Today's Supermoon ignites your ambitions

Wednesday's Full Moon is a larger-than-life lunation.

This spectacular Super Moon will bring light to some of your deepest desires and ambitions.⁠⁠

You may have tucked them away in the corners of your consciousness. Perhaps in your past, you did not feel worthy of the dreams that have been divined to you. ⁠⁠

Pluto, the planet of uncovering the unconscious is in close proximity to the Moon, ensuring you will unearth your gifts, as well as the fears that have been keeping you stuck.⁠

⁠If there was a time to believe in yourself, it is now.

⁠⁠Capricorn is a sign of ambition. Its symbol is the sea-goat - reaching into the depths of emotions and psyche while climbing to the mountain’s highest peak. ⁠⁠

With our Sun in sensitive Cancer and our Moon in sure-footed Capricorn, this is a reminder to stay true to your heart as you reach toward the sky.

⁠⁠If you are undervaluing yourself, let the light of this Moon shine light on your immeasurable worth. If you feel a person or circumstance in your life does not support you fully, it is time to let them go. ⁠⁠

You deserve the best because you’re amazing.⁠⁠

During this Full Moon, Let go of:
Workaholism, insecurities, negative self-talk, playing small, ambitions that drain your adrenals, patriarchal ideals, controlling the outcome, taking yourself too seriously, caring what others think of you⁠.

Enjoy the energy!
~ Kari