Feeling Extra-Emotional? Here’s Why...

If your emotions are everything, everywhere, all at once, you are not alone.

The energies transpiring now are being experienced by everyone!

One of the many gifts of astrology is that it prepares us for celestial storms as well as sunny days.

Now is a bit of everything, or rather a LOT of everything.

As I mentioned in my May forecast, this will be a life-changing month.

Although that feels like a lifetime ago I published that, we're definitely experiencing some immense shifts. Personally and collectively life is getting an overhaul.

Here is why this month feels so intense:

Pluto just went retrograde. The Lord of the Underworld is resurrecting some buried emotions and forcing us to confront those aspects of our lives we would rather push under the rug.

We are in an eclipse portal. The two weeks between eclipses is highly charged because the Karmic Nodes of the Moon are activated - dredging up deep-seated patterns to be healed.

We had our New Moon Eclipse on April 30th initiating fateful new beginnings. You're probably having a wave of insights about how you can move forward in your life in ways that are more suitable for your soul.

We are in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde. Your conscious mind is catching up to everything that has been previously overlooked

In numerology, we are in an 11 Universal Month. 11 is a Master Number guiding you to master your life, through intuition, illumination, and courage.

Our Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio is on May 16th. This activates the South Node of the Moon - prompting you (and the world) to clear away karmic patterns to make room for a new way of being.

That is why you are experiencing such a range of emotions.

Everything is highly charged right now.

The beauty is, this is an incredible time for healing and releasing reactive patterns that have kept you from realizing your purpose.

In the meantime, keep breathing, stay centered, and allow yourself to be supported.

Sending you so much love!
~ Kari