March Energies

March is another Power month. Next week we have the New Moon eclipse, then the week after is the Equinox and then the following week is the Full Moon eclipse. Whoa! Lots of energy is packed into the following weeks; energy to help us move forward, shifting us ever higher. While we always have a choice to flow or resist, there truly is no returning to the old. Oh, you can try, yet your seat is no longer saved. So we continue, placing one foot in front of the other, feeling Joy beneath the perceived pain of our bodies adjusting to so much Light. Focus on the Joy and not the pain, for this makes it easier. Any remaining lower energies in our system are being pushed up into our conscious minds as our Divine Male and Female selves learn to balance as One  (feeling to action; being to doing, receiving to expressing). And with this calibration, we sense physical phenomena. These can include extreme Joy as well as extreme despair. There seems to be a lot of activity around the Heart and Solar Plexus, so breathe into any area that is adjusting. Fear is up as folks wonder how they’re going to live financially, questioning what is next in their chosen field of Heartwork. Many sense there is a change to be made, yet nothing is clear as to what. All of it requires us to radically trust. There may be a glimmer of a next step, only to dissipate in a few moments.

We are dissolving many cords of those who are dependent on us, yet this is happening rather quickly. The best we can do is let go of everything that surfaces and allow the process; the calibration to be more Light. This month we will make a very large leap forward, leaving much behind in the dust. Many are holding onto what is familiar, yet this is not the path to take in order to evolve. This month, folks who have been afraid to leap before will do so and in leaping, or even taking one small step, you discover gifts you have, your Intuition is more empowered and you sense a greater alignment with your Authentic Self; your Soul. With the eclipses and Equinox, we move forward in Grace.

It’s important to let go of controlling and pushing to make things happen, and to allow things to flow into their natural places; this Allowance is you working with the Divine Flow and not against it. This Acceptance is important, for this month there is a lot more letting go and letting be. Everything occurs for your benefit, if you care to look beneath the surface. When you see the gift in even the most difficult circumstances, be assured you are in Divine Flow.

If you haven’t noticed already, you have let go of much of the old matrix; that sticky web that kept you in place and well below your natural expression of Authenticity. Take a deep look at yourself and see how much you’ve let go of, especially those things you were in the old matrix. You may discover many things you used to love and don’t anymore, like arguing to win, politics, and anything to do with what religions, governments and other old institutions were telling you…how to be according to their rules. The shift is not just personal; it is global, for as you let go of what the old has been telling you and think for yourself, you let go of the old even more. It’s been a gradual process. We are guided to be more and as we shine our Light and Awareness outward we help the old institutions transform…just by honoring our Sovereignty. This may seem as though we are letting go of our security and comfort, yet there is so much more when we do, for the old security and comfort are illusions.

As we let go of the old, things get easier because we aren’t fighting against the New as much as we have been, even when you say you can’t wait for the New to be completely here. Know too that all happens in stages and nothing is in black and white. So we gradually move into the New, as we gradually let go of the old. We are still balancing our Divine Feminine and Masculine; so be aware of on what side of your body is experiencing the most change. The right side symbolizes the Divine Male and the left side the Divine Feminine. If you are experiencing phenomena on both sides, you are balancing both within you. As this continues, some old physical phenomena may present; do not be concerned; it’s part of the continual balancing of all our bodies. What you may experience is unique for you, so I will share some of what I am experiencing: nausea, headache, varying degrees of ear ringing, dizziness, lots of activity around the Solar Plexus, heaviness, exhaustion one minute and energized the next, and some other things that escape me in this moment. You see, I don’t focus on the symptoms, but on the reason for them. In this way, they move through rather quickly. And I always do self-care, dropping everything to just Be. I suggest you do the same, no matter what you experience. Do not compare yourself to others, for we are all unique. The ones who have been on this path for a while will continue to fine-tune, while others may just be beginning. It matters not where you are.

Part of the physical adjustment is because we are slowly integrating our Light Body, as well as releasing the old, balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine and receiving more and more Light Codes. While at times we feel lighter; at other times we feel heavy, for it’s important to stay grounded and remain on Earth. We also are transforming our familial gene pool, as well as upgrading our chakras, DNA, cellular structure and electrical system. And as this occurs, we are in touch with dormant gifts, our multidimensionality, as Earth is as well. We continue to shift and if you look to see who you are now compared to who you have been, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve changed. And by the end of March, you may very well notice how much more you’ve shifted. Just align yourself as Love and not with fear. When in fear, you hold yourself back in duality and empower the old, so if you feel fear, be sure to release it, once you go deeper to see what has been creating it and release that too. Have your entire focus be Love (being Divine); for that puts you in the Flow. This helps you feel peaceful. Know too that fear can also push you forward, mostly because it doesn’t feel very good when fear is present.

