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While eclipses are powerful for change, I honor the Simplicity of it. I do not buy into the hype and I see there is a lot of that, and I don't follow the crowd...yet, I do honor everyone's choices. In this Ascension Note, I won't be spending time glorifying the upcoming solar eclipse, but rather speak to the underlying energy of it. This eclipse and any labels we use detract from the message. Any time we use labels, whether describing ourselves or defining something, we only touch the surface, rather than going deeper.

As you know, we have been powering through our unique ways of keeping the old 3D matrix alive by holding onto old beliefs, patterns and other ways we believed were true. We've been moving through illusions by questioning everything. This is not so much intellectual questioning, but a feeling into something we've been told and realizing that it may be a lie to cover up the truth of something. As our Intuition has strengthened, we see and feel through any given illusion so that we may free ourselves from the old matrix. This includes history and current events, whether within us or around us.

We have also been releasing through our physical bodies. Not fun, yet necessary. In my meditation, I asked if the “on-fire” nerves on the lower left side of my body were indeed a Transformation to being crystalline. The answer was “yes.” It has also been a release of old toxins as my body adjusts. I know each being is experiencing some sort of physical adjustment; created by you, for you. It is best not to try to lump yourself into some sort of generalization, but honor your own process, for we each are unique in how we express our Divinity and all that goes with it. Perhaps it can also show us old beliefs like “I am ill; I'd better see the doctor;” or “I want to see if what I'm experiencing is what others are experiencing” (the need to belong); I know there are many beliefs that this adjustment can bring up. Take a deeper look beneath the physical manifestation.

Take a breath and ask these questions: 

Do I see Divine Justice in all situations?

Do I take Responsibility for all in my life (not for others; for your own life situations)?

Do I still separate by blaming others, whether that is in my own small circle or on the global stage?

Do I realize that I create my circumstances through my own consciousness?

Do I truly know that I am not a victim?

What outer event(s) mirror what I still hold onto within?

What is the truth in every situation I experience?

How am I seeing or not seeing the bigger picture?

Do I trust Divine Order/Divine Justice or am I still practicing and holding duality within through judgment?

Answering these questions may help you fully disengage from the 3D matrix. Of course, this is not all it takes. We must fully let go of anything that holds us back in the old. We must be absolutely willing and committed to being in the New and trust our journey of “no-destination.” We must be willing to allow our lives to be completely different. Realize also that when you let go, those in your life who want to keep you in your old role may resist your path; and it may not be pleasant. You aren't here to please others. However, you create your life, be open to the ups and downs of change. It is a beautiful way to be if you are committed to your Path of Ascension.

Can you flow with the changes or are you feeling as though you're kicking and screaming, as if you're  being dragged somewhere you don't want to go? Remind yourself that you have chosen this. Any resistance surely creates a push-pull energy within you, so either commit all the way or not at all.

Many of us have walked or do walk a Labyrinth...whether inner or outer or both. The Labyrinth was first created by King Solomon as a Commitment to Source. Walking it, one is reminded that they/we embody both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and that we are not separate from Source or anything else. In the center of the Labyrinth, there is a full Awakening, realizing that our physical body is a sacred temple. Walking the Labyrinth is bringing Heaven to Earth; creating the New Earth. Only Love exists here, within us. The Labyrinth symbolizes our life and we are asked to venture to the center (Heart) for complete communion with and as Source. We must see that we are Divine and nothing less. Divinity=Love.

The energy of this entire month is to help push us over whatever we perceive to be a limitation. We may use the energy of this month to move beyond the old and empower the New. Where do you hold yourself back; where do you limit yourself? Know that you may transcend any small, limited way of experiencing life into living large. Each time you meditate, you strengthen your resolve to shift into a higher gear. You need not wait; do it now.

Our own New Body Grid is in place now. It is created and activated every time we focus and integrate a Soul Essence such as Love, Joy, Peace, Responsibility (for self), Abundance and many more. Focusing on one or more Soul Essences within our Body Grid creates life that is built from these essences. It is the same with the New Earth Grid, which is anchored onto Earth. Each time we integrate a Soul Essence, we empower the New Earth Grid, so that there is a continuous strengthening of us and of the New through our choices.

An important practice to help you integrate more Love into you as you is to drop the dualistic thinking of “I'll like you if you are just like me.” If you judge another as “bad,” where in you do you hold “bad?” All beings are Love. Do not withhold your Love from them just because you might see them with eyes of disdain. Perhaps these beings are ones who need to be loved more; not admonished or judged. See Love in everyone. As the old transforms, it may seem as though it is becoming stronger. This is an illusion. You help strengthen the old by practicing any sort of duality, which is still within you if you are in any judgment or fear whatsoever.

