March 2020 Energy Report

March opens with a Mercury retro but that’s OK, it’s just helping us to re-align with the forgotten parts of our divine power and congruent harmony, even though that may come in the form of strong reminders of why some things didn’t work out the first time. While the phrase ‘not meant to be’ is not one of my favorites because it is used to generalize a lot of issues, certain things are just not in our highest good because they are not aligned with our highest intentions and potential. We have to learn to let those go and let other, more fulfilling potentials take their place.

Freedom is a big keyword and theme for March, and not so much as breaking free from chains that bind and restrict but discovering exactly what freedom means for us individually.

What kind of freedom is important to you?

How are you committed to your own freedom? 

What does freedom mean for you?

What do you want to be free of or from?

Another theme for March is transition and while it is a month for taking inspired action that is committed, aligned, and integrated with your intention, there are no big magical leaps of transformation that will be happening. Instead, we make a transition across the 4D bridge from 3D to 5D, and it happens one step at a time. Now those steps can be taken really quickly, speed walking style, but it is still a process of putting one foot in front of the other and crossing the bridge one step at a time.

Traditionally, March is said to ‘come in like a lion and out like a lamb’. That generally refers to the weather as the wintry weather of early March gives way to warmer spring weather later in the month. From an energy perspective, the entire month of March is going to be rather lion-like as the energy is empowered and grounded, not like the upsets we saw in January and February. Will that be reflected in your life? That depends on how lion-like you can become. Remember the lion is known as a symbol of courage, strength, loyalty, and is the ‘king of the jungle.’ How big is your roar?

While all of this potential for action is positive and certainly welcome in light of the uncertainty we have had for months, as well as confirmation of the preparations we have made to move into our next phases of the 3D/5D integration, there’s a little detail we have to remember so we don’t get disappointed if it appears that ‘nothing is happening.’

We all want change but we’re looking at a bigger picture here, we are looking at total transformation of ourselves, our lives, our potential, and our soul missions. Change is one aspect of this but it is not the same as transformation. Think of it this way. You can change your name but you would still be the same person with a different name that no one would be aware of unless someone knew you before the name change.

But if you got a total makeover, changed your hair color, got colored contact lenses, and moved to a different country where you had to speak a different language, you would look like a different person and would have a totally different life – that’s the difference between change and transformation.

Once we are willing to release our Portal Keeper missions, to get out of our karmic cycles, to release our Martyred Healer roles, we have to change how we do everything because our entire energetic perspective undergoes a transformation.

Instead of being ‘in service’ as a servant to others, we are ‘of service’ as a source of inspiration and potential.

Instead of holding light for others until they can finally decide to get out of their darkness, we are being the light for ourselves and letting them find their way to us from the reflection of our brilliance.

Instead of delaying our joy until everyone is on the ascension train we’re getting a ride in the first class car at the head of the train and letting others figure out how to buy their own ticket, board the train, and get to their seat.

This all happens when we remember that change is part of a bigger journey of transformation and the bridge from one side to the other is a transition. We don’t make giant leaps across the chasm, we go across the bridge one step at a time. Bear in mind that even with the strongest of intentions, the 4D bridge that takes us from 3D to 5D is a transition.

The first week of March we have several interesting astro alignments that underscore the shift in March’s energy. First, we have Venus entering Taurus, its sign of rulership, on March 4th. Get ready for some self care on steroids – use this time to get some rest, some beauty treatments, take a spa day, revamp your wardrobe, fix up your private sanctuary, re-do your bedroom, get on a healthy diet, and take care of yourself. We need to feel and look our best now, inside and outside.

Then on March 19th we have the Spring Solstice when the Sun finishes its annual zodiac tour and has its birthday, returning to 0 Aries. This is a powerful point in the zodiac and this year it gets an extra punch with Saturn at 29 Capricorn, getting ready to move into Aquarius on March 23. Why is that interesting? Because Saturn cycles last 29 years and this one takes us back to February 1991, when Saturn was previous in Aquarius. To add even more energy to this monumental event, Mars also goes into Aquarius on March 31 – anyone ready for a Saturn/Mars powerhouse conjunction?

Why is this astro detail necessary? Because it participates in the cycles of our soul missions and our life path. Saturn cycles are often our biggest life challenges and occur every 29 years. What were you doing in February 1991? What happened then that is being reflected in your life now, perhaps with a set of new choices or opportunities, new realizations or understandings, and how are you more (or less) empowered today? 

Don’tforget we still have the Saturn/Pluto conjunction happening all year and this is bringing up so much of our fears, pain, and trauma to the surface for clearing and resolution. It is time for us to give it up for our joy now. We’ve been hanging onto these karmic cycles, Portal Keeper missions, healing commitments, and responsibilities and obligations that hold us back, keep us small, dim our lights, and limit our potential. Time to shake it all off and March is a good time to do that.

We have Mercury in full retro mode until March 9, and in shadow retro until March 23 so keep your Mercury retro warnings in mind – double check your communications, leave a little extra travel time, watch out for distractions, and avoid starting new projects that you cannot change at a later date. Often, when you commit to something in Mercury retrograde you have to redo it at a later time.

With a full moon in Virgo on March 19 which highlights the Mercury retro and calls to mind our Martyred Healer missions. Are we going to continue to sacrifice our joy for others’ healing or take on the mantle of our new 5D Empowered Master roles? Are we going to be the lion or the lamb now? Lambs are cute and cuddly but sometimes we need to learn to roar like a lion to get things done.

Then the new moon in Aries on March 24 opens the portal for a lot of action in the final week of March – it all happens then. Saturn goes into Aquarius, Mars conjuncts both Pluto and Saturn in the same week (that’s going to be exciting), and we will end the month in a much different place than we began. Let’s all set powerful, empowering intentions for March and have a fabulous month.



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