6th Dimension, Divine Masculine, Familial Clearing & More

The month of May has brought many changes, and yet, as we now inhabit the 5D New World consciousness (and are beginning to move up dimensionally), the energies coming in have been more gentle without as much of the physical manifestations as in the past. It seems our egos have relaxed a bit and are joining our Souls as One more each day.

There are more people awakening to this time of quickening, while many are still clinging to the old. I have great compassion for these folks, as they are in such pain, yet hold stubbornly to the old ways. What can we do, but love them unconditionally without the need to change or save them, for it’s all choice. No more are we drawn into the drama of 3D duality and how free that feels!

With the past Full Moon, the Divine Masculine was awakened more with the essence of Compassion. This Compassion has allowed all of us to let go more of the illusion of the material world, the world view, helping us step ever higher dimensionally. As we embrace all in our Hearts, we move more into the 6th Dimension life...that of manifesting our creations; our Hearts’ Desires and that of Prosperity in all aspects. The world view of “bad economy” is indeed illusion and we have the awareness to not buy into it...or any other illusion...how freeing!

I encourage you to step more deeply through the 5th Gateway and see the reality of the new 5D world. As you do so, you notice how that world transcends the 3D world of duality. Yes, the Earth is now anchored in 5D and as we embrace being in 6D consciousness, we notice we have more clarity into what’s real and what’s illusion. Do not focus on how many are still dwelling in 3D; see the truth of everyone as 5D beings. After all, we are the wayshowers, the leaders and as we hold the 6D energies, our Light flows out in waves and touches all. Know Who you are and that you are a transmitter of all the Light you have received in the last few years (especially).

While the energies have been intense, we have been able to flow with them, not against them. This is because the gentle energy of the Divine Feminine has softened the energy of the Divine Masculine, and together they bring a wholeness and balance to all we do and are. This joining allows for greater creativity (masculine) and manifestation (feminine). These wholeness energies are anchored now in our Merkabah, which anchors these higher, balanced energies in our mental, emotional and physical bodies. Notice the difference now. Do you feel more grounded, more integrated in the New World?

As we inhabit this new dimensional home, our actions also must match. Therefore, old patterns and beliefs are uprooted and new ways of being are enhanced. What changes have you made lately? Do you see how different you are from just six months ago? We have let go of so many attachments and now are able to live more presently in the moment. As we do so, there is more awareness as to what feels good (resonates with Soul) and what is old and must be let go of. This is living in a higher consciousness.

Notice that as you follow your Soul’s Guidance, it is not linear. You might have the guidance to do a certain thing and in a matter of minutes, hours or days, it shifts. For instance, I was guided to go home to help my sister in her time of grieving, and then I was told no, then yes, then no. All I could do was wait and be patient for clarity. And then I was invited. This is key. Wait for the invitation, whether from inspiration within or invitation from without; it’s all Soul. This is how higher dimensional living works...it ebbs and flows and takes great awareness, centered in the Heart, to know of our next step. In 3D consciousness, we do things unconsciously or based on “what we’ve always done” or “what’s expected of us.” We are free from that unconscious, karmically charged place of doing. In Being, we are aware, in the Moment and are freed from karmic doing. Do you feel the difference?

Physically, and because we’ve gone through the 5th Gateway of the Pineal Gland, we are noticing the changes in perception and awareness. This can bring feelings of head pressure and headaches. You may also have moments of dizziness, vertigo and floatiness. You might experience flu-like “symptoms,” bronchial changes and shifts in temperature, like being hot one minute and cold the next. It’s all a part of the shifting into 6D.

This shifting into 6D consciousness is preparing us for the 6th Gateway on the Summer Solstice, where we begin to access the 7th Dimension consciousness! I will write more on that closer to the Solstice. As you can see, each Gateway brings us closer to the huge step in evolution on 11/11/11. This is the first time in the series of Gateways that we are being prepared for the next, as each Gateway intensifies in energetic evolution.

The month of June is a particularly large jump in consciousness with the eclipses, Full and New Moons and Solstice. Stay present, be aware and act only on your Guidance. Let go of old reactions and old patterns of doing things, and respond only to the Will of Soul. Wait if you’re not clear and act when invited to do so...never rush in to save or rescue or heal another, for your Presence in the balance of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine is all that is required.

June will be amplified not only by the eclipses and Solstice, but also by the growing intensity of solar activity. Interestingly enough, with the blending of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, this is mirrored by the Moon (feminine) and Sun (masculine) energies as well. All One! Our evolution is supported by cosmic activity. And while the energies are getting more and more intense, our sense of Flow and Peace within, like the eye of the hurricane, are also amplified. Do you see now why it’s so important to be the Compassionate Observer...to remain detached as we observe all that is going on within and all around us?

Our job now is to be Divine Conduits of the Light...to receive and then transmit to all. We do this by being in our Center of Truth, act in our highest integrity and know that all is evolving, no matter what it looks like. It’s so important not to allow the outer to tell us the truth; it’s illusion and changes as our perceptions change, based on our consciousness. We truly are creators of our worlds.

We are also clearing familial karma. We may be called to assist in family matters or it may manifest as a shift in your family role, a letting go of a childhood illusion or trauma, a healing/wholing of a familial relationship... or severance, or other form of shift according to your Soul’s Plan. Stay the Compassionate Observer and know all is perfect as things shift. Some physical manifestations may be more digestive and elimination changes, rashes, and fuzzy vision. These are manifestations of DNA changes and a release of karma...family karma is by far the most ingrained and difficult to release. If you are guided to do some energy work to release some ancestral karma, please do so.

Also be aware that many of you are having energetic implants being dissolved, which results in physical discomfort in certain areas of the body. The discomfort can last from a few seconds to several days. Just observe and fill the space with Light once the pain is gone. You can also ask for help from your Ascension Mentor; we each have one (or more) to help us with our Ascension Path.

Be in knowing (not wishing, hoping or trusting) that all is going perfectly well for you. Each choice you make brings you closer to Unity Consciousness; Soul Awareness...or further away. As you consciously choose in each moment, asking your Soul what it would like in that Moment, you release the bondage of the past and free yourself to be absolutely anchored in the Divine...Who you are! As you completely release old energies of unworthiness, you are free to choose anything from the Divine Menu (thanks for this Kathryn); for you are entitled; it is your birthright. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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