January 2022 Energy Report

Happy new year! I’m glad that 2021 is over, are you? We’re not out of the challenges yet but we are making progress and I think we’ll see that happening as the year progresses. This is a big energy month and there is a lot happening. But you may need a little time to debrief from the challenges of 2021 so don’t pressure yourself to move forward if you are not ready. There is plenty of time to get yourself aligned with the new year’s potential.

If you’re ready for something new, January has it for you. Major endings and new beginnings as well as some ongoing drama from 2021 that has not finished yet. One of the key elements of January is to stay focused and avoid the distractions by using discernment. It’s hard to do when there are so many of them but if you stay focused on where your energy is going and remember that everything you think about manifests, you will stay aligned with your intention and avoid being taken down side roads and rabbit holes.


While it’s the beginning of the calendar year, the solar year begins in March with the Spring Equinox so if you’re not really feeling the new year rush of ‘newness’, don’t worry, we have a lot of energy to process from 2021 this month as well as some old cycles that are ending and new ones beginning. Buckle up, it’s a big month and a big start to a new year.

We begin the new year with a 6 vibration, much more settled and calm than the awkward 5 vibration of 2021.  But this is not an ordinary 6 as it comes from the 2+2+2 which we only get once in a millennium and it underscores one of the big themes of this year which is energetic congruence and divine harmony. The number 2 is a pair, a couple, things that go together, resonance, sameness, and balance. And with January as a 1 month we have a 7 number vibration for this month, which is the number of spirituality, introspection, and creating balance within.

With a 7 vibration we have the wisdom and power to weed out the distractions, sources of chaos, and things that do not contribute to our forward movement. And as the first month of this new year, it’s a good time to start thinking about who and what you want to accompany you in the new year and how you want your year to manifest.

Some big energy movements in January include the lunar node changing sign on January 19. Now this is a big deal because this happens every 2 years and in 19 year cycles. With this one we have to look at April 2003, when the previous lunar node in Taurus cycle started and at August 2012, when the lunar node went into Scorpio. In December 2012 we had the big 12-12-12 date which everyone thought was going to be the end of the world and which, it appeared, turned out to be nothing.

But was it? I don’t think so.

It was the beginning, not the end, of a huge transformation cycle which we saw happening in 2021, 9 years later. And we now have the midpoint of that cycle happening with the lunar nodes, happening with the very important US and global Pluto return in February. More on that in the 2022 Predictions Report.

January begins with an ongoing Venus retrograde which started in December and it is going to connect with Pluto three times during that retro, which lasts through March. We also have a Mercury retrograde from January 14 through February 3, which is also going to be touching Pluto and Mars will be in Capricorn later this month, to join up with the other personal planets, Mercury and Venus, to conjunct Pluto in February.

Remember in my October and November 2021 energy reports I talked about Mars and Mercury being like Batman and Robin, and Venus like Wonder Woman, as they all stood up to Pluto in 2021. We get those same energies all happening together in January and February. This is a ‘power to the people’ moment, like David versus Goliath and we all know who won that battle (hint:  if you don’t know, it was David).

Another big energy push this month comes from Jupiter in Pisces, where it feels most at home as Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, before Neptune was discovered in 1846 which was right before the previous Jupiter/Neptune conjunction.  Jupiter in Pisces cycles are very spiritually significant and empower us with awareness and new potentials. They are also a source blessings but remember that is a rather subjective term. A Jupiter blessing could be a life changing event that had to happen so something else can become available to you. Don’t think that blessings only mean ‘good’ things because they can be situations and events that you realize are blessings after the dust has settled and the chaos has calmed down.

There is a lot of spiritual support for us right now, and we can use all the help we can get. Yes things are bad and there is a lot of pressure on us but we have the light on our side and the numbers too.

We also have another iteration of the Saturn/Uranus square in early January and Uranus goes direct around the 15th where it will move forward until late August. We have a few more Saturn/Uranus squares happening this year so that energy, which was a major theme of 2021, stays with us and that’s a good thing because it’s one of the reasons we’re aware of the tyranny that is happening in the world and why it’s happening in such an open way.

