Weeding Through the Garden of Life

Last night I went outside to fill myself up with the fresh air of the earth after the rain. I decided then to pull some weeds. Tumbleweeds to be more exact, and ones that have been taking over some parts of our garden. You might or might not have an idea what great fun it is to get into the “zone” of weeds pulling. But this was clearing weeds with a purpose.

Going through the whole yard, and getting everything that I could see and put my hands on, somehow energized me. Instead of getting tired, I got so much energy that I didn't even stop when the sun was long gone, and all I could see was the bare shape of the weeds. It must have been about two hours into the process when I finally decided it is good for now.

After that I didn't stop at just that. I had more energy to clean up around the house, and then also to write a new project that I am working on.

So, how is this possible? Where did all this energy come from? I went outside to enjoy the sunset and the fresh air, and I ended up spending two hours of ridding our yard of some really unwanted weed.

It all came from the desire to be helpful around the garden, since Dan has been working so relentlessly himself, and knowing how much he had already on his plate. I really don't mind clearing weeds when it is necessary.

Why I don't mind? Because in the same way that I do it with my own mind and my life, I find great pleasure in seeing the clear space that is available after I have taken those weeds out, and made room for the other plants that I want to see growing in the garden. Now, I really don't mind weeds, and we actually let them grow spontaneously in our garden, because they help our whole garden stay healthy and so we are able to grow organic food. But sometimes, targeted weeding is absolutely necessary.

Here comes the analogy of weeding my garden with weeding through my life and my thoughts. Over these last weeks, I have been relentlessly weeding through so much of the thought patterns that I have accumulated. In very targeted ways, I have been able to find patterns and relationship dynamics that were holding me back from being myself, and from living the life I want. This is deep stuff, and not the kind of airy-fairy new age psychology that plagues the internet these days. It is about going into the darkest corners of my self, and finding where I had been stuck, and what would hold me back from growing.

I am excited to see that so much is shifting in my life because of this weeding work, and that this is giving me a new sense of freedom. Of course, like in the garden, when you take out the weeds, then the other plants are able to grow unencumbered. My new self is emerging, and I am finding that I can assert myself more. I was even telling Dan the other day how I am revealing a part of myself to myself, that I didn't even know was there. This is really cool stuff. It is what gives me hope and joy to continue on my path. As long as I can grow, I know that I can be of help to others too. So, I am really excited about this new stage in my life.

I am encouraging you as well to do some targeted weeding in your own life, and the thought patterns you have developed over the years. Look at where you stopped growing, and when you have allowed some big tumbleweeds to crowd your mind, and your space. Is there something you need to take out? Some relationships that need to go, or that need to change? Find your own way of doing this, or do it with someone that can help you along this process.