Weekly LightBlast: Forgetting Oneness 

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Following your heart can seem a fool’s journey, because it is so individual that another can not envision the ‘logic.’ You are a unique being, as is each leaf upon a tree. Life is imbued within you completely. There is no mistake. Thus your heart’s journey is Life continuing brilliantly, and just as the leaf knows wholly all that it needs to thrive, so do your innate senses support your path.

With the leaf, which appears to have no choice, no voice, no individuality; there is such great unique beauty that the tree, that Life, is ever more refined. The whole, be it the tree, the forest, the world and nature itself is more refined because of the life of the leaf. Forces came into play that created its form, that responded to its movement, that reflected its life and Life was improved because of the courage of that leaf. It can seem trivial to one that can not hear the song of the leaf calling for and calling forth life. But Life, so huge that the universe you envision does not even begin to encompass it, is forever changed.  

That profound Love surges to you and through you. It is so huge, yet there is nothing so small that it is not honored with the vastness of infinite appreciation. It is the small that makes the large, the large that supports the small and the connection is the Grace of Love. This is Life. Humanity has forgotten this connection because it is the journey of Life to understand the balance of its independence and its interdependence. The leaf is experiencing this.

Each human is experiencing this. Each experience has the totality of the Whole within it, and the Whole has the totality of all individual experiences within. This is the Oneness in its fullness. You, blessed being, are a unique and cherished individual. You are separate and you are interconnected with All Life. Life honors both aspects of your Oneness. Do you? Do you appreciate the individuality in you and around you; and do you seek to discover the unseen connections of All Life? The Oneness? As you remember the connection that is at first invisible, you are exalting the mystery of Life. It is Love. 

As we sit to Blast Forgetting Oneness, we are remembering the Divinity in All Life. We are honoring the choices that create the paths of discovery that is each Being following their heart. We are Lighting the way to connection for the joy of the flow that support brings; for the leaf that hides itself in shame deprives the sun the joy of warming it in Love. We are exalting All Life; the Self and others, as we harmonize our world with the frequency of Love. We are Love in form, forming Life as we choose, for choice is the unconditional expression of Love. It is within All. Blast on!


Peter fox 28th November 2013 2:09 pm

Dear Jamye- what a beautiful message, thank you.
A bit of a breakthrough for me! I read your posting "straight through"
(ie- no pauses thinking "what on earth does that mean") and I have to say
I really feel I understand it!
What a great feeling! I'm sure it's not your messages that are changing-
it's me becoming a better "vibrational match" to be able to resonate with
them and thereby understand at a deeper level. Thank you so much and
Happy Thanksgiving. Love Peter.

jamye 30th November 2013 7:35 am

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Peter! It's funny how I find I 'get it' on many levels and that I 'don't get it' on many levels, too! I do enjoy the discovery though!

kitegirlcoach 1st December 2013 5:50 pm

"The leaf that hides itself in shame deprives the sun the joy of warming it in Love." That is completely tweetable! We so often forget that by rejecting the help of others we deprive them of joy.


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