Powerful Energies, Release & Reminders

With the New Moon of yesterday, the rest of December will bring with it a lot of New and high vibrational energies. We have two more very intense downloads coming our way: 12:12 and the Winter Solstice/Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. These energies will help complete what we’ve been releasing all year; that of old beliefs, patterns, people and places, along with painful memories from our early lives.

While Mercury is retrograde (Dec. 7-30), and normally we dread this because it affects communications, this time it’s a blessing, because it slows us down to get clarity on those things that are up for release. Please know that while we’ve had the choice to let go; now it will be a must...so if we do not, we may bring to us undue emotional upset, because of our resistance to let go of that which is up to do so. And this continues through next year.

As part of this release, comes any karma that hasn’t been let go of yet. These are old energies, including past life patterns brought into this lifetime. Much of this energy will be released in Dreamtime, so if you are having disturbing or strange dreams, revel in this, as our Souls are releasing these energies in an automatic way, without our egos trying to hold on. In waking life, anything or anyone who brings up anger or other emotions is karma and to be released. Use the Sacred Rose to help, and just observe it rather than reacting (attaching) to it.

This whole year has been about endings, even more than previous years. This includes karma and other limitations, so it’s a time of celebration! If you are spending time with family this season, be aware, stay out of drama, and observe as you release the old. And on the other end of this release...this is a powerful time to set intentions, as with the powerful release, the power of creating and manifesting is as great or greater. Ask yourself; “What have I outgrown and what do I want to replace it with?” However you handle this ‘finishing up’ energy, do not resist what is leaving and instead put your energy into intending your New Life.

In the last week, I have been given some teachings and upgrades, which has resulted in an increase of clarity, in Dreamtime and Twilight Time (that time between being awake and asleep. Most of this occurs between 2 and 5 am, when most of our downloads and contact with those Beings helping us are present. We are being guided by Archangels...their sole job is to help us..., our Ascension Mentors and others of the Light and Divine Plan.)

My Ascension Mentor came to me and handed me a huge ball of energy. I was instructed to bring it inside of me and when I did, a huge influx of Light that acted like a pinball machine, lit up my inner grid. This brought a greater clarity about deep, old issues I am releasing, along with the awareness about how we have been held captive in the old control system. This has occurred each night in the past week. The purpose of this awareness was not solely to understand this information or for sharing it (although I have been strongly guided to do so), but it transformed the energy within me that I had not yet completely let go of...leading me to fuller freedom to create.

What I was shown was that each society on Earth has its controls, including pressure to do certain things when the calendar says to. This includes Christmas, Easter and so forth. These are further strengthened by systems in place such as schools, churches and even families. Since these constructs are such a deep part of most cultures, I asked how we can live in the New while still experiencing 3D life. I was told that we must stay aware and do what we are guided to during these times, and be especially aware of how the expectations of ourselves and others either free us or keep us in the old. We then can make decisions on what we want to partake in and honor, based on our own Guidance. This includes creating new traditions for ourselves.

Regarding children, before my last daughter was born, I had a dream in which she told me to only say “yes” to her and never “no.” I did as she instructed, while also gently guiding her, and while she attended regular schools, she, at 22, is an independent, creative and aware young woman with her own inner guidance system. We encouraged her from age 2 to make her own decisions, thus allowing her to empower herself. I share this to let you know that we do have power, even while living within the world of duality.

As an explanation point to above, I happened to see (synchronistically) the movie The Golden Compass. It perfectly illustrates what I was being told. I highly recommend this movie to get in touch with how we’ve been controlled and how to be courageous, single-minded, with the Soul of a child leading us to Truth. If you choose to watch The Golden Compass, pay close attention to the strength of Lyra, the young girl. She is unwavering in her quest...and so must we be. We may feel discomfort as we are swept by the tide of the New.

The New is liberating us from outside controls, and certainly we could be lazy since we didn’t really have to make our own decisions before we chose to ascend. Now we have the power and freedom to create...and this freedom is like trying to free cows; they just stand there...unless we use our power and freedom to create anew. This is when we have to be strong, vigilant and very thoughtful about whatever is in our Hearts and minds. For unless we are sure about our intentions, whatever lingers in our minds is sure to create our future.

