Gateway 10-10-10

Elaborating more on 10-10-10, be assured that most of you reading these Notes and committed to the many changes and upgrades of your Ascension, you have reached an expanded level of Newness; that of allowing your Soul to be much much more integrated that that of your ego. This means your Soul now is in charge! Wow; much work has been done.

And still, during this powerful and potent Gateway of 10-10-10, anything that lower personality/ego clings to is up for final release; it just can’t co-exist in the Light. There may be judgments to help you feel better than others, as well as self-judgment (which is what judgment of others is), fear of change, needing approval from outside yourself and anything else that is fear-based has the potential to be released, if we choose.

Many are experiencing some tough lessons right now, but it is simply the release of the dark so more Light can be experienced. And as we hold more Light, the dark can be experienced as well...from others who do not want to do the work required for Ascension and the dark within (includes those things you refuse to acknowledge). Just be aware of it, so that you can make choices about others, and allow and surrender to any fear that is up for release.

That said, being willing to walk through the Gateway, be aware of your Inner Light bringing much clarity to the beautiful Being you are and are becoming more of. Clarity brings more Light to people and situations. And for those who embrace the Soul Qualities of Love and Compassion for Self and all others (this is Acceptance on a high level, totally empty of judgment, criticism or any other fear-based illusion), you will move exponentially up in the vibration of Soul and Ascension.

As we become more clear, it can also be confusing and overwhelming, as previously held perceptions and actions may not fit any more. What then? What happens when a long-held belief is exposed as not being aligned with the Soul Being you are now? Let it go and change! Allow the alignment of Soul and new perceptions to take place. Clarity will help in this matter; you will see clearly what needs to change.

As this New Way of being and seeing first is experienced, you may not understand what’s going on, but holding Faith and Trust in your New life will eventually bring clarity. Physically, you may see flashes of Light, forms moving out of the corner of your eye, thoughtforms becoming manifest, along with other manifestations. Just observe. This is movement beyond 3-D and into the expanded realms of higher vibrations.

For me, in the past few days I have experienced lower back pain, which disappears after I awake (lower chakras being rearranged and recalibrated), and a headache in the 3rd Eye (awarding me with greater Inner Sight). I also manifested a situation that helped me release an ego thoughtform. The headaches have not returned. Yay! I share this in case you have experienced some physical discomfort yourself; it may be similar or different; just know it’s all for the good of Ascension.

Through 10-10-10, your knowing will become stronger than your doubts and there will be an expansion of all possibilities. What we once thought was true and which we categorized, now is seen as ‘multi-dimensional.’ This means that we drop our definitions for certain things. For instance, past lives are not really in the past, Spirit Guides are not outside of ourselves nor are we dependent on them; a person can be in body and experience one of their ‘past’ lives simultaneously, and so forth. While we have always enjoyed the comfort of linear thinking, that just isn’t the case any more. Potentials are constantly shifting. We can no longer know something based on our history.

One act does not necessarily lead to a logical next step. Just because your mother and father had a disease, does not mean you will. Just because you did a good deed, does not mean it will come back to you in the same way...and so forth. Remember when we began a certain path or project, feeling so strong one day and the next day having it disappear and shift? That was preparing us for how life will be after 10-10-10.

Our knowing will shift day to day; multiple potentials will present themselves; one no better than the other. Remind yourself often that nothing is linear any more. It is multi-dimensional, meaning that we are accessing many scenarios, many outcomes and many directions. Before, we thought we had to follow our ‘supposed-to’s’...’I’m supposed to move to a particular place,’ ‘I’m supposed to follow this teaching,’ ‘I’m supposed to quit my job.’ We often have used the words ‘I’m guided to...’ Now, there are no supposed to’s, so be open to lots of possibilities and potentials, guided by your knowing.

The 10-10-10 is a powerful gateway/portal (the most powerful gateway yet) that will shift your paradigms into larger ones (releasing limitations). Don’t listen to anyone who tells you you’re not right; this is pure projection of their own fears. Follow your knowing, and be strong in it. 10-10-10 is our portal to a new paradigm of being and living from that new perspective. There must be a willingness and allowing, for we all have free will. Will everyone do this? Of course not. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing; focus on your own intentions and choices. Allow others to choose...or not. Awhile ago we thought everyone would ascend. It has become very clear indeed that no, not everyone will make that choice. However, all beings born after tomorrow will be absolutely in alignment with this shift and the power it brings.

