Being Ascended

For this past week I have been sharing how many of us have risen to the next level of Ascension on my Facebook Community Page. What is most important now is to realize and know this by checking within and then stepping up in that Awareness and Truth. Many, however, will continue to play in the old duality. Why? Because it’s what they’re used to, so they keep perpetuating it by continuing to react to circumstances and continuing to act from their old beliefs and patterns. So go beneath the surface to see where you really reside. When you focus on the New, on being Love, on Peace and Unity, etc.  the outer world will eventually reflect that. If you focus on duality, on what’s wrong in life, you hold the old paradigm in place. So, it still is about choice. Gaia is a free will zone, so things don’t just automatically happen; you create everything. That is what is meant by being a spiritually sovereign being; we’re not puppets any longer. The Wizard is us. The Wizard is Divine; we are of Source; there is no separation between us and the Divine.

Those that know the Truth and live from that knowing continue to rise and anchor the New. The next step then is to live it in everyday life. In this way, the energy of Who we are emanates out in waves of high dimensional Christ Consciousness that touches the Earth and all others, creating a rise in people waking up and helps Gaia transform into Her rightful place as a high dimensional planet of Love. We don’t have to rescue, save, or preach to others; all we have to do is Be All That We Are…and that is Love. Love is our essence and from that knowing, we love and are more loving. Love is a noun; and from this, the verb of loving comes forth.

From being ascended comes much Freedom. One does not take things personally, ceases to control their life and others, realizes that we’re all connected as One, is unconditionally loving with boundaries if needed, trusts their Guidance and follows it, puts no-one on a pedestal, even Guides and Angels, has an inner Joy and Peace no matter what is going on, is able to flow with life’s challenges and changes, lets go of trying to figure things out and feels their way through life, rather than analyzing and seeking answers elsewhere. These, of course, are just some of the ways to know that you’ve moved up in your Ascension Path. And, of course, this isn’t an either/or; most are somewhere in the middle, gently letting go of the old and embracing the New and often at the same time.

Know too that your purpose is not necessarily your career. Purpose is essence and is expressed in everything you do. The form of purpose shifts as your consciousness shifts. It is important to drop categories, for that is just creating another box and that is not how energy works; energy flows and expands. In other words, you might consider not labeling yourself in this way: “I am a Lightworker,” “I am a massage therapist,” “I am a Reiki master,” etc. When you do that you stay stuck in that form. Rather, perhaps state, “I AM Love,” “I AM Peace,” “I AM expressing my highest self,” etc. As you shift, so does your consciousness and so does your purpose. By the way, putting I AM before anything empowers it and is a Divine statement of intention in that Moment.

While ascended, you do not cease having challenges or having old energies surface. How you deal with them does change however. Your ascended/New perception sees challenge as opportunity; the opportunity to ascend and expand more into God Consciousness. We don’t just ascend and stop. Ascension is ceaseless and many have ascended over and over throughout lifetimes. This time, however, it’s different. In the past upon ascending, we left the planet. This time we stay in the physical helping others and Gaia ascend as well.

Ascension is not a place; it is a consciousness; an Awareness. Many may be fully integrated as an ascended master, shining their humble Light for others without attachment to whether others ascend or not. In fact, detachment to outcome is a hallmark of an ascended master. Being ascended is not without ego. Ego in the ascended master is the mental, emotional and physical expression of Soul. One of the purposes of Ascension is to have the ego dissolve into the Soul and express the Soul’s desires through the mental, emotional and physical bodies. The best way to have this happen is through meditation and merging consciously with Soul. Of course, the Soul’s only desire is to create Heaven on Earth in Oneness, Love, Joy, Peace and all the Soul Essences which are felt within and expressed outwardly; and then all of life is reflected in this Truth. This is being cohesive mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually; all our parts flow as One. The Soul is perfect, Divine, and is whole. There is no hurting the Soul, as there is no hurting Source.

Many, of course, are somewhere in transit, still releasing and yet, still aware that they are completely different than they were even a month ago. There are others who are ascended, but don’t have that Awareness, still acting as if they are in duality. And then others are asleep or resisting the changes that would move them up in consciousness and may still enjoy complaining, drama, chaos and the old 3D world view. They do not realize that if they let go of these 3D aspects, life could be so beautiful. Just know that wherever you are is perfect for your evolution. Life will certainly reflect back to you what your consciousness is within.

We are making all kinds of choices in life. Those choices made from your Heart will flow and bring to you many rewards, even if they don’t seem like it at the time. They will indeed raise you in consciousness. Choices made from the head are all based on the past and most likely on fear. They hold you back in the old. Of course, if that’s where you want to stay, then for sure make choices based on past experiences. There is no judgment in that. Know that when you have to know why, when, where, how and what, you are engaged in the intellect. There is no movement in this. However, if you feel first with your Heart and express it through your intellect, you will have activated your Higher Heart-Higher Mind. You can then express your Heart-feelings through communication, whether writing or speaking or any other expression of communication. Of course, there is no right or wrong way to do anything, we are learning as we go.

When you listen to your Heart’s knowing; your Soul’s Guidance; you continue to move along your Path and whatever that brings into your experience is always to raise you higher. And in that, you become aware, which leads you to more choices based on your more expanded consciousness. When something doesn’t feel right, you may choose to leave it behind. When you feel expanded and energized, it is showing you that you are flowing in the more open direction for your evolution. If it feels wrong or constricted, you have an opportunity to make a different choice. Whatever you choose always takes you in a particular direction.

