April 6, 2010 Ascension

For the next few months, we may experience some obstacles and delays. However, while there may be some dramatic endings, there will also be some new beginnings. We’re not without our own power to create what we want. Remember that things don’t merely happen to us, but we can use our awareness to learn from any challenge to redirect our path. We are, after all, at the helm of our lives, unlike the old, when we felt there was nothing we could do but just ride the wave. Gone are those days, as we’re in the New.

A 3rd Dimension home is being prepared now for those choosing to remain in the realm of karma and cause and effect. However, many more are currently and will choose to move forward in their ascension. We’re not done yet! Our Gaia continues to release old energy and integrate the New, just as we are. We can see this happening with the plethora of earthquakes, volcanoes and other shiftings. (This will continue.) We too have our own earthquakes and shiftings.

As we release the old limitations, we are slowly rebuilding our new structures from the inside out (like Gaia). Anything we hold onto tightly will no doubt cause great pain, so when something or someone is to be let go of, do it gladly, for there is a big reason the pain has come up in the first place...it’s old and no longer can exist in its familiar form.

This release includes some things we cherish, including old attitudes and belief systems. We have the opportunity to reevaluate what security means to us and to release the idea of ‘need.’ Rigidity in our beliefs, opinions and judgments, and anything that isn’t inclusive and still is of polarity does not belong in the New Earth. Ask whether your beliefs are yours or something that got passed down to you by family or society. Is it time to create new beliefs and values?

Ask where you give your power away, where you feel out of control, and where you feel defensive. These emotions are out of the flow and hold us back in the old. Taking back control of our lives is not controlling our lives, but is actually empowering us to use our new found freedom to create the lives we want. It’s important to have balance in our lives...to take care of business, but also to take care of ourselves. This means not being so busy with routine that we don’t have time to just BE. It means to be clear in our intentions without controlling the outcome or thinking it has to come at a particular time or in a particular way.

There has occurred a great wave of new energy (Spring Equinox), which has brought with it new perceptions and new Guides. Many are experiencing a ‘changing of the guard’ in regard to Guides they’ve been working with. As we ascend, so do our Guides, and many of us are to only work with our Higher Selves. As I’ve said before, our cells are transforming, so therefore, all in our bodies transform as well. This includes our mental, emotional, physical and yes, spiritual bodies. In regard to Guides, they must match our vibration. Our cells are holding more light than ever before, so we are filled with the Grace to be Who we came to be...Ascended Masters.

This Light infusion has activated our new blueprints. Our new blueprints hold the consciousness of the Divine where everything is whole. Less and less do we find ourselves in fear, judgment or limitation. We are becoming crystalline...clear, transparent and manifestors of whatever our intentions are. What are your intentions?

We are all getting closer to our new roles. Some will be helping the new children, others will continue to heal the old, and some will show the way to the ascended self. Some will work with those on the other side; some will continue working with the crystalline grid and portals of New energy, anchoring them onto the planet and Her people. Others will be communicators and teachers of the New Way, and there are those who were the earlier wayshowers, who will now pass on the reins and rest. Their job is done; they have ascended and are in their Mastery of Being. Whatever your gifts are, be aware of them and strengthen them daily.

We are experiencing great change, whether we recognize it or not. Grounding is important. No longer do we slip out of our bodies to ‘taste’ higher dimensions, but by being grounded, we anchor those dimensions here on Earth. While meditating, stay in your body. That will be a great service not only for yourself, but for others as well, as you are making the higher dimensional Light stronger here...Now.

Any challenges you may be having are about not owning Who you are and allowing yourself to stay ‘small.’ Be aware also of areas of ‘the old.’ Recently, I was in the ‘old,’ and it was not a fun place to be. I was kept awake, pushed down (I have the bruises to prove it), and was besieged with low energy, illness and doubt. Wow. I wonder how folks can live in that lower dimensional energy! And yet, I find myself in non-judgment as to whether a person chooses to move up or not. It’s not our job to convince others, but to allow them the freedom to choose of their own free will. Being the observer is so freeing!

It is important to have boundaries and to be strong in the New. To be clear as to Who and what we want to experience helps us anchor these New energies. We must take care of ourselves and allow only supportive, loving people and events in our realm of being. As a reminder, no drama, chaos or saving; for surely, if you find yourself in such a place, I assure you, you will want to free yourself as soon as possible. Help only when asked, as higher dimensional beings never insert themselves onto another’s choices.

This is true of high dimensional beings without a body as well. They must be invited. And then we respond with wide open hearts that infuse the others with huge unconditional Love. And as always, we always choose from our Heart’s integrity as to when to act and when to allow.

We are each here to help anchor the New, and as the wayshowers, we must be strong in our integrity. We are in a time of wonderful happenings and disappointing events as well. As I said earlier, if you have a disappointment (happens when we have an expectation about how a person should behave or an event should unfold), know it’s showing you something that no longer belongs. Remember that to use our new power correctly, we can choose if we want to react or respond.

So this week, assess what values work for you and which ones don’t. Ask where you have displaced your power of choice, if something doesn’t feel right. Be conscious of your every day decisions and feel your way through every choice. The Heart is your guide now; not your head. Fear holds you back; courage moves you forward.

What an exciting time we live in! Wow! 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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