Aries/Taurus 2010: Mar 20 (Spring Equinox) ~thru~ May 1 (Cross Qtr/Beltane)

We do not grow absolutely, chronologically.
We grow sometimes in one dimension,
and not in another; unevenly.
We grow partially. We are relative.
We are mature in one realm, childish in another.
The past, present, and future mingle and
pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present.
We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.

*Spring* Equinox ~ Vernal Equinox ~ Ostara ~ Around March 20th each year, we have the third of *8* Sacred Seasons ~ *INITIATING* a Renewal of Life & Light, Re-Birth and Resurrection. Vital energies and resources are now more readily available. It's time to plant seeds and initiate projects that will show promise by *Fall* Equinox. It is the first re-balancing of the Light, coming from predominantly Internal/Dark/Shadow/Fallow time and returning to an External/Light/Fertile time. Spring & Fall represent *Balance* and *Increase*, equal Light & Darkness, equal Day & Night. Sunrise and Sunset are *always* the best time to meditate as the veils between realms are thinner making clear communing easier and more productive. Consider the Solstices to be Initiation/Integration times and Equinoxes to be times of Change, Movement, Choices and Decisions. Spring Initiates New Life ~ Fall Assesses the Quality of the New Life and marks its on-going progress ... Assessing: what takes root (works & evolves), what needs more time (incubation & more care) and/or what should be released altogether to begin anew (compost & re-direction of the energies).

Also, the Sun enters Aries and initiates a brand new astrological year. It's time to be more physically active, to try new things, do some Spring cleaning (on many levels). You can choose what type of *Renewal* you'd like to experience every year. For example, one year you may want to focus on renewing the body or renewing your sacred space or renewing your relationships (to Self and others) ... you decide ~ get creative and dedicate a year to see what you can create when you work with the natural rhythms as well as the time and space you live in. It's time to *Initiate* a new aspect of your essential nature and deepest Self, which you may have only recently developed or discovered, to have the courage to live your Truth and serve your Purpose. It's time to look at the world through the eyes of a child, hopeful and excited about the adventure you are embarking upon and faith that all will be well on the journey.

~ *Spring* Equinox 2010 ~

This *Sacred Season* is About:

Turning Point / Crossroads

New Beginnings, Seed Planting and Initiation

Fiery Creativity, Fertility and Blossoming Energy

Resurrection, Renewed Life and Vitality (within you and your environment)

Delicate Infant Stages, New Growth and Development

Spring Cleaning and Clearing (mentally, physically, spiritually and environmentally)

Being Physical and/or Taking a Serious Step in the Direction of Your Goal

A non-doer is very often a critic. That is someone who sits back and watches doers ... and then waxes philosophically about how the doers are doing. It's easy to be a critic, but being a doer requires EFFORT, RISK & CHANGE.

This 6-week period covers ALL of Aries and initiates Taurus. It is a potent time for internal renewal and external new beginnings! The Creative Spark of Life (Aries) and the work of Cultivating Beauty and Value (Taurus) are what this Sacred Season is all about. The Re-Birth of Spring permeates all life (in this hemisphere), we experience a brief moment of *balance* between light and shadow before moving with the increasing light and life that Summer brings. This is your *Initiation* time ~ reborn from the ashes of the past year ~ on to a clean slate, fresh new canvas ~ what will you create this year? It's time to take full responsibility for your life, what you create and how your energy affects the world around you. Aries rules *Independence* and being self-sufficient during this time of global shift is more important than ever. It's taking on a much deeper meaning this year, in that, so many things that used to "work", no longer work; structures that used to support are no longer viable; support that used to be available is not as easily accessed at this time.