You see? We are creating a vibration on Earth so that the high vibrational beings can be here. The Crystal, Rainbow, Indigo and other new children have been coming to Earth to help in the transition to a higher dimensional planet so that the even higher dimensional beings can exist here. It’s difficult to vibrate on one level and be in a lower vibration. This is why it is difficult to be in certain places and with certain people ourselves. We’re on different dimensions.

Many people, in particular healers, who play in the Astral will choose not to go forth, as they are comfortable in ego. However, many others are now choosing to move beyond the Astral and are on the Path of Ascension. Being of a higher vibration must include service to others; not service to self. This is what Karen Bishop, who used to be major guide in the beginning sages of Ascension, meant by saying that healers will not be needed. There are those healers (wholers) who have or are leaving behind the Astral (ego) way of helping to the higher levels of serving. So shall we say that there won’t be healers, but Servers of the Light? Indeed, Yes!

All who want the shift into the new, expanded consciousness will be upgraded during this time of 10-10-10. Etheric beings helping those of you, who choose yes, will be even more present for encourage and guide in an even more powerful way.

What is your role? To embrace the New Self in a way that you haven’t ever full commitment with no doubt! And with this commitment comes a wholeness that you’ve never experienced before. As a reminder, to embrace this full embodiment of True and Authentic Self, there must be a complete clearing of the old. Throughout the days leading up to 10-10-10 and in the days following the Gateway, there will be more clearing and release. This is the ultimate ‘let-go.’ You may experience waves of heat moving through you during the day, be awakened throughout the night and experience spaciness and vertigo at other times...all downloads.

During this powerful time, seek out and release as much limitation as possible. 10-10-10 is a grand opportunity to have the clarity to do so...and simply by being aware of the thoughtform, belief or limitation, it is released...this is the power of 10-10-10. Any way you dishonor or discredit your Divinity is a limitation that must go. You must be in the essence of Love and Joy. All other lower thoughtforms must go. This is your opportunity. Wow! Such power. Do feel it?

We’re not done yet, but this Gateway is a huge booster rocket to propel us more firmly in the consciousness of Divinity.

Also, I remind you that you are not to save others, but serve others and only when asked. This is a powerful shift, for it acknowledges the power within each individual to heal (whole) thyself. This includes the Earth. The Earth heals Herself and this has been proven scientifically, if humans would leave the damaged area alone. As we take responsibility for our own transformation, we automatically raise the consciousness of ourselves and others, including Earth. As the vibration rises, so do the choices people make. So as we consciously embrace our wholeness, that energy radiates out from us. There will be those who ask for help, and yes, indeed this is when you holy/wholly serve.

Each morning, begin your day by knowing and faithing Who you are. See, feel and know that you are a Server of Love only. Release any niggling thoughts of unworthiness, powerlessness, or limitations that may come up as you do this exercise.

To conclude, through all the changes and shifts and confusion of these times, we are entering a phase of new possibilities and ways of being. We are feeling already the power of this Gateway. We will be carried by this powerful, forward movement of Authenticity through all next week. We have the opportunity to begin new projects, new disciplines, and new awarenesses all with the Power of the Universe aligned right along side of us.

Remember what Gabriel said about Libra? It’s a manifesting time of those desires we set forth in Virgo. They may not fully come to fruition in this month, but we should see the beginning of them at the very least.

To help the power of 10-10-10, do whatever you are self-guided to do to be in the Flow of this intense, spiritual, aligned energy. Meditate; sitting in the awareness of Love. Change your diet to one of lightness, if it needs changing; honor your Self in all ways with Love, Respect and Joy. Feel and know of your innate wholeness, and if you find yourself dwelling in lack or self-judgment, be aware it’s up for release.

This is the most powerful time this year...since 9-9-9 (which was about ending). 10-10-10 is about beginnings and the 3 is about the Trinity of Wholeness: Spirit, Soul and Matter. We are one; not alone, but All One.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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