Lunar Eclipse & the Intense Energies As We Step into December

As we prepare for the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, November 28, there is a lot of rearranging, letting go and physical manifestations occurring. Secrets, especially within families, are being revealed, clearing the old energies out of wherever they are hiding. They simply cannot hide anymore, especially within ourselves. If you are hiding something to protect others or yourself, it is best to come clean, because these energies can eat you up inside. And if they are within others, it is best to call a spade a spade, as they say.

The 11/11 Gateway helped us inch our way along by shining a Light where we are still holding onto the old, as well as preparing us for the powerful portals of completion on 12/12/12 and 12/21/12. Do know that while humans are fond of dates and many believe that on those dates we will be completely crystalline and in the 5th Dimension, it happens gradually. Portals are merely opportunities to step forward in vibration and consciousness. And consciousness is nothing unless we integrate it into our everyday life. One simply cannot dwell in the higher dimensions if they haven’t shifted within.

The Fifth Dimension isn’t a place; it is a vibration, and some are already holding that dimension and some are moving into higher dimensions, while others choose to remain in the consciousness of 3D. Dimensions are consciousness; not places. We utilize the energies of the Full and New Moons, Eclipses, Solstices and Equinoxes, and other “special dates,” to join in the energies, for whatever we give our energy to, we multiply. Many take part in group meditations and ceremonies, as well as go to certain sacred places on Earth and it is just as effective to be in your own home, meditating, doing Ceremony or by simply lighting a candle, for we are all One and our energy is in all places. Wherever we are is sacred ground. For remember, there are no rules or “supposed-to’s” in the New. Each one is guided as to what their highest purpose is and what to do.

As we continue to bring in the Light, there may be old memories that surface, old wounds, drama, forms of escapism, and physical manifestations as we continue to purify. Some of the physical adjustments may be quite severe at this point; especially if there hasn’t been complete release beforehand. These include digestive track issues, skin eruptions, headaches, solar plexus pain, anxiety, depression, a sense of complete loss and despair, forgetfulness, disorientation, fuzzy eyes, feeling like you’re getting sick, pains that come and go in differ parts of your body, and others that are individually perfect for wherever a person is in their Ascension. There is no judgment in this; all is exactly as it is designed to be. So don’t compare yourself to others; just know that however you experience this time is perfect for you. These experiences are further magnified by the recent solar flares and winds. Give thanks for all of it, for it is all about clearing ourselves to be nothing but Light…our true essence; a complete integration of Soul. Know also that our animals and children are experiencing much of this as well, and of course, Gaia.

What to do? Stay hydrated, get outside, meditate, take Rescue Remedy, drink coconut water, and take long baths or showers to wash away what is coming to the surface; do whatever self-care you are guided to take. Follow your body’s desires as far as diet goes and take extra vitamins. Follow your Guidance 100% without allowing your intellect to get in the way. Be of Divine Service, holding others in a space of Love without the need to rescue or save.

We are in the powerful time between eclipses, and it is intense, as each milestone we pass, we are put more in touch with our job at hand. With all of this, we also are experiencing more Love, Peace and Oneness, and are getting glimpses as to what we are doing as part of the One Divinity. While we are so fond of putting everything in a category, we are being asked not to. Let go of who you describe yourself to be; whether it is a wife, healer, teacher, husband, mother, Lightworker or any other way you label yourself. Know that you are an ever-evolving Being of Light, and that is more than enough; and this frees you to be more (not do more).

Know too that your Soul is much more than you think or can conceptualize. Your Soul is the huge expression of Divine Source.

Remember also that we’ve just passed through an alignment with the Pleiades which activated a lot of hidden agendas and released a flurry of dark energies. You may have experienced being attacked verbally, either to your face or behind your back, and this is to put you on notice to stand in your Truth, while not placing any attention on the negative. This does a lot to push you forward in your rightful place as Light Being.

We have walked through the 11/11 Gateway and Portal. As we have done this, we are awakening more and more and many others, who have been dawdling, are awakening too. We have entered a new phase; another rung on the Ascension Ladder. Many may experience this as a lightening up; a clarity and a release energetically and physically. How does your life look? Has it shifted dramatically or do you feel it’s about to? Are you getting more in touch with how you would like to experience life and what you would like your life to look like? We are releasing any servitude to struggle, fear and competition, as we clear the old 3D programs that hold us back in lack. The truth is that we can go anywhere, be anything without the fear of losing it all. Most don’t believe this, and yet when you take that step into Freedom, you realize you do not fall into the abyss of separation.

We have released so much that we are now positioned to take another step into our Power, as we have increased our consciousness through the 11/11 Gateway and the Solar Eclipse of 11/13, and now are integrating much of that energy. Remember, the Gateway remains open and continues to pump out high dimensional energy for the benefit of all. Much like Reiki, this energy may be used to move forward, transition or stay behind; it is everyone’s choice according to their Soul Plan. The Eclipse coming up this week has the potential for us to step up into the Universal Soul of Divine Source (let that soak in for a few seconds; feel it; see it). What this does is it takes us into further expansion as well as clears us more of the old that has been hiding within. So take a look if any fear or judgment is still in there, deep inside you. Do you still hold resentment about anyone or anything in your life? Do you still feel like you’re a victim of circumstance? Are there still those that you could forgive, including yourself?

You might feel very alone and lost as you have let go of so much. This is an illusion and a reality. The illusion is that you’re alone. You’re not; you’re connected to the Universal web of Love and you’re just on your own unique timeline. If you feel lost, that is fine as well, for this indicates that you’ve let go of so much and the New is slowly being created according to your Soul Plan. Stay focused on Soul Essences, Divine Service and Loving Kindness, for your new life is created from these. Remain true to yourself, no matter how others in your world act or treat you. Love prevails.

At the same time of the Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde ends. How is that for synchronicity? We can take action in areas in which we have felt confused and we can speak our truth without fear. So with the Lunar Eclipse and this movement forward, we take another step into our Mastery. What are you empowering; what are your inner thoughts and feelings; what are they telling you and how are they guiding you? Remember, you attract what you are.

The Truth of you is that you are Divine, are boundless and are a creator. Don’t let anyone or anything tell you different.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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