Lemurian Gateway, Equinox, New Blueprints & Chaos

As you may have heard, the Full Moon of today is the most powerful in many years. As it coincides with the Vernal Equinox, it is indeed a time of huge expansion. Many have felt the energies shift since Thursday, as it is time to receive a new Blueprint and open the Third Gateway of the year. This Gateway is the Lemurian Gateway and we are being called to bless the waters within us and around the world.

Water is a conductor of energy, thereby easing the very high energies into our expanding-in-consciousness bodies. As you meditate/transmit during today and tomorrow, hold a container of water you have gathered from a natural water source to bless and conduct the energies of this time, taking you to a higher level of Being and blessing all waters of Gaia, including our brothers and sisters, the Whales and Dolphins.

The new Blueprint replaces the one we’ve incarnated with for many lifetimes. As a result, we may feel as though we are floating with no tether. We release the old and predictable, and stand empty for a time as the new Blueprint integrates. This may feel like a huge expansion, and one without details. It calls upon us to be centered and grounded as this takes place. As we stay in our center of peace; being the eye of the storm, we access the awareness of Lemuria (whether or not you had a lifetime there). This may not translate into words, however, definitely is felt by the energies that flow continuously into us. Do not struggle to make sense of it or try to figure out how this will bring changes into your world; simply Be and allow.

The earthquakes of New Zealand and Japan, along with the tsunami opened the Lemurian Gateway. There is an easing of Earth energies into a gentler flowing of the higher vibrations into the Earth and ourselves. The fear surrounding radioactivity is to be replaced with the knowing that all is in Divine Order. Remember, our bodies are shifting from being carbon-based to that of being crystalline. Radioactivity, integrating gently, helps our bodies make the shift.

There has been a steady trickle of radioactivity into us for some time now. Be aware of the word: radio (transmission) activity (a step up). This is the increase of our ability to receive higher dimensional energies, along with more clarity of the Guidance we receive from our Divine Hearts and etheric beings of Light. You see? All is in Divine Order.

As part of our upgrade, we may be experiencing a disruption of our usual sleep patterns; our adrenals are operating at a higher speed. Along with this, we may experience an energy that feels like anxiety...without a logical reason for it. There may be times of pure exhaustion, while feeling energized at the same time. Why? Not only are we feeling the energies of the Super Moon and Equinox; the continuous solar flares are joining forces with the high dimensional energies to get us moving faster. Our vibration is speeding up, and as it does, any fear or old programming is also released. This brings a mixture of release and integration of the high Divine Love energies replacing the old.

As most of us know, solar flares create some chaos with electronics. It also creates earthly and personal chaos, and some speculate that they have something to do with Earth changes. Out of chaos comes order; a new order. Out of chaos comes opportunity. So, as much chaos seems to be occurring, we let go of the fearful world view and see that this is all leading to our New selves and New world. When we stay in our centers, observe, without attachment or fear, the world and personal events, we add energy and intention to the transformation of ourselves and Gaia. We must ask ourselves, “Do I want to be part of the solution or part of the perceived problem?”

As we have witnessed the people of Japan, New Zealand, Australia and other places within their circumstance, we ask ourselves, “How would I respond to a similar circumstance?” This tells us a lot about our consciousness and whether it is of the New (trust, flow, being, etc.) or of the old (attached, fearful, resist change, etc.). We all have choice as to how we respond to personal and global events. There was a letter from someone in Sendai, Japan many have read. The woman spoke of her changed life and how people were coming together to help each other. She sounded almost joyful; not fearful. Her attitude was of the New. I was inspired by her perception of the experience.

Life will never be normal again. Some people wonder when things will settle down. Let that go; we are on the E-Ticket ride by choice, and we can hold on, gripping with white knuckles or throw our hands in the air shouting, “Wheeeeeeeeeeee!” Always know that when one door closes, another opens. There may be some time when we just stand at the doorway, waiting for the new door to open, and that is ok; it’s time to Be, to stay focused and grounded and trust that beyond the new door, an even grander life awaits. So those of us, who have never felt normal, never truly fit in, are the wayshowers. The seekers are looking to us to show the way into a new world where change and flow are the norm. It’s up to us to stand in our Integrity; to be the change we want to see; to walk our talk.

One of the most important things to do is to let go of all you think you know; all your stories of how you think life should be, and stand poised and open to follow your Heart’s Guidance into new life, while releasing who you thought you were; it is no longer. I posted this on Facebook; a quote from Mooji: “There is a lot of misunderstanding of what Truth actually is. For Truth, you have to leave aside and undress yourself of all your projections (and protections), conditionings and concepts. Then, when you are completely undressed, you don’t pick up new ones; you remain naked.”

Where are you restricting yourself and where do you feel restricted? This is a message from your Soul that it is no longer a fit for your New you. It could be a job, a relationship, a belief or a life pattern; just observe. You can change your perception about it, leave it or allow it to Be...to unfold into new action or a new level of consciousness. Stay out of judgment about yourself and all that is happening around you. Be. Allow. Detach. You then will flow into a higher expression of Self and life without the drama and chaos of resistance; that of duality. The Consciousness of Unity is Allowing. And it’s an inside job.

The planet is ascending with or without us. We can ride the wave, being One with Gaia, or we can run like heck out of the way. What feels right to you? What Path do you choose?

This month has the energy of breakthrough. Are you willing to allow a breakthrough in your life without the expectation that it has to look a certain way? Because we are receiving new DNA Blueprints, the breakthrough will be different for each of us and based on our Soul desires; not ego desires. These breakthroughs are occurring in whatever area is for the highest expression of our Soul. While we don’t know of the details, by energizing Soul Essences, the details are created by those (Joy, Freedom, Love, Abundance...). We don’t have to figure it out; we only have to be willing to allow the energy of Breakthrough into our lives. This could also include breakdown, if that is what is required for the breakthrough.

By allowing and surrendering, the breakthrough manifests in  Celebration. Be aware that if you are sensitive to others’ energies, you could be taking on a lot; especially fear, as many still in 3D are experiencing plenty of that because they allow the outer events to dictate their lives...for good or bad (duality). So again, stay in your center. Have compassion for peoples’ perceived struggles and in this way, you help them the most. So instead of being a victim of the chaotic 3D energies, be the victor...remember, your energy flows out in waves to others.

Keep your thoughts and feelings intentionally high for a few more weeks, as April brings in a lot of New energy. Till then, rest within your Heart, release duality and embrace Unity Consciousness.


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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.

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