How Do You Know What To Believe?

When you start to open the door to working with, and understanding, the world of spirit, sometimes it seems like there is so much information that you do not know where to begin. As you go along on this journey is it important to always use your own inner guidance system to determine whether something resonates within you or not.

Just because someone professes that information comes from the world of spirit, this does not mean that you need to accept it without question. This blind acceptance comes from a conditioning having to do with many years of following what people in positions of “authority” tell others around them. There was often so much fear at going against these authority figures, that one would rather follow through with a direction or action that they do not believe in, than face what they knew to be the consequences of not obeying these orders.

As a part of your journey to become your own Master, is becomes incredibly important to ensure that what you believe is your own truth and not just the duplicate of another’s beliefs.

Why is that? Well when you are not thinking and feeling for yourself in this way, it allows others to manipulate your energy. This does not happen in all cases, but this action does make you more susceptible to the influence of others.

In the eyes of Spirit, no soul is better than another; even those that you give the title of Master or Angel and so forth do not hold a higher or better position in the heart of the Ultimate Being (God). All souls are equal; they are simply at different stages in their learning. Just as a parent would not say that their 17 year old child is better than their 8 year old child simply because one is older than the other; to the parent these children are equally loved and revered and that is how the Ultimate Being sees each of the souls in the Universe.

When you can remember your inner Divinity and recognize that no one in a position of “authority” is better than you in any way, this allows for you to release lingering feelings of doubt, lack of worthiness, anger and frustration that are carried over from any times of servitude, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Releasing these energies is extremely powerful and until this energy is released, it is impossible to move beyond a certain point in your spiritual growth.

Imagine being an elementary school teacher and you are about to pass a child to the next level of schooling. If this child was tested and they constantly referred to another student for the answer, then one would say that this child has not learned the knowledge to enable them to move on. This is how is it with being your own Master; until you are fully in control of your own thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions, then you cannot graduate to the next level of development.

This is where discernment comes into play as you go through your learning and development. There are times when you feel that you are being bombarded with so much information and sometimes it even contradicts itself! How do you know what to believe? Well, the answer is inside of you. When you feel something that resonates to the core of your being, no matter how “silly”, “emotional” or “impractical” it may seem to your mind; if you feel it in your heart, it is that resonance that is your soul’s way of showing you that the information is something you need in this life for your own spiritual development.

That truth that you feel may be a different truth from the person sitting next to you. That is perfectly acceptable; each soul is entitled to their own truth. Each soul has different lessons to learn on their journey and different pieces of information will need to be known to different people at different times, depending on the specifics of these lessons. What someone may feel with the truth in their heart may not be what you feel.

You do not have to believe something that you do not resonate with; you do not have to accept things from others without questioning them. And most importantly, you do need to follow any direction or guidance, including this message, if it does not feel right to you. There is no longer any need to fear searching for, and walking in, your own truth.

Love, Aurora



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