Your Wounds Can Inspire Your Greatest Gifts

La Luna has conjured some FEELINGS!⁠⁠

The beams from Sunday's spectacular Full Moon are still shining upon you. ⁠⁠

Full Moons always uncover hidden emotions.

This one was particularly potent. The Sun was in the exact degree as Venus and Chiron. ⁠⁠

The Sun is your expression - how you radiate in the world. ⁠
Venus is your heart - your love, desire, and self-worth.⁠
Chiron is the Wounded Healer - that part of you holds the deepest pain and greatest potential.⁠

When these three planets connected at 8° Aries, it brought to light your deeply buried emotions.⁠⁠

These planets in Aries are teaching you the beauty of putting your needs first.⁠

If you have felt over-worked, unappreciated, or that you aren't RECEIVING the love you deserve, Aries is enlightening you.⁠⁠

Perhaps there is a part of yourself whose value has relied on over-giving.

⁠Or you might have some childhood wounds around being abandoned or not feeling loved.⁠⁠

These feelings are now being triggered.⁠⁠

You are realizing that you deserve MORE. ⁠⁠Whatever that means for you - more time, more fun, more love, more money, more joy. All the things.⁠⁠

Whatever you've been experiencing this week is for your greater good.⁠⁠

Let your emotions flow. Feel the feels and allow the healing.⁠⁠

You are held by a legion of angels who always have your back.

⁠⁠Have a beautiful day!

~ Kari