Mother — The Source of Karma and Healing

Mother’s Day was celebrated in many parts of the world this past weekend and everyone has a different opinion of this day. For those whose cherished mother has passed on, they may have spent the day in sadness or regret. Others may cringe when they have to send a card or gift to, or spend time with their mother because they are angry, resentful and hurt by what she has (or hasn’t) done for them. Others wish they had chosen a different mother than the one they have, and there are those who enjoy this day, appreciate their mother and are glad to spend time with her.

Whatever your experience of ‘mother’ has been, we consciously chose the mother who agreed to give us life, imprinted us with a specific type of emotional DNA, set detailed energetic paradigms and parameters within our energy body, and created the foundation for what was to be our life purpose of learning to love and empower ourselves. We may judge our mother for not being good enough, for not loving, supporting or guiding us enough, for being cruel, unaware, unforgiving, and worse, and yet, she did exactly what we asked her to do within our shared soul contract.

The mother we expected to serve our emotional needs did so on many levels, but not always in the way we thought she should. Instead, she served our spiritual and karmic needs and to understand our mother and her role in our lives, and to be able to release any emotions we have around her, we have to also understand her from this perspective.

As a side note, this doesn’t excuse anyone’s horrible behavior or make it right because it isn’t. Everyone can choose their actions and some people exercise their soul contracts in the most reprehensible ways imaginable. But when we burden ourselves with anger, resentment, or regret over what our mothers did or didn’t do, how they treated us, or what we wish they had done and been instead, we limit our lives and the expansion of our energy in more joyful, fulfilling pathways.  

The soul who agrees to become our mother in a lifetime is, by the way, the most important and influential person in our soul group. That doesn’t mean they are going to treat us with loving kindness, it means they are going to fulfill their soul mission in our lives in the best way they can, according to our soul agreement.

There are three aspects to the mother energy, physical, emotional and spiritual.

  • Through the physical aspect our mother agrees to give us birth, to bring us into the world.
  • Through the emotional aspect she agrees to energize our emotional DNA imprint and create our power paradigm.
  • Through the spiritual aspect, we have our soul contract with her that actually sets the foundation for the other two aspects, which includes healing our karma with ourselves, with our soul group, and with her.

By recognizing these three aspects of motherhood, our mother relationship begins to take on new dimensions and we can consider it from a totally different perspective.

Part of our work as enlightened and aware beings was to prepare the earth for new generations of children and to become the kind of parents they would need to fully express their energy. What we learned from our mothers helped us do that because it made us more conscious parents—conscious of energy, feelings, emotions, actions, potential, hurt, betrayal, and power.

Most of us born any time before the 1980s had powerful mothers locked into powerless lives and they often took their frustrations out on us. In my years of intuitive and coaching work I have been amazed at the number of mothers who were mentally ill, deranged, and even psychotic. Their children became the victims of energies they couldn’t use, handle, or express and they were treated very badly. I am surprised that some of my clients made it through their childhood, as their experience was so awful.

As adults, we use what we experienced with our mother to either become more purposeful in our use of power or we live in silent, hurt, powerless agony over having a mother who didn’t love, support, guide or care for us enough, or as we thought she should. Or who left us so emotionally damaged that we never recovered.

We can use the celebration of Mother’s Day to mother ourselves, to release ourselves from a very toxic energy burden by forgiving our mothers for everything they did or did not do, and acknowledge them for the spiritual teachers they have been for us. And then to mother ourselves the way we want to be nurtured, supported, guided and loved, starting with loving ourselves, which then attracts loving and supportive people who can take us beyond our soul contract’s mother experience and give us a new experience of love that we can embody, find peace with, and share with the world.

And if through our childhood experience we became more compassionate, loving, and aware parents to our own children then we can celebrate our victory at having ended this karmic cycle and created a new level of empowered motherhood that honors the mother/child soul mission and life purpose in a more loving, supportive, respectful way.


withlove 23rd May 2018 7:41 am

Thank you Jennifer, for your gentle guidance on the challenging mother/child relationship.

This past Mothers Day, I actually did release myself from toxic energy, getting back to a space where I feel love and respect for my mothers choices, mothering myself by nurturing, supporting, guiding and loving myself. I am grateful for my mothers love, well being and courage, through an extremely challenging life, as well as the lessons I've learnt from our relationship. When with my mother, I feel stressed, anxiety, the need to protect myself, guarded and unable to be myself. After much inner work, it feels empowering, that I no longer feel hurt or wonder why she doesn’t nurture, support and respect me.

My lifes' experiences have taught me to be more compassionate, respectful, conscious and loving as a parent and person. From within my heart centre, I definitely feel like it honours the mother/child, life and soul purpose.

Thank you for bringing to light, that it signifies the end of a karmic cycle and creation of a new level of empowered parenting, relationships and Being.


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