Soulful Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse - today!

Take time for yourself today

It’s a powerful day for transformation!

Our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio was exact at 12:14 am EDT today. The waves of healing will ripple for the next few days.

A heavenly day for healing!

You may be having extra vivid dreams. Perhaps you need more rest than usual.

You’re processing a lot of emotions.

As much discomfort that you feel now, this is an incredible sign of growth.

Your old emotional patterns are coming up for you because you are ready to heal them.

We are in the midst of eclipse season. On May 16th at 12:14 am EDT, we had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.

Eclipses illuminate what has previously been hidden.

During an eclipse, there is a powerful alignment between the Sun, Moon, and the Earth.

Astrologically, this represents a synchronization of your conscious mind (Sun), emotions (Moon), and physical being (Earth).

Full Moons amplify your emotions.

Like the tides, they tug on your inner waters.

This week’s Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio activates the Lunar South Node. The South Node stirs up karmic patterns that are deeply embedded in your subconscious.

Scorpio is a sign of deep transformation.

Scorpio ruling planet Pluto is currently retrograde, unearthing deeply buried wounds.

Mercury is also retrograde, bringing up old issues so you can have a new perspective on your life.

As your stored subconscious wounds are brought to the light of consciousness, you can release them with intention.

You can’t just push through your emotions now.

Your must consciously release what no longer serves you and find a new way of being.

Make sure you are taking time now to get the support and love you deserve.

Eclipses initiate fateful endings and new beginnings.

Over the past two weeks, you were waking up to parts of yourself that are changing the way you relate to the world, and yourself.

Today’s Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio activated the Lunar South Node, which represents karmic patterns.

Scorpio is a deeply transformational sign.

Our Eclipse in this soulful sign can trigger collective trauma and drama.

As your emotions come up for you, allow them to move through you. Take time today to meditate, process, and release what no longer serves you.

Healing yourself helps heal the planet.

Never underestimate the power you have to make this world a better place.

You are more powerful than you realize.

Whatever you do today, make sure you are honoring the beautiful, wise, and loving being that you are.