New Moon/Eclipse Energies for Ascension

All this year we have, bit by bit, been integrating Unity Consciousness into our Being. It is complete with the 12th Gateway of the Winter Solstice. Unity Consciousness awakens us even more fully and awakens many more people choosing Ascension. It is the completion of the awakening of the Collective Heart....bringing more Compassion and Understanding for ourselves and all other beings. Since 11-11-11, there has been an upgrade in this Unity Consciousness, and so Compassion and Understanding are probably more present in your daily lives. Is it?

As we all know, we have been shifting into an entire new way of being and living; thus uniting as One with our Souls. This shifting into the New requires tenacity and commitment, as well as living in the Present, fully conscious. We must continually hold the vision of the bigger picture...that we are all in this together. A piece, an important piece, is being ever-aware of any falseness within ourselves and others, including how we identify ourselves and others. Unity Consciousness sees the connection between all peoples, so any judgment must be rooted out of our old consciousness. Along with this is our old propensity of categorizing things and people; even the word Ascension is a category. Let us be aware and play at dropping our categories, for they hold back the energy and stops the flow into a bigger expression. What self-imposed categories are you still using? Mother, wife, child, husband, girlfriend, teacher...? Who are you really?

The old way of doing things, based in patriarchy, such as seeking answers from books, teachers, videos, etc; pushing to make things happen and duality has been continuously releasing, allowing the Flow of the Divine Feminine to aid us in the merging of ego and Soul. This isn’t to say that men are of patriarchy and women are of matriarchy.

These are energies and both male and female bodies are shifting into the energy of the Divine Feminine...that of Unity, Allowing, Receptivity, Flow, Intuition and other yin aspects of being. We receive answers from within, not by searching outside of ourselves. Gone or leaving are tendencies to control/manipulate, have set goals, figuring things out in our heads, and other illusory ways of keeping us stuck in old patterns. It is truly amazing to see the miracles born of Trust, Allowing, Intuition and Inner Guidance.

Since I am channeling/writing this during a solar eclipse, I want to say that eclipses are powerful Ascension catalysts. They bring up what is old and limiting and propel us further into mastery. It’s a time when many receive new energies and DNA encodings, allowing for more Intuition and Awareness. The same is true for Equinoxes and Solstices. Be aware of how your body feels, as it is shifting from being carbon-based to silicon-based (crystalline). The result is a shift in nutritional needs, a lessening of the effects of cosmic events such as solar flares, astrological events, space debris (including comets and asteroids), radiation emanating from Earth as well as from space, and body, mental and emotional changes. During an eclipse, we can more easily make changes in our lives.

I would like to say, especially for those of you who wonder what Earth will be like once Ascension is complete, is that it won’t look much different; the complete transformation for Gaia takes place over a few hundred years. Therefore, if you are wondering if you fly off somewhere, you do not. It is your choice to stay on Earth in a completely new consciousness or leave. What I am told is that many of us ascend and stay in the physical, alongside the 3D world of illusion and duality. In fact, we’re already doing that! And know too that “the love of power” is shifting to the “Power of Love.”

Since 11-11-11, our bodies have continued to adjust to the high vibrational encodings we received (and are continuing to receive). Therefore, we may be guided to spend more time in Nature, stay grounded and in the Moment, follow our Guidance and energy, and adjust to varying dietary and sleep patterns. We may also want to hold on to old comfortable habits, and this is fine, yet you will find you won’t want to stay long. Just be gentle with yourself, without pushing or striving or worrying that you’re not doing enough (that’s an old belief).

All is perfect in whatever way you go through the shift. Be aware that headaches around the pineal and pituitary chakra areas will continue, especially during Solstices, Equinoxes, Full and New Moons and eclipses. This is where higher energy is received and distributed. The Heart Chakra is continually expanding as well, so any energy in that area is simply an integration of Unity Consciousness.

We may experience more Stillness and Being, as the integration of the highly intense energies of 11-11-11 continues. It’s a time to reflect and allow, without striving to move forward. During this New Moon-Eclipse time, be more compassionate with yourself and others, be in Gratitude for all in your life, and if you don’t understand something, simply let it be. Observe, don’t rush to judgment or analysis; simply accept, honor and know all is in Divine Order.

Be willing to drop any self-identification and allow a new perception of yourself to enter. We are indeed becoming New, Expansive Beings of Love. We are multidimensional; see you expand into a larger version of yourself. See how big and beautiful you are?



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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