Expanding Past Our Status Quo

This month we receive more Clarity about who we’re becoming and who we’re leaving behind. We have the opportunity to be more transparent; more authentic. Our Souls are becoming stronger as we integrate more of our Essence into our entire life. There is great healing and our bodies are getting stronger and lighter. Yes, we are truly becoming our Souls.

This year it’s all about fine-tuning. So we get to ask what still lingers within that limits us. This is not a time to simply allow the status quo to coexist along side our powerful Souls. What old patterns keep resurfacing, and why do you think they keep surfacing? What ongoing themes continually show up? It is so we can release them. I have noticed folks’ ancestral karma is being played out. In other words, are you attached to “This is the way it’s always been done in my family” or “This is just who I am?” In this time of stepping fully into our Authentic Selves, it’s not a time to stay small and keep repeating the past. Stepping into the New means we leave behind all that we’ve been taught and been told how to be; we leave behind our comfort zone and status quo.

Whether we feel as though we don’t belong anywhere and not sure where we’re headed, the natural thing to do is to retreat into the past, because at least you know that part. And yet, our Souls are demanding we slough off the old and even if we must remain empty for a time, we must move forward.

Let us ask where we are still attached. Detachment does not necessarily mean we are to leave our homes or relationships; it means we do not count on them for our Security, Happiness or Well-being...for these Soul Essences can only be found within. Letting go of attachments takes us out of our boxes, our preconceived notions and descriptions about who we have always thought we were. Pay close attention to family dynamics and other relationships in your world. You don’t have to play the game. Let go of your attachment to your family role. Are you the peacemaker, the scapegoat, the leader? These are roles you have taken on.

Do you place others in a box by deciding they are a certain way because that’s who they’ve always been? How do you feel when someone decides you’re a certain way; projecting their idea on you without seeing you for who you really are? We are to expand beyond our self-identifications and how we also identify others.

In the past, there has been a link going from life to life keeping us, as Hindus would say, in the Wheel of Karma. We are now letting that go, free to choose who we are becoming, and our Souls lead us to the New. Through meditation, we strengthen our Soul’s voice in order to lead us. Through meditation we begin to feel our way through life. We create our New lives by following our Guidance, even if it means we let go of how we’ve always lived our lives. By integrating Soul Essences, we crate our new lives. In this way, we do not describe ourselves by what we do, but by the Essence behind what we do. For instance, we may teach. What is the Essence of your teaching? Is it Love, Compassion, Joy that is the underlying Essence? If it is anything less, like duty, security, obligation, we limit ourselves.

A life mission has less to do with the description and more to do with how we feel doing it. In this way, we free ourselves from the self-imposed box we created by releasing attachment to a title and open up to the Soul Essences of why we do something. And the more we identify with Soul Essences, the freer we are to manifest the forms that are borne of that Essence.

Remember how we used to meet someone and one of the first things we or they would ask is “What do you do?” Let us say the response is “I’m a doctor.” We immediately place a box of description around that person. What if they told us “I am a garbage collector,” how would that affect our opinion of them or their opinion of us? I used to interview people. It amazed me how many people could not tell me the answer to “Who are you?” They would begin to rattle off things they did. And yet, this is a question that can’t be answered in what, and goes deeper to the Essence of a person.

Another thing we are asked to do is to let go of our attachment to what it looks like in the world. Just today I noticed someone who posts spiritual comments make fun of those who think they’ll change the world with faerie dust. And yet, we are to let go of the status quo of complaining about the world and see that all is truly in Divine Order. Pay attention to how you feel when hearing about the poison in our food, the political scene, violence and so forth. Pay attention to when you see a person or animal helping another. There is a definite shift in energy. And now, ask yourself how you would rather feel. Part of our shift is to keep our vibration high.

And because we are One, and our feelings and thoughts go out in waves and create, what do you want to create...more illusion or a shift into the New; into a world of Cooperation, Peace, Love and Unity? It is truly up to us. We have signed up for this. Where do you place your energy? Do you realize how powerful you are?

Let us take off our masks and reveal the masterpiece within. We are not what we do, for that changes as we allow the Essence of who we are to be revealed. The Essence is the Truth; the mask is the form. And form is illusion; in that it changes as the inner Essence changes. We judge a person by how they look, how they talk, what they do...and all of these things are surface forms. When we can feel who essentially a person is, we open the door to real intimacy.

Funny, years ago someone suggested I have business cards made. It was quite a dilemma because I couldn’t say I was this or that; it just didn’t feel right. I finally settled on just putting my name and contact information on it; of course, I never even use them. When I worked for someone else I would be asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” That question simply made no sense to me. I barely know what I am going to do hour to hour, much less years from now. All I could say was, “I am here to serve.” And of course, the forms of that are continuously shifting.

Do you feel uncomfortable? Good! This is a clear sign you’re shifting. Instead of seeing discomfort as a “bad” thing and something to be avoided, know it is truly a wonderful thing. During these times of discomfort and feeling a bit lost, let it be. These are times when we can focus on Soul Essence like Patience, for instance. These are also times in which we can just let go and Be in Allowance (another Soul Essence). In these times of discomfort, if you can allow yourself to be empty, letting go of what bubbles to the surface, a new step will certainly emerge...a step into the New you. What most do during uncomfortable times is to do anything that will get them out of that space. And mostly that would be to distract ourselves in order to allow the comfort zone to return.

Let’s be Courageous (of the Heart) and let it be OK. It is when our Soul speaks to us. Are you listening or are you too busy? When we are stretched, we step more fully into Soul integration; the whole point of Ascension. Ask, “What dictates my life; am I a victim of my past or a victor of my life; MY life?”

Fourth Dimension: Have you noticed that many speak of going from the Third to Fifth Dimension, bypassing the Fourth? Do you wonder why? The Fourth Dimension is the astral plane. Duality plays here as well. While it can be a transitional dimension, I am not interested in playing the duality game where good and evil coexist side by side. For me, I am only interested in having every aspect of my life be of Oneness; of Divine Love. For some, it’s a perfect place to be; it’s where psychics get their information. It’s for folks who aren’t quite ready to embrace their full Divinity. And for many, it is perfectly fine. Speaking just for me, I intend to match my Soul’s vibration.

I’m not interested in playing in duality; I am committed to expanding into the All that I AM. Making this choice is not without challenge; yet within the challenge is tremendous opportunity... Stretching, Expanding and Evolving beyond what I have believed to be possible. And this year, we can truly see what is possible as we lay our past and doubts aside.

Pay attention to whether you are just talking about Ascension or if your life is truly changing. Of course, the change begins within and then manifests outside. What a fun game we’re playing! 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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