More Ascension Energies & The Importance of Meditation

In the last couple of months we’ve been undergoing a major restructuring of our DNA that matches us more to our Higher Soul selves. This has resulted in making some life style changes that might include a strengthening of our resolve to be more of who we are within. In other words, we’ve been letting go of our concern of what others think of us and expect of us.

There may have been the desire to move, simplify life, dietary changes, as well as the choice to let go of the outer world so that our inner selves can upgrade to match our Divine expressions. I realize that this is nothing new, but there is a deepening of this; as we continue to awaken.

We continue to let go of deep-seated emotions and people who are no longer a vibratory match. We’ve been made aware of who the ‘psychic vampires’ are and have made adjustments to our awareness in order to keep our energy as clear and conscious as possible.

As we have dissolved the veil separating us from the invisible, there has been a major blast of etheric, high dimensional energy that has activated our Third Eye especially. This has resulted in not just more right-on intuition and clarity, but a release of some old thoughtforms that have clouded our vision. Many have experienced headaches and the feeling of not quite being here (dizziness, vertigo and spaciness).

Not only are we ‘blessed’ with headaches, as our brain cells are upgraded, but we are also having more lucid dreams and dreams that enable us to see just how we are progressing. It also gives us the ‘fuzzy eyes’ or having one eye barely being able to see out of (mostly the right eye). I have a dear friend whose photograph clearly shows a large orb over her right eye. This upgrade in our Third Eye also affects our pineal glad, which is the central portal in which we download higher energies that are distributed through the body.

This, in turn, gives us sometimes very intense ringing in our ears, along with come-and-go earaches, like pulsating sharp pain. These upgrades can explain why many choose to isolate themselves, not feeling comfortable being around ‘normal’ people. Perhaps we wonder if we’re making it all up or are crazy. My answer, “NO!”

While we may feel a stillness in our lives, complete with feeling as though we’re at a standstill, know that we are never at a standstill, but the inner work is diligently working away at releasing bits and pieces of ‘the old.’ These include old limitations of fear, patterns of co-dependency and in some, addictions. We are much freer of those old patterns and will continue to free ourselves as we remain awake and aware of when we slip back into old patterns. We can finally feel the foundation of the New being built beneath our feet.

A very important concept to embrace is that everything we desire is within. The more we release the ‘old,’ the more our inner desires have the space, literally, to grow and then become manifest. Hence, Gabriel’s message of Virgo being the time to daily intend our desires has important implications. As a reminder, if you haven’t followed His instructions for the Red String, this would be an excellent time to do so, as it not only protects us, but instills seven of the Divine Soul Essences; that of Love, Joy, Peace, Appreciation, Compassion, Kindness and Light, as these are the spiritual dimensions that infuse our earthly reality.

Meditation and Stillness are so very important in these days, and this can be quite a challenge for those who don’t feel productive without being busy. Busy-ness is an old mind construct that leads to guilt and shame (we judge ourselves when we’re not busy). Busy-ness takes the focus away from the Inner; it is an ego distraction. It simply doesn’t fit any more. Meditation strengthens our Divine Soul so that it becomes stronger and allows the ego personality self to take its natural place as the vehicle for Divine Expression.

We are also about to hit another phase of ascension energies shifting us more strongly into he Fifth Dimension (generally speaking). While we have had some peace, this next wave will test us as to how far we’ve come, and for those still liking the old way, this could shake them up a bit. The important thing is to stay centered and strong in your Heart and Soul, and if ever there was a time for meditation, this is it. Be flexible, don’t resist and trust.

As far as our physical body goes, we will probably experience some changes here as well. I’m not sure how this will transpire, but it would be good to amp up on vitamins and healthy eating. To me, however, any physical manifestations affirm that we’re in a great transformational time in which our bodies are moving from carbon to crystalline. Don’t you love the word crystalline? Whenever I write or say the word, I feel a lightness of being move through my body.

Our chakras, especially from the Third Eye to the Solar Plexus, will be engaged. So, I suspect we may experience ear, throat and eye manifestations, along with lung, heart and the exercising of our Divine Will (rather than ego will). Our little egos may rise up and say, ‘Don’t forget me!’ And we will pat it on its head and assure it all is well. We can help ourselves by deep breathing from our Third Eye down through the Solar Plexus. I see it as a column of Light linking all those chakras together in Unity. If we resist what’s going on, we might experience some anxiety and upper tummy upsets. You might be guided to use some essential oils and sacred waters on a daily basis. This would be a good time to also take Rescue Remedy, which is a Bach Flower Essence.

The gifts at this time are a renewed sense of inspiration and creativity. There may be some latent gifts that surface as well that you have not been aware of till now. Please do trust your intuition and follow. Others may suggest you do certain things, but this is a time to follow your own guidance, not someone else’s good intentions. Trust is a key word during this time.

I would like to end with this story shared by my closest friend, Ra...

There once was a mountain lion who was about to give birth to a cub. She came down off the mountain to find food. She found a herd of goats and set out to kill one of them to feed her cub, but she herself was killed in the process. In spite of her death, the cub was born. The cub was then adopted by the goats, as if it was one of their own and it grew up thinking it was a goat. It lived a couple of years as the goats lived, grazing and making noises like they make.

One day a very old mountain lion, a grandfather, came down from the forest and when he saw the young mountain lion, he couldn’t believe it. He smelled this little mountain lion and he thought, “My gosh, he smells just like a goat.” So the grandfather mountain lion grabbed the young lion by the scruff of his neck and took him to a river.

He held him over the water and said, "Now look at yourself; look at your reflection. You see that you are a mountain lion like me. You're not a goat." The little lion looked and saw that, sure enough, he was not a goat after all. It was a very rude awakening for him because he realized that he had been living life that was not real; that was not true. So he went off with the grandfather mountain lion and learned how to hunt. Slowly he regained his original nature.



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For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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