Mercury Goes Retrograde!

There is so much happening in the heavens, you are most certainly feeling the ground shift beneath you.

It’s an intense time.

As complicated and chaotic things may feel at the moment, you’re growing and expanding in the most beautiful ways.

We’re in the midst of eclipse season. This time between eclipses is when new layers of your unconscious are being revealed to you. It can lead to tremendous expansion and healing.

Today, Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini.

For the next three weeks, your conscious mind will shine light on the emotions and insights that you previously overlooked.

You will see yourself and the world from a new perspective.

Also today, Jupiter changes signs from Pisces to Aries and will remain there until October 28th.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Its effects are seldom subtle.

Jupiter in Aries will embolden you with confidence and courage.

Thank heavens! You can probably use an energetic boost!

As empaths, especially when the world gets overwhelming it’s tempting to disconnect from the world and hide in your bubble.

When that happens, you aren’t allowing the opportunities and blessings that are available to come your way.

I know from personal experience that being sensitive is especially challenging now. Yet, as the external world becomes more difficult, you can strengthen your inner resolve.

In the meantime, allow this Mercury Retrograde to help you slow down and catch up with yourself.

Lots of love,

~ Kari