Waiting for the Answer

Jim:  Zadkiel, I’m finding this part of our project together very interesting. Every time I ask a question I get an answer. And I’m watching this occur within groups of students too. On one hand, it’s very simple to just ask the question and then wait for the answer. On the other hand, it’s not consciously anchored in third dimensional reality to ask the question and actually wait for the answer.

It strikes me that there’s a fundamental shift that’s required. A shift away from moving and searching for the answer. There's a mechanism that puts us in motion rather than allowing us to just be present in the moment and receive; to wait. And that seems to be very significant in the current Shift of Consciousness.

Zadkiel: Yes. It is a shift in your ability to know when to be at rest and still, and when to apply motion to create with. It is about learning to discern between the two spaces; when it is appropriate to use the motion rather than the stillness.

Jim: That concept by itself is really enormous in the reality of people becoming who they are.

Zadkiel: Oh, definitely. Because they do not allow the length of time for the stillness, they only receive pieces and parts. They are so anxious to begin their own creation from their own agenda that they do not allow themselves adequate time to be in that Still Point that we have discussed on several occasions. It is the skill of going to the Still Point in the Sanctuary of the Heart, or going to the Still Point in the Higher Mind or pineal. This is a very important space that you grant yourself when you allow what transpires in the fertile ground of that Still Point. It is an equally important part of the creative process as putting the movement in your creative effort. That fertile ground of the Still Point brings such vital knowing and a knowledge that cannot be gotten in any other way.

Jim: In the work we’re doing, the stillness of “ease’” is creating an application of the eighth Ray of Creation that allows one to construct an interface between different concepts or realms. That concept of ‘ease’ is an interface.

Zadkiel: Yes. Yes. And it takes you into levels of the stillness. As you step from one dimensional concept of “ease” into another, and then into another, it takes you into the depths of energetics of that stillness.

Jim: Holding the stillness actually creates an access to the motion on your terms.

Zadkiel: Yes. It puts you into that space where then you are led, or you are shown very clearly how to proceed. You have to go into that stillness in order to see or to know.

Jim: If the stillness is held as a point of perspective, then there’s really very little opportunity to lose yourself or lose perspective. You can be very engaged in the motion, but as long as the stillness is the point of perception, the motion is orderly. It still has its dynamics, but it doesn’t have its scatteredness, or possibility of being disruptive. Would that be correct?

Zadkiel: Yes. There is an orderliness to it. There is an orderliness in all of Creation. It is not rigid. It is very, very fluid and yet there is an orderliness. You have just recouped a piece of knowledge that you had forgotten that has been there all along. It is through working with this eighth Ray of Creation that brought you to that space. And much more is yet to come.

Jim: Thank you.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Zadkiel to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.



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