The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Trust and Surrender

As if we haven’t experienced enough intensity designed to further move us into the New, here comes another burst of forward energy with the Full Moon Eclipse (April 14/15). You may have been experiencing a state of sleeplessness or something like that, or sleeping as though you were knocked out, awaking and feeling exhausted. Yes, we surely are doing a lot in our Dreamtime. Life as we have known it, complete with what we think is true, beliefs, patterns and comfort zones are all leaving. This can feel a bit disconcerting, as we don’t really know what the New holds for us, so Trust and Flow are absolutely essential. However, we can choose how we want to feel and empower these to help create our New.

For the rest of the month, till the Solar Eclipse of April 28/29, which brings another burst forward, we will be moving rather quickly into more of the New. If you feel a bit lost, no worries. Trust and let go of any control you think you have. Are you willing to surrender life as you have known it, even if you don’t know where you will be landing? How you can help yourself as you traverse this intense time is to see what isn’t working in all areas of your life, for what you uncover and expose is the very thing that holds you back in the old. See what you have outgrown. You can release these in a few different ways…make a change, release the energy in Ceremony as well as the Sacred Rose and be O.K. not knowing and floating a while in unknowingness. Remember that you are safe. Take care of yourself in any way you are guided.

This Eclipse helps us tie up loose ends and clear what no longer works. This Eclipse can also bring a conclusion to what you’ve been working on. Do you feel it? Are you anxious about it? Take a deep breath, focus your breath on your Heart and take a step toward what you know must be done. Be honest with yourself and others and do not engage in others’ drama. Remove yourself and really focus on the truth as you know it, rather than being swept away by others’ words and actions. After the Eclipse you may receive the guidance and answers you seek, for it will be a time of integrating the Eclipse energy and a time of Clarity…and may feel very intense especially if you are holding on to having it be a certain way. Remember, our separate egos are becoming ascending egos, being the expressors of Soul. By allowing the energy to flow into Perfection, our Souls lead. Perfection may look very different if you are attached to it being a certain way. Help your ego and flow; holding onto nothing.

The powerful energy of this Eclipse is bringing in such beautiful Light. If you are one who has not felt as though you belong anywhere, this certainly will give you a clear sign that you indeed do…it just may look different than your old way of looking at “belonging.” You may be very teary and not know why. Just let it flow; there needn’t be a reason for your tears; be they of sadness or letting go of the old or tears of Joy.  You know that the New is certainly here, arriving step by step. What are your greatest dreams? As you focus on them (in essence; not details) you move more gracefully into the New Now. Also realize that many dreams will shift as your consciousness shifts. Realize that life will never be the same again. You can kick and scream all you want, which makes life very difficult…or embrace the changes, trusting you are evolving to a delicate, yet strong, and beautiful ever-unfolding flower. (Flowers blossom from the inside out.)

The Lunar Eclipse empowers the Divine Feminine within you. Not only does She bring an expansion of Love; She carries the energies of Surrender, Being and Grace. You may be more emotional and sensitive. Yet, these open your Heart wider to receive and share more and more Love. And as you open more, you release more that isn’t Love, including where you’re attached, have expectations and what old you are still clinging to. This is not a time of wishing and hoping…these are of the old and do nothing. Be in Acceptance of What Is, for then the current situation can move into its higher form that resonates with your New Self. Everything is purposeful for your very highest evolution as an ascending master.

We are entering a new high dimensional portal through this first Eclipse. The old is complete. If you try to hold onto the old, whatever that means for you, you will notice you simply cannot be without feeling great despair. Surrender and Trust. As you step more into the New, it may feel as though you’re going backwards at times. You’re not. It is simply your Soul’s way of helping you clean up anything that hasn’t been fully cleared. So pay attention if that happens. Observe dispassionately at what resurfaces and in this compassionate way, it is easier to let go. After all, Love is showing you the way into the New and showing you what doesn’t fit into the New.

As we step through this high dimensional portal, we realize we cannot stop the Flow, even if we want to. We are way past the point of no return. Realize too that many of us are not just wholing ourselves; we are wholing all ancestral, Earth and human karma. There is no taking anything of the old into the New. This is part of the intensity we may feel. If you are one who is dreaming of people and events of the past (dreams are symbolic), know you are one of the ones who has chosen to clear the past of all humanity and Gaia as well.

Know that this Eclipse helps prepare us for even more tremendous energy coming in about ten days from now. It is huge. Many toxic relationships will end or evolve into the New. Contracts will end. The pain you’ve carried with you for eons will be complete. Surrender and Trust. This propels you into more Love and Freedom. Lack consciousness will end, replaced by Abundance in all ways…more Love, more Peace, more inspiration, more Heart knowing; more of everything if you allow it and aren’t clinging to ego-desires. Limitlessness will take the place of limitation. So-called miracles will be more commonplace. Set your intentions during the Eclipse in essence, not form, and stay as grounded as you can.

Follow your Guidance and do not be in fear, for what you fear will put you in a place of resisting the inevitable. Fear is counter to Love and is of the old. Let it go and Trust that however things shift is for your very highest evolution and the evolution of others and of Gaia. And the best way you can help others is to be in your Center of Love; allowing them the space to do what they feel is right for them. It won’t be an easy time for those who are clinging to the old. Detach from outer events and stay in your Heart. Stay out of your head and be the Compassionate Observer, realizing that everything is in Divine Order. There is much below the surface, so don’t react; respond. Flow with what is presented and realize that whatever occurs is all Love…everything.

We are not alone in all of this; we are cheered on by Ascended Masters and Angels of the higher dimensions. Many are here with us on Earth in fact. Our Christ Consciousness is being upgraded and we are stepping into a time when healing/fixing/saving transforms to wholing (a knowing that everyone has the power to transform). We are moving into Universal Consciousness, beyond Christ Consciousness and Unity Consciousness. It is not that we are leaving the latter behind, for Universal Consciousness includes them and yet is expanded beyond Earth.

Are you ready to ride this Wave of Grace into a whole new existence; one in which you have no fear, no control, no limitation, but are One with and as Love, Trust, Miracles and Unlimitation? Can you allow your Soul to lead the way? Your Soul is Source. It is your fullest potential. It is fearless and courageous and only wants the same for you; for Soul is you!


halcyonmusings 15th April 2014 11:46 am

I just had to suppress a cheer and a fist pump, because I'm at work! I'm SO ready for whatever it is that's coming! Weeee! :)

Thank you, this is brilliant (as always)!

Deeni 15th April 2014 11:50 am


I am so willing to Surrender and Trust.

And let my Soul lead the way.

Thank You, Kara. Thank You so much!

Much Love and Light to All. : )

Kara Demonet 16th April 2014 8:20 am

Thank you, Meghan! Cheer and fist pump anyway!

Love, Kara

Kara Demonet 16th April 2014 8:21 am

Thank you Deeni! The Soul knows.

Love, Kara

JoAnn H 23rd April 2014 8:47 am

Thank you Kara! Your words resonate so deeply with me. So very excited and peaceful at the same time!


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