Aligning ourselves with our Ascension Mentor’s energies, and not dwelling on the past, expectations or loss, we can be in touch with some beautiful energies of Flow. We have expanded so much into the New that our lives are filled with Divine Love and Its miracles. Instead of looking at the perceived negatives of loss and lack, may we focus our eyes upward and realize the Truth of our lives is Pure Love and we have stepped more solidly into Unity/God Consciousness. We are being supported by incredible stability and clarity now.

This past year of many upgrades, transitions and fine tuning has pushed us from the old life of suppression to the 5th Dimension and higher, in which we have the power to create our New lives. As we put full Trust in our Souls to guide us, everything else is taken care of. This year we have set our course, and are no longer bound by the old rules of doubt and lack. Our Ascension is quickening. Our sensitivities and clarity will continue through all next year and beyond. As we align ourselves with the higher frequencies, especially during meditation and carried throughout our day, we also help our bodies align with the energies as well. So simply put, we must keep our thoughts and feelings as high as possible in order to more strongly aligned with and as Spirit.

There are and will be more synchronicity and other signposts that will be a confirmation that we are no longer in linear time, but are a part of a much larger multi-dimensional playing field. Any challenges can be soothed by bringing in the energy ball our Ascension Mentor has for us. This is also helped by being in harmonious environments, connecting with our Higher Selves and seeing the Truth behind each of our life structures. Once we see the Truth behind everything, we instantly release it and are freed from it holding any power over us...even when we are still in the same job or family situation.

Be very clear that you are in charge and no one has any power over you. Make sure your choices are yours and that you aren’t doing things out of obligation, expectation or what others may think. Do not get so busy that you aren’t spending time in quiet Being or allowing yourself sufficient dream or meditation time, for these periods do so much to acclimate you and your physical body to being high vibrational vehicles of Light. Because we are assimilating so much new energy, it’s essential to just Be and allow. Being on ‘go’ all the time does not allow us to integrate the energies of the Soul.

Through all next year, whatever dross is left will leave for good. And remember that everything that occurs is a blessing. That which leaves is a blessing, for then we may replace it with the beauty of our Soul’s choices. We are choosing consciously right here and now. We don’t have to settle for less or compromise. This is the promise. Do you believe it? Don’t believe it; know it.

A few reminders...

  • Make sure and ask if the Beings who come to you to guide are of the Light. Ask, “Are you of the Light and the Divine Plan?” If not, they will leave.
  • Be selective when reading information; rely on your feeling and inner guidance to know when Truth is being shared. Realize that it’s not Who is sharing, but What is being shared that is important.
  • If you are experiencing something like anxiety, it may be that your body is trying to assimilate the high energies. It may not be anxiety at all. If it is anxiety, be sure you are letting go of whatever is up for release. When do you experience it? Is it correlated to a particular thought or memory? That is what is releasing. Breathe into it. Rescue Remedy may help as well.
  • Because of lower vibrating energies in our environment, it is very important to apply our focused spiritual practices in our day to day lives. This grounds us and integrates us mentally, emotionally and physically. We cannot be victims, if we are strong in God Consciousness.

And finally, I would like to share what one reader has written as part of her spiritual practice...

I remember the time when it was very important for me to define myself, to embrace a path or ideology, to embrace a credo. That gave me a sense of self and belonging. But now that I think about it, and I am not sure for how long now, I have been doing the opposite. I have been emptying myself. I no longer need to believe in anything, be anything in particular, or go anywhere.

Maybe this is why I have been feeling that "I am done," not because I have nothing else to learn, because I still do, but rather I feel that everything I ever needed is already in me. Everything I ever was or will be, I already am.

So now I am more an observer and a listener, and I still have much to learn. I always will, because nothing ever ends, but by being empty, I can hold the whole universe in myself without any of me getting in the way.

I have nothing to prove anymore, not even to myself. Not only don't I want to save the world, but I don't even want to save myself, why? Because I no longer need saving.

I just am...Montserrat



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