Rest, Recuperate, Renew

For the last two weeks many have been asked to be still, rest and recuperate. This is occurring because there is a major adjustment in energy taking place on the Earth plane. You are truly about to go to a totally new energy, one that as not been attained by humanity before.

As the curtain began to drop last month and you are starting to see more pieces of new information and energy come to light, you are now preparing to cross to the other side of that curtain. But, in order to do so, you each will have to go through an alignment process. For some, this alignment process has many feeling ill and keeping still. For others it has just been an overall sense of sleepiness and lethargy. And still some others had to take a break from their normal lives altogether, resting at home until they could start to reemerge in this new energy.

During this time of rest, many have been experiencing the deep release of long held emotions tied to their original encounters with the Earth plane. And, more often than not, these experiences were not very pleasant. Imagine that you have prepared to go on a long trip, and you think that you have everything you need, only to arrive at your destination and nothing was as it was thought to be.

That is the experience that many souls had gone through when they touched the Earth plane for the first time, and for some this carried a very deep emotional scar. In order to enter into the next vibrational stage with a clean slate, the deep purging of these emotions from everyone’s original encounters is taking place.

Some souls will not know what they are releasing, other than an anger or frustration with the world, or even life. Not everyone has to know what the source of the energy is in order to release it this time, because it simply must be done in order to move forward. So, if you find that you are getting frustrated with the process of life, do not feel bad or guilty about having these feelings. It is actually something that is coming to the surface from long ago in your cycle of incarnations, so that your energy can be totally renewed.

The other big part of this energy adjustment is disrupted sleep patterns. Feeling so tired even after a long night’s sleep and then sometimes not being able to fall asleep even though you feel so tired. Each person will feel this part of the energy differently, but it is all a symptom of this shift that is taking place on the Earth plane.

Just when you thought you were caching up with time, you now might feel as though you are falling behind your growing to-do list. But, have no regrets here, as once you move out of this readjustment phase, you will once again be finding that you are able to get more and more done!

And, you will have plenty to do! Once you start feeling that influx of energy, you will be prompted by your intuition, heart, or inner feeling to start projects, contact people, make a physical move or begin another type of new chapter in your life. Soon you will be living in a space that transcends time, if you allow for it; where you feel like you can accomplish so much more than ever before.

But, for now just listen to you body. Allow for rest, if you need rest. Allow yourself to clear out energy from yourself or others and let your body recalibrate to this new energy. You are truly the forerunners of this new energetic threshold and your body must be physically attuned to that new vibrational space.

You will know when you have come out of this resting phase, because you will gradually begin to feel better, to resume normal sleep patterns for yourself, and to not feel so “out of it.” As you begin this reemergence you will find yourself in the midst of a whirl of activity, one that is aligned with your life purpose and personal goals. One that keeps you busy in a way that you don’t feel busy at all because you are enjoying how things are lining up for you.

Now is the time when resources are lining up, and the right people are coming your way. Once you have completed you time for rest (which is not too much longer), you will really be a witness to the power of you, and how you have worked so hard all of these years to create a world of your own making. From now through September you will begin to see what it is you have been working so hard for.

Love, Aurora




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