Your Heavenly Week Ahead

Things are feeling a bit surreal aren't they? We're in the middle of eclipse season, and that affects everything. We had the mother-of-all-eclipses on our New Moon in Pisces on March 8th, and we're having a Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd.

For these two weeks, it will feel like there is a perpetual full moon, with some Mercury Retrograde in good measure.

You're going to feel more intuitive and emotional.

Veils between heaven and earth are lifted

When eclipses occur, your inner world is awakened. Your psychic senses are heightened and you can feel like your emotions are larger than life.

There is a cleansing in this. You are resurrecting all of your dreams, desires, and insights so you can finally express them. You are also bringing up some deeply buried fears and feelings so they can be released once and for all. This creates a space for you to fill your cup with the waters of your soul.

We're now in a psychically charged time of year. We're in the sun sign of sensitive soulful Pisces, with a LOT of other planets in this psychic sign. This deepens your connection to the spiritual realm.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Get ready for intuitive insights! Our Full Moon Eclipse on March 23rd can rock your world.

Just days before, we have our Equinox, that magical day where the veils between heaven and earth are lifted, and our Sun moves into Aries. This is the beginning of the new zodiac cycle, which is a reset on your psyche. 

This Full Moon eclipse will be exquisite. Our planet Mercury will be exactly conjunct the Sun. This is a gift from the Universe for your mind (Mercury) to have crystal clear awareness in your consciousness (Sun) about realizing your deepest desires.

The Full Moon is the most potent time for you to release what no longer serves you, and receive illumination on your path. Eclipses magnify this energy by bringing to your awareness what was previously eclipsed from your consciousness.

Prepare for a flood of intuitive downloads!

Living Heaven on Earth

You'll want to take full advantage of this luminous energy. If you are feeling overwhelmed, emotionally sensitive, or confused, you can use this heavenly portal to release anything that doesn't serve you, and receive insight about your soul's path.



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