2021 was the year of energetic sovereignty and we got a rude awakening when we realized that it was not going to be an easy ride and a ‘done for you’ process. Instead, we saw that our energetic sovereignty was challenged at every step of the way and the more we aligned with it individually and collectively, the more we were met with tyranny and abuses of power. Well that is not going to change overnight but we have the upper hand and the numbers so stay the course and don’t give up.

The theme for January is discernment and it’s a fitting month for it. Did you know that this month is named after the roman god Janus, who was literally two faced, he could look at both the past and the future. I remember when calling someone two faced was an insult, it mean that they were nice to your face but then talked trash about you behind your back.

The word discern means to separate, differentiate, distinguish, and discriminate. When we use discernment we look at people, situations, events firstly as to how they fit or align with us and our path and our energy. We look at intention, agendas, purposes, and meanings. Rather than saying ‘yes’ to taking on new healing paths or responsibilities or commitments, we consider the cost to us and our energy, we look at whether this is something we want to do and whether it is an asset to our overall intention and energy potential or whether it is a liability, something that will drain us of our joy, peace of mind, and peace of heart.

It’s a fitting beginning to a year where self ideation is a central theme, in which we have to put ourselves first and to carefully assess every situation we encounter before we jump in and hand over our power, energy, and light. This does not mean that we cannot be helpful and supportive, it means that we cannot do so at the cost of our own joy.

The days of the Martyred Healer are over and we must now embody the Christed Awareness, our own 5D paradigm of heaven on earth and in that space there is no place for things that drain us of our light and energy and cause us pain. Welcome to the new age of self empowerment and good-bye to the days of suffering and taking on others’ problems. The world doesn’t need a savior or saving, it needs inspiration, encouragement, and bold intentions with strong energy boundaries.

In January we have a new moon on the second in Capricorn with a lot of connections to the personal planets, and it highlights the Saturn/Uranus square energy. The full moon January 17 shines right on Pluto and adds more light to its approaching US return in February. And guess what, the February 16 full moon is at 28 Leo, the exact degree of the big eclipse in August 2017, know as the Great American Eclipse, right in time for the exact US Pluto return. Fun and exciting times ahead! Buckle up and remember to set powerful, bold, strong intentions and keep your energy high.

You’ll feel the big energy shifts this month and they are preparing us for the all important exact US Pluto return next month which is also a global event. Pluto in Capricorn from 1762 to 1778 ushered changes in society that included the concept of individual sovereignty – refusal to be subject to the monarchy.

And with Mercury retro, remember to double check communications, leave extra time for travel, expect delays, pay attention to where you put things, double check before signing and expect to have to re-do a few things. Venus is retrograde too, so that applies doubly and you may get some surprises from old friends or partners, invites to re-do relationships or the information you need to know that it is definitely time to end something.

And while there is a lot of pressure to make new year’s resolutions and to take a big, bold step forward at the beginning of the year, I do not think that is always the best strategy. While we see January as a time of beginnings we also need to give some thought to what needs to end to allow beginnings to happen. If you’re feeling uninspired and unmotivated right now consider that maybe it is not the beginnings that need your attention, it is the endings.

We have been through a few tough years that have forced a lot of changes on us, we lost contact and connection with family and friends, and every aspect of our lives has been challenged in unprecedented ways.

So if you need some time to regroup right now, take it because beginnings require endings and if you want a fresh, new beginning you have to let the endings happen so you start with a new vibe, a clear path, and no regrets about the past.

It’s a big start to a big year and if you are not quite feeling it, remember it’s the start of the calendar year. The solar year begins on March 20 with the Spring Equinox when the Sun heads into Aries. In any event, celebrate the end of 2021 and the beginning of a new year by being open to grand potentials, having strong energy boundaries, and setting your intention for everything that is light filled, joyful, and fulfilling. . Have a great month.


ShelleyT 11th January 2022 10:30 am

Spot on....
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