So, as you continue to ascend, it is always best to keep your vibration high, make Heartfelt, guided choices all the while continuing to release the old fears, shoulds, should nots, and supposed-to’s that are all a part of the old paradigm. Do realize too that we don’t want to create another paradigm, for that is too limiting for us. Rather, be free to expand unfettered and only grounded to your Soul, Source and Gaia’s Crystal Cluster (Her Heart and Soul).

When you feel the old tugging at you, remind yourself that it is done and it is an illusion. It is during these times when surely you are ready for another step in your Ascension. So gracefully let go of the old, release it in the Sacred Rose, if you are guided, and stay focused on Who you are: an ascended and ascending Being of Love.

Continue to know Who you are, follow your Heart and know that We are creating a New Reality and New Earth. Stay balanced and grounded and know you are guided, loved and safe.



Marvil 7th June 2013 9:34 am

This truly relates to me. By taking myriad different courses
over the years you finally/hopefully discover that enough is
enough. By letting Self diminish is not comfortable but for
improving one you must keep taking courses...
I haven't seen much point in this master/teacher or
guru following relationships. Slowly we start to see in which
direction energy flows and maybe, just maybe, discovering
that this was one way street :buck2:
Do You actually know when You are ready?
"After graduating high school" would be the standard answer :2funny

Thank You!

asphara 7th June 2013 11:04 am

Hello - I say these as genuine questions, from a place of love. What purpose does it serve to label ourselves ascended or otherwise: does it not construct an 'us' and 'them'? Is there any meaning to the notion of 'being ascended' - is it not the case that we are forever ascending, as a humanity? Can one trully claim to being ascended when they are comfortable enough so long as they are ascended? Is it possible to feel 'ascended' as against the rest of humanity, when we are that humanity? Personally, I don't want ever to consider that there is any completion to this process until I am completely enlightened, and in a fellowship of love and joy with the rest of humanity. I'm not suggesting people should share my feelings here, but I feel those still struggling with duality might wonder what they've done wrong - and saying 'its there choice' seems a little dismissive of their no doubt considerable efforts to be whole. They need love and support, not judgement and writing off. I was weighed my conscience before writing this: I dont' mean to offend anyone - I hope I didn't.

shapeshifter 7th June 2013 12:14 pm

asphara, I am not offended by what you expressed so honestly.
Actually I am very much in alignment with it.

zorro 7th June 2013 12:23 pm

Know ye not that ye are the abiding place of the ascended consciousness of God?

In my father's house, from where you and I originate, are many mansions, many levels of consciousness. Now for those with ears to hear this, everyone who can assume the highest state of ascended consciousness of which they can conceive in their hearts, in that act of faith they prepare a place for others to realize the same. If from your lens, your mansion, you can see the father and you feel and convey that oneness, you are saying, "I prepare a place for you my beloved brother/sister. We are one!" As we believe and carry the consciousness of "home" in this new mansion you, my beloved friend, and I have prepared a place for many others and we share a oneness the likes of which the world has rarely known.

Sandra Smyre 7th June 2013 12:26 pm

From your lips to my heart! Your words and questions are spot on for me. Please don't feel that you have offended--you have made a valid point and, I for one, think all of this "us" and "them" keeps the separation alive. Thank you for your courage to speak your truth--Bravo!!!! :smitten:

betsy. 7th June 2013 2:34 pm

Kara, TY for this beautiful message that I resonate w/& learn from. :smitten:
Zorro, I found your insight to be glorious & it allowed me to become emotional. Wow. TY. :smitten:

Asphara, I encourage you to continue speaking your truth. What finally helped me to do the same was to realize that if I'm genuinely speaking my own truth in love, I am not responsible for how others choose to react to it. As enlightened, loving beings, all we can do is share our truth & then allow others to decide for themselves if they resonate or not; but, it being our truth spoken in love, it's not diminished by if anyone resonates or not because it's true for us. Atleast this is my opinion & what finally helped me to be open to sharing more. By being only responsible for being my best self (by living consciously - which is a process) I believe that's what changes the world. :smitten:
Thank you all for the reminder to think from my heart. Much love to you all!!! :smitten:

Kara Demonet 7th June 2013 4:38 pm

Thank you for sharing, Marvil. I am in agreement. Over the years I have seen many become addicted to classes and workshops and teachers, etc. with no change. We are in a time when gurus do more harm than good, for the answer is within us.


cyndy 7th June 2013 7:37 pm

Zorro, Absolutely Perfect Response. thank you
Asphara, Thank you for sharing. That is how we stay in integrity is to share what we are thinking, feeling, observing. And you shared in such a soft and gentle way.
Thanks to ALL.

cyndy 7th June 2013 7:54 pm

I have had a "guru" who taught me how to go in more deeply then I could have ever done on my own. Who taught me how to "tune in" , how to free my mind (even though at times I felt like I was losing my mind). How to focus, how to align, how to dissolve and release, how to be in relaxed awareness,and MUCH MORE. Then off I flew out of the nest with so many tools and tuning forks and ways and so much more plugged in. Everyday I use and practice all I learned and am ever being more hooked up and experiencing more and more of the MYSTICAL. I am in deepest apprecitation for my teachers and for all of you for speaking your voice.

Peter fox 10th June 2013 5:38 am

Dear Kara- I have found this posting a great summation of how the
process is continuing to evolve at this time and although by definition
everyone is going to experience different things in different ways with
different "attempts" to explain them I think you have offered a very accurate and welcome overview. Thank you!


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