The power of your own consciousness

Dear friends, I have come today to speak with you all. You are so well known to me! You do not know how well I know you. I am often with you because my heart is connected to you. I see your pain; I witness your joy, your worries, your suffering. And I would so much like to tell you about the power that resides in you. The power of your own consciousness. The power of your own being. The power of your own soul.

Too often you are still searching. Ever again, you are looking for solutions from outside yourselves. But as you take these solutions into yourselves, they already start melting away. Realise that you are the center of your being, the sun of your own universe. The direction of your consciousness and what it is attuned to will decide how you feel, how you think, how you act. From deep within yourself you direct these things, like a sun directs its rays outward. If you believe that there are aspects of yourself this sun should not shine its light upon, that there are places where it shouldn’t shine, that there are things it shouldn’t warm with its rays, then everyone and everything you meet around you will confirm these beliefs.

In the same way, the help or advice of someone else can only be received if you allow your own sun to shine its light on the aspect with which you need help. It is always your decision to put that aspect into the light and open the door. There is no one else who can force you to do that. That is why no one can help you if you don’t allow yourself to be helped. (That goes for earthly help as well as help from our side.)

Convictions are alive within you that make you think you lack the strength to find your own way, to feel your own destiny again. These convictions are linked to a past in which you lost yourselves for a very long time. I am speaking in particular about a past here on earth, a past of many earthly lives in which you have experienced much darkness.

This history has not been meaningless. It is a history in which you were confronted with much fear and in which fear overshadowed your inner sun. But now you are all slowly awakening. Parts of you are already in the light again but there also many aspects that are still in the dark, overshadowed by fear and insecurity about yourselves.

You can compare this inner darkness to a child being lost. A part of your soul is a lost child. It has lost its way in a past of pain. But the past is not a static thing. Time is to some extent an illusion. Nothing is irrevocably lost in time. There are no closed-off doors. The lost child within yourself which is fragmented in the past can be found and healed. You are its parent, you are the one who is made to cherish that child, who can warm it and bring it back to life.

And by life, I mean truly living. You have forgotten how to live. You are very good at surviving, but truly living is so much more sparkling and inspiring and happy.

It is precisely the part of you that is best capable of doing this, the child within, that has been lost. It got lost in the shadows of the past, in an accumulation of events that were traumatizing to your consciousness. In all the times you have been incarnating here on earth, on the level of the soul you have been developing like children do into adulthood. In that sense you came to earth as children, made many experiences your own and made many experiences you did not fully understand. Now we are coming to the end of a certain stage in your history, a certain cycle in your development, and it is time to rise above the experiences that have not been understood: to grow into the parent. It is now time to be the father and the mother of your own child. And that is what I am pointing out in speaking to you about the power of your consciousness: the power in you to rise above the wounded inner child.

The child in you is the victim of many experiences that have not been understood. I am telling you that your deepest inner wound can best be compared to the emotional state of an abandoned child. It’s a child that has somehow become separated from the security and loving arms of Home and doesn’t know why and what for. In you there’s a child that feels abandoned and frightened and that doesn’t have the frame of reference to be able to understand. This pain relates back to a very distant point in time, a time when you departed from the God-like state of oneness and started your journey as individual souls. (This will be elucidated in the next channeling: “Cosmic birthing pain”.)

At some point you will understand that this journey was your own choice and an act of creation that was truly divine. The deep pain you felt when you commenced your journey alone, your journey of experience, this deep pain was at the same time a great act of creation. Because by disengaging yourselves as souls from the great whole, from Father-Mother-God, you were allowing yourselves to discover a great deal, to experience and feel a lot of things. At the current stage of your journey where there is still much inner pain, it is hard to see what the ultimate meaning of that long journey home is. But I want to assure you that you are wonderful beings of light, with great courage and great trust in the creator, otherwise you never would have commenced this journey. What I would like to remind you of is that spark of courage and creativity and light in yourselves. Feel that spark again in your heart, reconnect with it. Know that you have the power to let the child within you come to life again and let it sing and play. By looking upon your inner darkness as the calling of a lost child, I’m offering you a perspective that invites you to cherish and love yourselves as the parent you truly are.

At the beginning of your journey as a soul, you were entrusted with a lost and abandoned child, left alone in the dark. It was your challenge to deal with this emotional part of you. This part of you represents the most vital and “raw” aspect of you, the thrust of life itself. At the end of your journey, the end of this cycle of lifetimes, you will hold the hand of your inner child and see how it radiates joy, pleasure and inspired consciousness to you. It will feel safe again and will therefore show its true treasure: its ability to intensely feel and live life to the fullest. What it needs to get there is a grown-up who will take it by the hand and cherish it and inspire it with trust. And that is your mission: to be the guardian of the child within. This child has caused you pain, it has been the carrier of your emotional traumas, but at the same time it holds the greatest promise: to be your profoundest source of love, joy and creativity.

The time has come. At this point in your history, it is time to gather and integrate the lost parts of yourself. It is time to be the central sun that you are. In reclaiming the power of your own consciousness, you are not simply returning to “how things were before you started your journey.” You are creating a new reality or level of consciousness altogether. Recognizing your own divinity feels like coming home; it awakens in you old memories of a blissful oneness and harmony you once knew. But now for the first time you will give birth to that sense of oneness purely from your own consciousness, while you are in material reality. You will embody God on earth. You are returning to your divine essence, without giving up your individuality and your material form. This is the miracle of the New Era: to be one and as One, to be a unique and individual consciousness and at the same time to be One with and connected to the whole.


Jermaine Lewis 13th February 2009 3:33 pm

I always really appreciate your channels. And they are always so on time!
Blessings to you!

Jan Richardson 13th February 2009 11:35 pm

You have given me much hope and for that I thank you.


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