fear they are expressing. Within that dark thread of fear is a spark of unformed Love of Self that they are blowing on hard (and loud) to ignite into a flame.

Perhaps in that moment the boss seeks self acknowledgement of their own value, the parent seeks justification for the judgment of others and the friend seeks a bond of need that is not found within. Each situation is unique, yet the unformed Love is the same. As you seek that thread of Love, you find your inner courage of empathy. The boss, the parent, the friend, the stranger, the past, the future; you understand it all. From that place of peace, you choose. You choose the expansion of Love.  

It is the nature of Love to encompass without consumption.  Love does not ask that you give up the Self, but that you share yourself. Love does not ask that you agree, but that you express yourself. Love does not ask that you are perfect, but that you are authentic. Here we circle back to the sharing of yourself. To Accept Oneness, you share the Self through the expanse of Love, even when you say no, say nothing or say goodbye. For each sovereign one chooses connection. Connection does not bind, it supports.  

As we sit to Blast Accepting Oneness, we are opening to the Grace of God, unconditional Love. We are honoring the sacredness of Life as we choose for the Self without shame from another that seeks domination. We are opening to the understanding of all perspectives and the value of choosing for the Self. We are seeing connection in all that we experience, even as we walk away. We are fearless in our Love, strong in our internal empowerment and patient with the form of now. Blast on!


Debra A 24th October 2013 10:05 am

Jamye, I love your posts. They are subtle yet profound when one reads them closely. They always hit the mark on the attribute being highlighted. Thank you!

Peter fox 24th October 2013 2:39 pm

I agree Debra- always subtle,always profound. Always almost incomprehensibly complex. Always simplicity itself.Unconditional love -
always! Thanks,Jamye.

jamye 24th October 2013 7:31 pm

Thank you very much, Debra!

jamye 24th October 2013 7:32 pm

Thank you, Peter! I really appreciate your feedback!


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