While we see and feel the many changes within and around us, we still have a long way to go till we are nothing but Love. You may hasten this by committing and aligning yourself with the New; with Love. Open your Heart, for it is here that Soul/Highest Self-connects with you. Merge with Soul so that there is nothing but Love within you. Surrender any resistance or stubbornness or insistence that you're “right” (as opposed to “wrong?”) to Love.

If you have plans, let them go. Replace them with Heart-intentions (not head-intentions). Plans take you out of the Now. Realize that plans are illusions; they are of the old. Only being in the Now Moment helps you move forward, moment by moment. Keep your focus on how you want to feel. This alone creates the future. Let go of the details and simply follow your guidance in each moment. Source has no plans, for plans create a box of limitations. Source is nothing but Love and will never interfere with your Free Will. Source guides and does not direct or control.

Continue to allow any emotions to bubble up so that you may transform them to Love. In other words, don't stuff them back down into their hiding place. They may hide and erupt at perfect times, as each emotion leads you to a deeper belief. These emotions also hide who you truly are by putting a layer of forgetfulness around you like a blanket. One big emotion for most is fear; fear of not having or being enough, fear of not doing enough, fear of the unknown, fear of being out of control, fear of being alone...and the list goes on. Release all your fears in the Sacred Rose and then fill up with Source Love...to replace what you release. This transforms fear and other emotions to Love.

Remind yourself that all is vibration. What you are within is what you attract from outside yourself. As above, so below; as within, so without. Remind yourself also that it is not about doing as much as it is about Being. You do through Being. Everything you experience increases your Awareness and when you are fully awake and aware, you make choices that are aligned with who you are.



Kara Demonet 16th August 2017 10:17 pm

Hello Nikos,
Judgment is not necessary; it separates. Remember that we are letting go of duality and all that separates and instead of judgment, practice Discernment. If I judge another, i place myself above or below another. If I judge something, I see it as less or more. Discernment doesn't do this; it actually helps us be clear as to what we choose to do or not do.

I'm not sure this is clear for you. I feel it's more of a feeling. With judgment, I feel closed. With Discernment, I feel open.

Toni 22nd August 2017 9:26 pm

Hi Nikos. I see you made it past July 28th...congrats :thumbs: don't spose you'd care to share?

According to the Dictionary:

Judgement - the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action; good sense; discretion.

Discernment - discrimination; acuteness of judgement and understanding.

Maybe there's no Greek word that separates judgement & discernment...according to the dictionary discernment is an acute aspect or fractal of judgement....tho it seems over time spiritualists have turned judgement into a negative word...maybe what happens when judgement is negative...

The way I understood it way back when, was that judgement has emotional attachment. Discernment doesn't, its like the zero point field of all possibility before emotion gets added to ground & attract reality. Looking at the dictionary now tho its discernment that discriminates in its acuteness...

Semantics once again with Kara as the common denominator...interesting. :coolsmiley

Toni 23rd August 2017 6:55 pm

Yes sometimes the semantics get too much for me too. Tho I dare say within the judgement of All That Is, discernment is the fractal that aligns to who we choose to be without projecting a negative or positive for all other choices... I shall journey with this alignment now... Hahaha...unless someone else comes along to change it. At least its founded in dictionary terms.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight... Love the clip...an awesome journey indeed. :thumbs: Also love the lyrics...yes we are different now, yet we are more aligned...most appropriate, thanks NiK. :)

Toni 26th August 2017 7:55 pm

Astray with the Smashing Pumpkins or astray with the judgement/discernment thing?

Within the Isness of the Divine there are no mistakes. There's plenty of experience tho ;D

Hugs NiKos :angel:

Toni 26th August 2017 11:30 pm

Maybe you're referring to July 28?...Timelines are changing all the time now. I have been without a timeline 3 times and every time something happens before it ends to buy me more time. I have 30 more years now. Once again I wouldn't consider this a mistake cos maybe it was true at that timing, its just not at this timing. Could be a Mandala effect...google can explain. Mistakes are a 3d angle of thinking. Congrats for owning the mistake tho...that takes courage.

Glad you're still around NiK... Cheers :thumbs:

Toni 27th August 2017 5:33 am

Maybe its just an ebb that brings in a greater flow long term. Take care eh... sending love & hugs :smitten:

PS. It's Mandela Effect not Mandala... hehe...now that's a mistake...a genuine 3d spelling mistake that gets a big red cross from teachers. Not so bad any more with google to correct me.

Toni 27th August 2017 8:47 pm

I got a message this morning.

I was told that energetically the masculine is being lowered and the feminine raised in order to manifest balance so the new normal is shifting to feeling more & controlling less. This is not necessarily a personal thing as it is not only Greece but many countries of humanity. It's to do with MerKaBa alignment.

T :)


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