Divine Mother Grid

Based on the Earth’s shifting (just heard of another earthquake in Guatemala), there is a new grid being formed. This grid is the Divine Mother Grid and is powered from the inside out; beginning at the Earth Crystal at the very heart of Gaia. The deep movements, earthquakes and volcanoes, are allowing the energy from this new grid to emerge.

The energy is a silvery aquamarine, a color, which according to the Emissaries, can not be perceived unless we have moved beyond the 3rd Dimension. To access this energy, it is important to meditate with your Merkabah, which descends down through the 12th to 4th Dimensions, and envelops our body. The aquamarine energy is then brought up through our body and connects through the 4th to 12th Dimensions. By visualizing this, you not only bring this energy into you, but it also radiates out to all of life, as there is no separation between us and Gaia.

This grid can occur now because we have released so much of our old programming, both individually and collectively. By connecting in this way, we allow great healing to take place (as described above). Along with the release of this old energy come codes that have hidden deep within the Earth. There have been a few people who have been led to draw different symbols, not understanding why or what they mean. I am being told that these symbols are a part of this ancient code.

They come through different portals around the world and, as time passes and we become more anchored in the 5th Dimension, more will be revealed. Right now, they flow through the Great Pyramid, Ayers Rock in Australia, and one other place, not yet known, forming a triad of portals. The grid will continue to be formed and include other portals around the globe that in time will form the Divine Mother Grid. It feels like one such place is the Hawaiian Islands, hence why so many are drawn there at this time, for we are drawn to certain places to activate the energy there, whether we’re conscious of that ‘duty’ or not.

Because we are the ones who have chosen to lead the way (wayshowers), we are allowing the ‘old’ to surface within us, along with transmuting the collective ‘old’ to a certain degree. So, we go through our body transformations and transmute our old stuff coming to the surface in order to choose a lighter path.We face the darkness, walk through our fears, and dissolve duality for ourselves and others. We do not take on others’ ‘old,’ but through transforming our own darkness, we shine a light for others to follow. The very light we shine, once we do a release, like the one we just went through with the Full Moon, radiates out to others to help dissolve theirs as well.

To be willing participants helps in the release and integration. I encourage you to surrender to the process and not get caught up in the judgment of it as much as you are able.

Remember, we each have a role in this emerging new Earth. Some of us work with the old energy, transmuting it, some work with anchoring the New, some help others individually, others work with the New Children, others hold the space for the transformation to happen, and so forth. It is not necessary to know which one you are doing, but if you are actively working on your ascension, you surely have a Lightworker job, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. As we work together, we will bring sustainability to the New World. In fact, even if you think you’re doing nothing, just by reading about ascension, meditating, and making new choices, you are doing your part in anchoring this unity consciousness wherever you are.

To help in transcending duality, stay in observer-mode. This is the easiest way to transmute this old energy. If there is a challenge, be the observer and let it go as much as possible. It is amazing to see our Souls at work, transforming even the toughest situations. If we are in there trying to fix or defend, we cannot allow the natural unfolding of the best possible outcome to take place. I have seen this in my own experience, and it never ceases to amaze me.

I invite you to try it and when you experience the miraculous outcomes, you will know beyond doubt that you are much bigger than you thought...you then will have had the complete surrendering to your Higher Self/Soul, who knows what the little ego could never understand. It's all about being your authentic self, letting go of what others think, and trusting that you are being led. Nope, we don't have a road map; this is all new territory for most of us, so we just take one step at a time, trusting we are led in a hugely loving way.

The only way we can heal is to feel our way through...without trying to have a particular outcome or the need to be ‘right.’ When we feel our way through, we step away from becoming stuck in analyzer-mode and can allow the energy to flow into its rightful form. Then, there is true healing, not merely a reshuffling of the old. When we react, we are in our heads and old energy comes up; reactive energy, not responsive (flow) energy. Often we will act in the same old way to crises, with no real healing taking place.

When we feel through an issue and observe and then act, based on something new, there is real change that occurs. Then, we can be integrated more into our rightful place in the new higher dimensional expression...one of flow, love and unity. Simply by observing an old behavior, without taking action, does much to release it. This can be quite a challenge, for it flies in the face of how we’ve always done it. If you try it, you will never doubt that you are never alone.

This month especially, we have been grounding our new expression; making it more real. This grounding is in preparation for taking a step upward in the actualization of our spiritual expression. We, along with Gaia, have taken a leap upward into 5th Dimension life. The reason for so much physical manifestation is that our cells have been doing some major release of toxins (both physical and emotional) and have integrated the more rarified Light of our Souls. Along with the physical manifestations, we may have felt more stress and anxiety, along with something that felt like worry or fear. Isn’t it nice to know that that is just about releasing it?

For me personally, I awoke this morning with no body aches, no headache, no heaviness and my energy level is back up. I’m not buzzing any more. This is a sure sign that much density has released and I am happy about that! It’s been an intense month. Now, if you are still experiencing some physical symptoms, take a look at what old stuff you’re hanging onto. What beliefs are behind your issues? Just observing this without judgment will help them release. What’s the outcome you want and what new action can you take that will lead you closer to your desired outcome? I’m talking about deep beliefs here.

We definitely are taking a giant step forward. Remember the game, “Mother May I?” Divine Mother says, “Yes You May!” 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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