The personal planets travel through the zodiac at various speeds, stimulating each Sign in succession, the order of which varies according to their speed and direction as well. For some time now, Venus has been leading the way, suggesting that we much first clarify the priorities and assess the worth and value of intended actions. Then Mercury comes in and says, "OK, you now know what's important to you, let's explore the possible range of that!" and ideas start bubbling within your consciousness, others offer their unsolicited perspectives, a dialogue begins. And finally the Sun joins them, in this case, illuminating the Aries/Libra dynamic, with emphasis on Aries: New Beginnings, Rebirth & Renewal (the emphasis is on Libra in Sept/Oct each year). As soon as we initiate this year (March 20th), we have a couple of weeks to anchor the new identity, the new idea, the new relationship or project before the above "order" shifts (because of Mercury's Retrograde). Just do it!! Get moving - get started!! Sometimes, that's the hardest part - but NOT usually during this particular annual window of time. Taking calculated risks (on faith) and implementing well-thought-out plans (with optimism) is completely supported, you need only be prepared to improvise along the way as things do not often match the vision in our heads but that shouldn't stop you from creating or having a vision to begin with. Be open to *NEW* forms. Tune in to *Essence*. Allow for evolution to unfold.

Plant the seeds of a new year, new cycle and new *YOU* and prepare for Mercury's upcoming review in Taurus (we'll get to that a little later). For now consider that this month (March 20 - April 20) the Pluto in Capricorn ~ transforming reality ~ is going to feel very personal, pushing everyone out of comfort zone, in to new territory. Work with it! Don't fight it. Determine what you MOST want to transform about your individual Self and open to the many possible outcomes if you were to successfully transform that particular aspect of Self. If you were to completely change on a fundamental level, what you and your life look like? more importantly, what would they *feel* like? After we get through the initial shock of re-birth, (rest and replenish before next big move) we can then activate Taurus and begin exploring those feelings and new sensations. Practice *feeling* whole and protected and happy and centered and *ALIVE*. Taurus energy pushes us to tune in to our physical world and create with our own hands, something both useful and beautiful. Taurus energy turns Aries fiery enthusiasm in to a smoldering passion that will last longer and create something much more tangible and lasting. If you're paying attention, you too can adjust the *flame* as needed: are you in fiery, idea-mode or are you ready to cook that in to something yummy?

Aries is the Athlete and there is no other sign so *physical* as Taurus, so this whole season is tremendously supportive of working on your physical structure and/or stabilizing 3-D in some way. Devote some time to speed, endurance, strength and flexibility. Use this Sacred Season to improve the balance and stability of your Being, your life and your environment. Reflect on the last couple of months and the Mars Retrograde in Leo, what have you discovered about 'who you are' (on a core, essential level) and 'what you want' (deep in your heart)? The chance to re-work your desires occurs with Mars every 2 years, so if you get in rhythm with it, creating what you want (Mars rules your desire nature) gets a rhythm to it too and you become much more effective in shorter amounts of time. Use the information revealed to determine the next 90-days. Keep in mind this quarter is tremendously potent and sets the tone for the entire year. Use the first *3* Lunations to clear a space (Full Moon) for the *new* to take root (New Moon) ~ set your intentions ~ do your rituals ~ stay alert and listen for guidance along the way.

This Sacred Season is about *Initiation* ~ activity, growth and expansion. It's about activating vital life-force energy and being surprised by what ultimately blossoms. You can never predict, only sow the seeds, till the soil and work with the elements to ensure *Life*. Throw all issues and (perceived) limitations in to the compost pile to be recycled into something useful, redistribute this fertilizer and tend to the seedlings that show tangible promise. Mercury is going to come along in April (and May) and spend an extended period in Taurus, which will assist you in cultivating the good ideas and simmering the others till they are ready to share.

~ Power ~


The only exact hit this Season is Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, cultivating ideas behind the scenes, joining the Sun in Taurus pushing your nature a bit. This energy makes you want to "do" or produce tangible results (as opposed to "talking" about it). It is an extremely useful energy which will help you clarify and align your thinking with the identity you are cultivating at this time. Look for new perspectives on the quality of your life. Are you enjoying *present moment* ~ giving gratitude for your blessings? Are you looking for opportunities for pleasure (or blockages/delays)? You usually find whatever you're looking for. This is a potent time to re-think how you really express your values, through how you direct your energy and resources. It's time to renew beauty and pleasure in your daily life too.

