August Intensity, Lion's Gate & Dissolving Collective Consciousness

I began the last Ascension Note (July 30) by saying July was intense. Well, the last few weeks of August have been even more intense for most, as the changes we have been guided to make were not made in July and earlier. Because of that, it was pretty uncomfortable, as our Souls were saying, “Come on!” Now, we have a bit of a breather, especially if we are beginning to make the changes urged by our Souls. Even making the intention to shift and let go is enough to help alleviate the stress caused by any procrastination.

Since it is getting a little lighter, for this week anyway, before we start yet another phase, those of you who have made changes within and in your outer life may feel as though you’re waiting (this can bring the egoic emotion of feeling lost, since ego likes to go go go). This is a perfect time to intend what you want your New life to be. As you focus on the Soul Essences you want your life to be created from (Abundance, Love, Respect, Joy, Sharing, etc.), and have Patience while you’re in the Void, you will be utilizing this pleasant lull to its fullest potential. As other lower emotions pop up, like doubt or fear, you can release these in the Sacred Rose and then refocus.

Early this morning I was awakened about 4 A.M. I lay there, giving Gratitude, and then was guided to go outside. There greeting me was the Crone Moon aligned with Venus and Jupiter. There is magic that happens when you physically see certain events, instead of merely reading about them. A shift occurs. Well, Venus symbolizes Love and Beauty; Jupiter expands whatever your intentions are, and the Moon is our feeling state and the Divine Feminine. So, put magic and power in your intentions and step outside in the early morning (soon, because it will be the Dark Moon beginning on Thursday…in the U.S.), look toward the East and absorb those beautiful energies.

We are growing closer to our Souls, which means we’re growing closer to our full potential and our Ascension as masters. Just yesterday I noticed a lot of people in anger, doubt and angst. Today I notice a complete shift from darkness to Light in peoples’ beings. Something definitely shifted. The Galactic Sun, Source, continues Her outpouring of Love onto the planet and into us, bringing more Light, lighting up our true paths, if we are conscious enough to receive. If you are sensing a lot of energy, even while tired, it is this Light pouring into us. This Light, of course, shows us anything we’ve been avoiding or ignoring or procrastinating about that has wanted release as well. 

In the last few years, many have questioned their place of residence; like it was too small for their large Souls, and then the energy would dissipate, so folks didn’t move. The same was true for new projects they were guided to create, and then same thing; the energy dissipated. The higher purpose of this was that we needed to do more inner work and not “put the cart before the horse.” Now that we’re more aligned with Soul, it is a good time to intend, create and/or begin a project as guided, make changes, and move, if that is your guidance. The energies support that now. If you’re not quite aligned, then keep up the good work. And know that if you’re experiencing headaches, feeling lost and/or stressed, then you’re still adjusting to the energies. At any rate, we are getting more attuned with what doesn’t feel right (release) and what does (intend).

We are now carrying more Light than ever before, and this also amps up our sensitivities to everything from food to people to subtle energies. Therefore, we might also be more aware than ever of our lower emotions like anger, fear, control, negativity, guilt, shame and so forth. Perfect, because with the Light and our new Awareness, we can transform these into Soul Essences (Sacred Rose). You might want to eat less (not feeling hungry) and lighter. You might want to be outside more. Pay attention and follow your Guidance. Just because it’s Noon does not necessarily mean you must eat. Just because it’s not your regular bedtime does not mean you don’t sleep. Follow your own rhythm. It will probably keep changing as well.

There will continue to be downloads of high dimensional energy and new activations of your body system; and these will come according to your ability to integrate. If it’s too fast, ask that it slow down for you. With these downloads you will see and make changes in your life daily, according to your level of Awareness. And you will have more energy and clarity of what is still within you and your life to change. You will continue this purification for a while, based on your own timeline. All that is of 3D density must be released so that your cells may hold only Light; only Love. Those who have been doing the work all along, instead of waiting till they get pushed to do it, feel lighter and filled with more Joy and Compassion. All you have to do is look at your life to see where you really are, for it’s a reflection of your inner state of being.

Also, even if you just started the work, if you look deep inside you will also feel the deeper Joy and Compassion, which is your Soul urging you on. It begins deep within and as you clear and are filled with more Light, it expands throughout your consciousness so that eventually that is all you experience.

Our physical bodies are not separate from our ascending selves; it’s why we are experiencing so much change in them. The ascended ego is the Soul’s expression mentally, emotionally and physically. Our cells and DNA are rising in vibration; the Light is infusing our physical body; just as it is infusing Gaia. It used to be thought that when we ascend, we leave our bodies. Not so. We stay here in ascended bodies (if that’s our choice, of course). So our shift is not only a mental and emotional one; it’s a physical one too, for we just cannot separate them out. We are one unit mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It’s why it is important to be congruent as much as possible between all four.

This last week we experienced a second journey through the Lion’s Gate (8/8). We entered last year at the same time. At that time, we began a year of intense shifting. This 2012 Gateway doubled the effort. It also marked a changing of the guard from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light to the Sirian Emissaries of Light as our guides. The Sirians take us further into Ascension and beyond (Ascension isn’t a goal; it’s a journey). It also propelled us forward in being multidimensional and therefore, why it was so intense in showing us where we’re still holding on in the 3D. So, we have entered a new phase of Light and as you look deep within, you will experience more Joy, Strength, Purpose and spiritual autonomy no matter what the outer life is telling you.

One of the last of the clearings will be that of the collective consciousness. This is of governmental, religious and cultural 3D beliefs and fears, along with the collective consciousness of other lifetimes and ancestral karma. One biggie is that of the fear of Atlantis. Many of us were there during the final days when duality was created from the misuse of control over the masses. These old programmings of lifetimes and of institutions will take longer to dissolve. Yet, as they dissolve we transcend into a greater knowing and experiencing of Unity. This, of course, does not happen right away, as we can see the institutions are very slow in changing within our societies. There is, of course, a little movement of the collapse, so as we do our work, they will eventually follow suit. Those who will help are the New Children; the Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows. Most of these groups do not hold the karma that most of us do, so they are freer to help create the New Earth.

Meanwhile, realize that many of us are living in the 5D, even while we are still releasing the density of 3D. Much of our work is done in Dreamtime (why it’s so difficult to get going in the morning) and we are helping others as we travel about. Trust this as we step more into our Power as ascending masters.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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