The Widening Schism Between Love and Fear

This week’s Notes include:

  • New perceptions for healing
  • Triangle Grid
  • Why the schism between Love and fear is wider
  • Endings and the birth of our new families

The schism between Love and fear grows wider, as more and more are choosing Love, while many others are choosing to stay in the duality of the 3rd Dimension. Many are experiencing old patterns and wounds coming up again for healing. As Gaia continues to release the old, stagnant energies, we are too. We can see this outside of ourselves by witnessing Earth changes, within world governments and the judgment and fear that are present in those around us.

Love is the stronger energy, for fear, and those emotions based in fear, is illusion. Always choose Love. The reason there seems to be polarized energy even more now is that we have been propelled into a much higher vibration. Not only does it feel like we’re moving at mach speed, but anything still needing healing will come to the surface (May will be much faster).

Our bodies, needing to open more to the Light, open up so those old unresolved wounds and issues can move out to make room for the higher dimensional Light to enter. These could be resentments, guilt, fear, past and current life traumas, and they can manifest as emotional, mental or physical (including new food and drink allergies) symptoms. Once they are conscious, we have the choice to heal them, by choosing a different path, or allowing them to stay, which delays our evolvement into the New.

This high vibrational energy, emanating from the 4th through 12th dimensions, will continue to come in as waves...or as some people may experience them, as tsunamis. We’re all, including Gaia, adjusting so that we can integrate this new energy. Personally, I experienced a childhood hurt come up again, and after a few moments of experiencing it again, a new perception was gifted to me...seemingly out of nowhere...but I know my Guides nudged me to look at the issue from New eyes.

The new perception completely healed the pain and it became a gift instead. It all happened in a nano-second. I have noticed these new perceptions are popping up more and more. This is how the higher vibrational Light works. We still have a choice; we could still cling to being a victim, blaming others, but I encourage you to allow those gifts of different perceptions to enter into your consciousness.

To allow a new perception to transform the old wound or issue, see the situation as it appears in the present moment, dropping old judgments and past experiences, but treat it as a new experience. This allows the choice to have a new perception to enter, without bringing in the past or expectations of how it always has been or how you wish it could be, leading to a new experience.

The Earth movements will continue as She receives more Light and needs to adjust. Maybe we can view this as Gaia receiving new perceptions about how to be as well. Because of all the earthquakes, volcanoes, fires and winds, much has been released and we experience this as the schism spoken of above...seeing the fear energies more than we have before. This, in turn, has brought another level of endings and changes. But know these endings and changes are all to make room for those higher vibrating projects and people. Out with the old and in with the New.

So please always remember this: this is purposeful and brings us to the high vibrating souls we are. Instead of focusing on the fears or symptoms, put your attention on how you are ascending into more Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance and other essentials that make our souls sing. We just must remember that, however we experience this time, it all is about Love and that which leaves simply brings more Love in. The key: let go gracefully.

All those symptoms I spoke of in the April 14 Ascension Notes were because the energies of the Equinox really dislodged lots of the old duality energies. Rather than continue to list symptoms, which can put your focus on ‘what’s wrong,’ I’d rather encourage you to focus only on Love. If you’re curious, however, you can read the April 14 Ascension Notes as well as the link I have on the Links page toward the bottom that lists the symptoms of ascension.

Remember, it’s all about Love...following your Heart, having compassion for yourselves and others, having boundaries (not partaking in chaos or drama or negativity), and anything that vibrates in your heart. So much has released and we all have felt that. Now it’s important to put the focus in Heart Energy. As people may leave us, either physically or emotionally, look to those who may be your new family...those who are there for you, who support you; who love you. This is like allowing a new perception to enter your awareness...a perception based in Love.

Be the Sacred Observer (allowing you to let go more easily), and as loss occurs, know a higher evolvement is occurring...higher vibrating people, projects, homes and perceptions, based more on the higher vibration you now exist as, can now manifest. As you focus on the Love in your Heart, those new ‘family members’ will be attracted to your Light...and they very well may be the very same family members as before, as they choose to evolve. People who have left your life very well may return because of their choice to move forward in their transformation.

There are those Higher Dimensional Beings who are guiding this transformation. Many of us are also guided by these highly evolved beings, and so when we connect with our Guidance, along with our Heart’s Guidance (one and the same), we also are a part of the Earth’s transformation. It’s all one system. It like there is a triangular grid that exists between us, the Guides and the Earth, if you can visualize that. Each time you connect with the Earth or care for Her, you are also connecting with your Guides, and vice versa.

In the next six months or so we will continue in this phase of ascension. Toward the end of the year, we will enter our next phase. While information isn’t available about the next phase, as we continue with the current one, we will continue to adjust to more and more Light, as will the Earth, as we are One. What this means is that the Earth will continue releasing, shifting and reorganizing and so will we...and it will definitely speed up, possibly making it feel more intense. As long as we stay grounded and be in Joy as much as possible, we can ride the wave to shore. Being a former surfer, there’s nothing like being carried at high speeds on top of a fast moving wave. This is a great analogy for our fast-moving ascension.

For the rest of this month, there should be an ease, as we integrate these high energies. We should experience more love and new perceptions, more than the intensity of body manifestations. The chakra at the base of the neck not only holds Divine Wisdom, but also past life memories. As our past lives have been released, at least those that were painful, the wisdom we have brought forth from each life is in this chakra. Many have felt energy in this area, as it has been activated to be able to access more Divine Wisdom/Divine Guidance. It has been being upgraded....accessing energy up through the 9th dimension...the vibration of the Guides in the ‘Triangle Grid’ mentioned earlier.

How does this latest energy manifest? Through higher and clearer perceptions, better connections with our Guides and clearer guidance. As it was being upgraded, we may have experienced headaches, neck pain and throat and lung congestion. Some predisposed to sinus issues, would have that be more intense as well. However, those symptoms should ease now.

As we have been able to stand in our Truth, know who we are, and be aligned with our Souls’ Love, we strengthen the foundation for our new lives. Being grounded helps in this strengthening. While the erratic energies have tossed about, staying in the eye of the storm has helped us anchor more in the New World. Seeming miracles become more evident and often and you may be more in Trust, Clarity and Grounding. Feeling clear and in the Flow, you are able to not get knocked off your new level of awareness.

To continue in your upper mobility, be centered in your Soul’s Truth and know you are being guided in everything. Your Heart is now stronger than your head (ego). As you look back to last year, you must see that you’re not the same person you were. Keep your intentions aligned with your highest dream of yourself and the Earth, and remember who you are...a being who moves beyond the mundane limitations of 3rd dimension, rife with duality and fear. You’re free, beautiful to create your Earth Dream; the manifestation of your Soul...the true essence of who you are and who you’ve finally claimed as you.



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For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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