4/28 ~ Mercury Retro/Sun in Taurus ~ ALL Earth

*NOTE* ~ ALL direct connections between Mercury (your voice) and the Sun (your identity) this year coincide with the Mercury Retrograde periods, which is an indication that re-viewing your thoughts, ideas and concepts of who you are ~ getting more practical and grounded ~ is all being stimulated this year. In between Retrogrades, they will connect in Pisces (March) and Cancer (June) which is an additional indication that *feelings* are communicating with you as well. Look for the messages and do some processing in between because this will be just as important as the Retrograde work. If you do well on the re-view, then the direct motion should support following your feelings and intuition because theoretically, you've gotten multiple perspectives and gained more clarity. Now forward movement will be more productive and you will feel more stable and secure.

Direct Contact Days ~ 2010: Jan 4th / Rx / Capricorn / Earth

Mar 14th / Direct / Pisces / Water

Apr 28th / Rx / Taurus / Earth

Jun 28th / Direct / Cancer / Water

Sep 3rd / Rx / Virgo / Earth

Oct 17th / Direct / Libra / Air

Dec 20th / Rx / Sagittarius / Fire

~ Balance & Compromise ~


This Sacred Season will be initiating on so many levels. The *Integration* that Oppositions bring is vital. With such larger themes of renewal, this time would be best served anchoring your *new* identity and priorities, while maintaining healthy boundaries and taking things one step at a time. Saturn is the common denominator here, the planet of boundaries, limitations and structure. These are not necessarily bad things until they are in excess, then they become blockages, delays and stagnation. All is widely available so watch your choices on how you navigate this time. Saturn is Retrograde, for these current activations, doing the overlapping work of completing Virgo (healing the structure/creating a new system) and initiating Libra (recalibrating relationships and responsibilities).

So ~ in the first activation between Sun (Identity/Source) in Aries (Independence/New Beginning) and Saturn Retro in Libra (Balance/Reciprocity), you get an opportunity to review your commitments ~ both to your Self and to others. This coincides with Spring Equinox, initiating a completely new year and this initiates the Saturn 2+ year process through Libra. This sets the tone for the on-going work of your independence within the context of relationships (Aries/Libra) ~ how your renewed Identity (Sun/Aries) is automatically shifting the Balance, Reciprocity and the Reality of your Relationships (Saturn Rx/Libra). It's time to re-think and ultimately, re-negotiate the terms of your commitments. We want responsibilities we are glad to take on because we care about what we are contributing to and release the obligations that are weighty with other people's baggage. Use this whole Season to reflect on this and look for forward movement in the Summer.

3/21 ~ Sun in Aries / Saturn Retro in Libra ~ Fire/Air

Later in the Season, April 26th, we have the 4th (of 5) activations between Saturn and Uranus. This is the final contact (for 42+ years anyway) on the Virgo/Pisces axis (final polarity) which is an indication that the Virgo/Pisces work is somehow vital to initiating the Aries/Libra work and the new cycle. This is a Social and Collective Activation that will *ping* everyone 5 times over a 2-year period (2008-2010) and it made me think of the "5-Act Structure" of a theatrical performance. Our initiation was Nov 4, 2008 (US Election Day) and we have two more in 2009, February and September; with the final two in 2010, April and July.

Something to consider as you review this activation in detail below. There are many breakdowns and descriptions of a "5-Act Structure" ... here's the "Kelly version":

ACT 1 ~ Introduction to the players and establishment of points and possibilities, as well as the time & place

~ Astrologically: INITIATION

~ November 4, 2008

~ Saturn and Uranus both Direct

ACT 2 ~ Events accelerate, momentum builds, complications and complexities are revealed

~ Astrologically: TEST of what you've learned so far

~ February 5, 2009

~ Saturn is Retrograde and Uranus is Direct

ACT 3 ~ Climax of action, choices, critical mass & crossroads

~ Astrologically: INTEGRATION, assessment and compromise

~ September 15, 2009

~ Saturn is Direct and Uranus is Retrograde

ACT 4 ~ Descent, fear (false evidence appearing real), test of faith and reversal of fortunes

~ Astrologically: TEST of the quality of integration

~ April 26, 2010

~ Saturn is Retrograde and Uranus is Direct

ACT 5 ~ Resolution, transmutation and awakening to a new level of understanding

~ Astrologically: COMPLETION ... in preparation for initiation of a new kind

~ July 26, 2010

~ Both Direct and Both in *NEW* Signs ~ Libra/Aries:

*UPDATED* ~ Initiating a *NEW* ERA / *This aspect is ONGOING for the next 2yrs.

