Masterful Creativity for Congruent Living

As we approach any big life change, and that includes birthdays and a move into a new year, we look at what we have done in the past and try to come up with new ways of doing things in the future. We set goals, make promises, swear things will be different and then what we thought would become a roaring bonfire of transformation fizzles into a wisp of smoke.

What happened? We didn’t engage our creative energy tools and ask the important questions to ensure that we can fulfill our goals and promises.

If you cringed when you saw the word ‘masterful’ in this article’s title you are going to be in for a treat because we’re also going to discuss creativity. You may think you are not a master because you do not feel smart, good, or confident enough, and you aren’t creative because you can’t draw, paint, or play music. How do you feel about being congruent then?  This topic is not about being good, smart, artsy, fast, or cool enough. It is about being yourself, your unique, powerful, and special self.

So many options to choose from. Mastery says ‘I know what is right and best for me’ and doesn’t second guess that choice.

Assumptions about our abilities are our biggest source of limitations. We tend to link mastery with an exalted state of specialness and creativity with some kind of artistic talent. But those are wrong assumptions.

Instead, mastery is a state of being and creativity is our unique ability to use intention to bring energy into form. We create matter from what matters to us– ‘What matters becomes matter” a quote from my January 2014 article which you can read here.

Creativity is the state of creating. Do you know we are in a constant state of creativity?  We are because we are creating our reality, which is bringing energy into form, in every moment. Take a moment to look around you, consider your life and what is in it, all of your circumstances – you are seeing creativity in action. You have created all of that by bringing energy into form.

But, you may say, I don’t like what I have created. Remember that energy has no judgment, it does not second guess your intention, whether it is conscious or unconscious, working for your good or self-sabotage (which may be good too, depending on the circumstances), or you have no idea what you’re doing.

In fact, energy is 100% responsive to you, there is no pause or questioning the value or validity of your intention. The universe always sees us as an infinitely powerful, creative master because that is what we are. What we create is one thing, whether we like it is another.

How do we have to put the two together so we like what we create?

We acknowledge our inherent creativity and our present level of mastery and focus on creating energy congruence with all of our outcomes. This is more than wholeness or achieving 360 completion, it is a matter of alignment, integration, and flow between our intention, the energy we create with, what we create, and how we experience it.

You are a master, you are creative, and you are constantly striving to create congruence or flow in your life. The challenges do not arise because you are imperfect. They arise because you are creating something you are not aligned with, are not in integrity with, have not used enough of your power to create, or are making a lot of assumptions about your abilities or your outcomes.

What matters becomes matter.

The question to ask is ‘What mattered to me when I created this?’ because ‘what matters becomes matter’. Even if you think a past decision was a huge mistake today, it mattered enough then for you to create something out of it. Be in the present moment, which is where you are breathing, and focus on mastery and creativity today.

Use the past as compost for the seeds of the future and create new experiences of matter by focusing on what matters to you now, what you want to see in your reality, and the energy flow you want to be in.


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