There is more awakening and this leads to more Awareness this month. This Awareness helps you see where you are still steeped in duality and illusion. This Awareness will shine a light on your lower-vibrating beliefs and emotions like judgment or comparing yourself to others. It might include old stories you have kept alive, competition and/or conflict. Be the Compassionate Observer without the ego-desire to jump into the fray in order to “be right” or save or teach. Realize, too, that many are releasing cultural beliefs/illusions; those things they have bought into without question. When you are super aware of everything you feel, say and do, you can see where you are still engaged in something just because it’s the way it’s always been. You might feel isolated because you have chosen to disengage from those around you who are still attached to the old. Stand tall and claim your own space. Part of Ascension calls you to walk away at times to be alone. Being alone helps you be strong in your own Truth and not in someone else’s truth. This doesn’t mean you don’t love others; you simply are choosing to be who you are now, based on your inner guidance. In time, you become stronger in your own energy and it won't feel so strange when you are with others who are still choosing to be in the old.

Because everything shifts, you won’t always feel isolated or alone, if you do at all. Follow your energy. There will be times when you are drawn to go somewhere. During these times, notice the synchronicities. Notice how you feel around certain people; you will either be attracted or repelled and this tells you a lot about where it is good to be and where it is not; based on individual vibration and consciousness. Pay close attention to what your energy does when someone repeats one of their old stories or when you do. These stories are a way to stay in the old. When you finally let them go, you feel an incredible release and Freedom. Remember that consciousness creates your life, so as you let go of the old stories, whether it’s complaining about something or how you always get sick at a certain time or how you’ve always been poor or whatever, the Freedom you feel when you let your stories go is amazing.

Living in the New is not complicated; old 3D life is complicated. The New is simple; it is flowing in Grace; your feelings (not emotions) lead the way. All one need do is to stay awake, present and aware. The rest flows from your consciousness.

Part of the New is letting go of the sadness you have for others and for situations that seem broken to you. Being the Compassionate Observer helps you let go of your desire to rescue or save and thus you see all is in Divine Order. Seeing things broken or needing to be rescued says more about you than them. Remember, everyone has choice. If someone asks you to help them, make sure you are doing it in a way that honors the other and does not place you above anyone or anything. We need not save, rescue or heal (fix) when we see that as we keep our vibration high, all around us shifts as well…like a tuning fork. This is being more compassionate. There is a story I heard once about a person sinking in quicksand. His friend was standing on solid ground and he threw a rope to the sinking friend. He claimed that to jump in to save the person, they both would die. Rather, he stood aside and pulled his friend to where he was. Compassion isn’t jumping in to rescue; it is standing strong in one’s Wholeness.

During this total solar eclipse (March 8th or 9th, depending on where in the world you are…maximum eclipse is at 1:59 UTC time), the energy helps to empower change. It is also a New Moon, which is great for beginning something new, so you might receive some powerful guidance at this time and for several days, weeks and possibly months after. Old patterns and beliefs may surface as well, so that you may receive more Light. The eclipse helps us take action toward creating something new in our lives, as long as we’re willing to let go of those things that block the way forward. Be clear about what you are putting out there and then be willing to take a step toward your dream.

You may wonder what all these energies will lead to. While Ascension is infinite, this stage of Ascension helps us expand into a new and heightened consciousness, which helps us anchor our Authentic Selves much more than before. This actually has been occurring for the past year, generally speaking, so whether this is the final anchoring to be Christed or not depends on our Willingness to be all that we are. For some, it is another shift forward and for others it is an absolute anchoring of their Souls. If you don’t feel it, no worries. Everyone is exactly where they need to be. This eclipse is a push forward and we will spend the rest of the year taking steps to fully merge into and as our Authentic Selves. How you use this energy is, of course, your choice. Trust that you are supported in all you choose to do or choose not to do. Our Souls are neutral and they honor our Free Will. Soul will never tell you what to do or not do. Do know that we are so much closer to having our Souls; our whole being; be completely merged; just as Gaia is evolving into Her Wholeness.

We are in very exciting times as we continue to evolve and awaken to our fullest potential. No matter where you are on this Divine continuum, you are one of the ones who is bringing Heaven to Earth. Can you see it? Can you feel it?


Peter fox 4th March 2016 12:31 pm

Yes I can Kara! Thank you so much.

Kara Demonet 4th March 2016 1:05 pm

Thank you Peter; it's always nice to see you here.

Deeni 4th March 2016 4:12 pm

Thank You, Kara.

What a fabulous message!

I can feel it too! And it feels AMAZING!

And that doesn't even begin to describe it.

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

Kara Demonet 4th March 2016 6:57 pm

Thanks, Deeni!
I so appreciate your comments; it is truly amazing and beyond!

Much Love, Kara

cyndy 4th March 2016 7:04 pm

One of my favorite lines for these times is more then heaven on earth. Heaven and Earth joining together to create something beyond either.

Kara Demonet 4th March 2016 10:55 pm

agreed, Cyndy. Heaven and Earth feels dualistic to me; in fact, anytime we use the word "and" we are playing in duality. Thanks for your Awareness. It didn't feel quite right writing it; yet nothing was replacing it. So Thank You.

Liza Elliott 4th March 2016 11:00 pm

Thank you, Kara! for clarifying some fine points that I just couldn't seem to identify, and now will be able to recognize easily.
Blessings to you for sharing.


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