This is the BIGGIE ... of the month, of the year, of four DECADES! Saturn in Virgo Oppose Uranus in Pisces, which is going to have FIVE exact hits (3 is 'normal') over the next 2 years, anchoring then next 40+ years. These are two energies that get together like this every (approx) 42 years (half of the Uranus 84yr cycle) and they shake up our fundamental foundations and structures to bring in new life, new energy, new ideas and new directions. Needless to say this energy strongly affects large groups of people, on the social and collective levels. The individuals feeling this the most will be those with any Virgo/Pisces and/or Gemini/Sagittarius in their chart. This is a time of ‘radically shifting’ (Uranus) your fundamental foundations (Saturn) in a push-pull dance.

Watch extremes in either direction, too rigid vs. too radical. The point of this energy, individually and collectively, is to break you out of stagnation that is suffocating your growth and expansion on many levels, some mundane (job, marriage, long-term patterns or habits) and some on higher levels (consciousness, community, life on Earth). You will likely have an ‘aha’ moment (or several) during this 2-year process as this aspect is activating all of us five times, over the course of 2008-2010. This is a long term cycle that takes time to truly integrate. What happens initially, is you will be blocked on some level, leading you to question your entire life, and eventually work your way around to CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to very old challenges. Don’t waste this opportunity to allow change to happen within and around you ... it is time. Honor it, go with the evolutionary flow, and consciously co-create. If you KNOW certain patterns are holding you back, then consciously commit to releasing them. If you were not happy in the work you were doing, if it was just for a paycheck and not heart-centered work, then consciously commit to figuring out what you REALLY want to contribute to within society, how you - just being YOU - could best serve humanity, your community but most of all your own Being. You owe your Self not to blow this chance for an inner and outer revolution - use the energy available and release what you can, adjust what you can, integrate what you can and BE - WHAT YOU CAN (BE)! Your true potential awaits your (re) commitment.

4/26 ~ Saturn Retro in Virgo / Uranus in Pisces ~ Earth/Water

Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.

~ Options & Advantages ~


Early in the Season, Mars finally Direct in Leo makes its first notable contact to Saturn Retrograde in Libra. Now that you know who you are (Leo) and what you want (Mars), this is a vital opportunity to review your own structure and foundation as well as that of your relationships. Will it support the *new* you? You are going to want to define your terms, again, with Self and others and this process may be primarily behind the scenes, tangible results coming in June. This is Energy (Mars) and Stamina (Saturn) coming together, in Fire (Creativity) and Air (Ideas) Signs, Leo (Self-Love/Courage) and Libra (Balance/Reciprocity in Relationships). There is a LOT to work with during the first part of this new year. Maximize it by clarifying your intentions along the way.

3/22 ~ Mars in Leo / Saturn Retro in Libra ~ Fire/Air

As stated above, Venus is leading the personal planets at this time, so as Venus, then Mercury, then the Sun move in to Aries, they will engage the larger energy of Neptune and Chiron finishing their Aquarius work of uniting and healing the culture of humanity with all life on this planet. We will have to work very hard to ensure that technology serves as tools for evolution and positive change and right now, the collective cycles get very personal. In Aries, you should focus on renewal (life) and releasing the past (death). It's time to be pro-active on behalf of your Self, it's time to get fired up about something relevant and fully step in to a new *you*.

