Gemini Brings A Breath Of Fresh Air!

After a month of introspection in Taurus, the Sun now begins it’s annual sojourn in Gemini. ⁠

You’ve certainly learned more about what’s dear to you, and are not the same person you were just a short month ago!⁠ But breezy Gemini will bring a breath of fresh air and some levity.

On 5-20-2020 we enter the sign of the twins. Notice the 2s in today’s date.⁠

2 is teaching us a lot in this 2020 year.⁠

Two, in its highest vibration, is the number of diplomacy, intuition, and peace.⁠

Yet, there are a LOT of lessons to learn before experiencing the sense of calm that this number can bring.⁠

For example, 2 also teaches you to learn how to compromise between two extremes.⁠

As you’re learning to balance diverse energies, sometimes you can feel pulled in two different directions. You can second guess yourself and not know what to think⁠.

The shadow side of 2 is duality and division.⁠

Which brings us to Gemini…

Gemini is a double-bodied sign. It’s element is mutable air, which is a wonderful gift for learning new things and seeing two sides of things.⁠

ALL of these energies will be amplified during Gemini 2020. Especially since Venus, the planet of love, money, and self-worth is RETROGRADE in Gemini as well.⁠

As you are learning new things (and a whole new way of being now!), you might feel uncertain about your next steps.⁠

This is all part of the process of expanding your world so you can enjoy new experiences and see the world through other’s eyes.⁠

Coincidentally Gemini rules the lungs, so keep breathing! And bring light and healing to the lungs of the planet and to people’s lungs as well!⁠

Enjoy the energy.⁠⁠