Manifesting Your Heart's Desire(s)

Changes have been zooming into our lives this month and will continue to present themselves more and more this entire year. This has been happening especially as you have been intending to manifest your Hearts’ Desires. For the rest of the month, act as if they are already manifest. This takes letting go of the outer world telling you nothing at all is changing.

When you intend, whether or not you see “proof” of it; you empower your Dream(s), so it has no choice but to manifest! It takes letting go of the inner dialogue of “can’t” or “not possible” or any other excuses the little ego uses to keep us in the same place. Act as if it already is. Visualize it, let go of words like “try,” or “wish” or “hope.” It is! And then follow each step; each nudge as it presents itself. What is holding you back?

It is important to put yourself first. Then, you can give to others from a full cup. When you choose for yourself, know that all those around you are also affected and inspired by your choice to Love Self, helping them to also love themselves and choose what is right for them. Do you trust that or do you allow your fear that others won’t approve or support your choice? Without realizing it, we often use our families, money, or jobs as an excuse not to follow our dreams. Since this is a time of stepping into our ‘Big Person Pants,” we have the opportunity to choose big, and as we do that, others are inspired to do the same.

Since we are all One, what you think, feel or do affects others. Think small and others remain small; think big and others have the opportunity to choose big as well. We are the leaders; the Lighthouses; the Wayshowers. We are not sheep or followers. As we step into our Power, it inspires others to do the same. We teach through example.

This entire year is about realizing just how powerful we are and living up to it. Playing it safe keeps us in our little boxes. Being Courageous enough to step into our Power serves to expand our lives, our consciousness and manifests what we may have thought was impossible. Nothing is impossible now. We are free to choose; we’re not held back by karma or money or circumstance. Of course, it will still be so if you believe that. Do you believe you are free to do whatever you want or not? The only way to find out is to take a step toward your Dream; then see what happens.

As we dance between playing it safe and moving toward our bigger dreams, we may feel exhausted at times. Our energies are ebbing and flowing. When we take a step toward our Dream, the Universe responds and sends a big burst of energy. When we hold back (through fear mostly), the Universe retreats and we feel disconnected or energy-less. It’s a perfect system, because our bodies are naturally giving us clues as to when we’re aligned with our Souls and when we’re not.

We are receiving an amazing amount of Awarenesses about ourselves and our lives. The reason for this is because we now have much more Light so that we are clearer, and so much Light that we see how we keep creating the same scenario over and over again as well as the Awareness of how to step out of the same scenario or old pattern. We’re definitely not stuck; we are absolutely free to choose what we want our lives to be. It amazes me how I can have a thought/intention and it is manifest in a certain way.

If my thought is expansive, it’s reflected back to me in a big way. If it’s small, it’s manifest as a baby step. And it doesn’t matter how you choose; Soul isn’t attached to how you do something. Just know that the more attention and action you place on an intention, it can’t help but become manifest. It is how we are creating our New lives. Are you creating the same life; a big life or a small’s all up to you.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go-go-go all the time. Rest when you’re guided to. Rest is especially important now. As we receive big influxes from the solar flares, magnified by the Galactic Sun and high dimensional Light and other influences, we definitely want to rest, for this is when we integrate the high dimensional energies. Too much busy-ness wears us down, takes us out of the Moment (therefore, out of Awareness), and it is then easy to miss our messages and Guidance. This isn’t a time to “push through;” it’s a time to listen to our bodies, to allow, to receive, and to nurture ourselves. Remember, this is the Way of the Divine Feminine...Source; that which is empowering our Ascension.

We are receiving a huge burst of energy this coming week to use in order to manifest our Hearts’ Desires. We will not be satisfied to have things be status quo; in fact, we may be bored with things the way they are and want to change some things around. Take a look at your life; what wants to change? For many, oh so many, their place of residence doesn’t fit vibrationally any more. This is because we have shifted vibrationally and when things aren’t a vibrational match, our Souls urge us to realign things in our life including residence, people, jobs and so forth. Even a small step into change affects much; you don’t have to take a huge leap...unless, of course, that’s what you’re choosing to do. If you are one of the many who feel you don’t belong in a particular place, even just looking at other places on a map to live, moves the energy toward your intention to move; and that is the point...move the energy.

While we continually update our DNA, cells and electrical system, we also are transforming any limitations we have placed on ourselves over many lifetimes. A few ways to help our bodies (including our mental and emotional bodies) adjust to the solar flares and high energies flowing into us and help balance ourselves  is to wear or carry Orgone pieces, use essential oils, take Epsom salt baths, spend time in Nature, eat a pure diet and other self-nurturing gifts to Self.

Keep your thoughts and emotions positive, stay in the Moment and follow your Guidance, for your Soul loves you so much and wants you completely integrated, for then, life flows in Divine Order and Divine Time. Life truly can be effortless and Joyful. Know it is already so. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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