Venus/Mercury/Sun in Aries / Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius

3/29 ~ Venus in Aries / Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius

3/31 ~ Mercury in Aries / Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius

4/18 ~ Sun in Aries / Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius

Then, Venus continues ahead of the crew in to Taurus to take up the bigger causes of stabilizing and cultivating Truth (Jupiter) and Freedom (Uranus) and how your new values and priorities are creating a new vision (Pisces) that you are feeling the urge to manifest in the 3-D. This energy gets everyone present to how beautiful and bountiful life on Earth can be. This is an opportunity to reconnect the Taurus and Pisces aspects of your chart, getting practical about the vision and also (re)dedicating to creating it physically. This is Earth giving Water (flow) a structure so it is more effective. Life doesn't have to be a struggle from the cradle-to-the-grave, however, it does demand that you have your priorities straight. Living on Earth requires effort and dedication to maintain and preserve life, otherwise nature assumes it's ready to be composted again because there is no waste or true stillness ~ everything is constantly moving, birthing, living, dying and becoming sustenance for the next phase of life. It is an intricate system, that Venus reminds us constantly, is extremely inter-connected and related to the quality of life on this planet. This is a great time to dream up a new *routine* that supports the new vision of Truth and Freedom you are cultivating for yourself at this time. We're looking at how your values and priorities (Venus) as an individual (personal planet) affects the social vision of Truth and Story (Jupiter in Pisces) and the collective vision of Freedom to believe in Liberation for all life (Uranus in Pisces).

Venus in Taurus / Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces

4/17 ~ Venus in Taurus / Jupiter in Pisces

4/23 ~ Venus in Taurus / Uranus in Pisces

~ Opportunity To Grow ~


This Season holds the annual evolutionary push between Sun (Identity/Source) and Pluto (Purification/Transformation) ~ Self and Collective ~ Outer Surface and Deepest Inner. Friction is created between the Individual's need for autonomy and its ability to be responsible enough to handle that autonomy with integrity and steadfastness. This is the time of year, during Pluto's 16-year journey through Capricorn, that will come every year during Aries time (and Libra time but that will have a different vibration to the work). You would want to pace your Self and set some clear long-term goals for transforming your identity and thus, your contribution. Honor the opportunities as they are presented especially the ones which give you a chance to improvise and test your reflexes. This is new territory and new responses are required. Consider this a *testing* time and be very wary of repeating mistakes. If you continue to respond in the same-old ways, then you can expect to be tested over and over on the same material until you pass (respond to same stimuli with a new response). Passing this test each year requires you to evolve in some tangible way and break very deeply ingrained patterns that block the full expression of your unique Self. This time entails making *new* choices when faced with the on-going process of being an individual (Sun/Aries) within a global and ever-expanding family (Pluto/Capricorn).

3/25 ~ Sun in Aries / Pluto in Capricorn

In April, Mercury is going to contact Mars twice, once Direct and a second time Retrograde, giving you the opportunity to review how your thinking is lining up with your actions and what needs to be done to truly anchor this renewed sense of Self (Mars in Leo). Venus is working with this process as well. It is highly recommended to use the intensity or even the frustration of the current challenges or do-overs as *fuel* to drive you to re-dedicate yourself TO your Self, anchoring the changes within and without, by engaging your BEST outlet: creativity, art, music, movement ~ channel that energy and express how you are feeling but also pay close attention to how your thinking is shifting and how Truth is fluid.

Venus/Mercury in Taurus / Mars in Leo

4/3 ~ Venus in Taurus / Mars in Leo

4/5 ~ Mercury Direct in Taurus / Mars in Leo (1 of 2 hits)

4/25 ~ Mercury Retro in Taurus / Mars in Leo (2 of 2 hits)

Toward the end of April, when Mercury is working it out with Mars in Leo, Venus will be directly opposite, working it out with the Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius energies. This is a chance for some very long-term healing to truly take root. You are completely supported for creating a radically different life for yourself that is based more on an integration of your personal Truth and the collective Truth. Big changes out in the world are forcing individuals to get clear about who they are and what they are capable of. This energy will further that along.

4/23 ~ Venus in Taurus / Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on ...creating one Self endlessly!

~ Blessings ~


Spring Equinox brings the Sun in to Aries and we get a quick flash of inspiration as contact is made with newly forward-moving Mars in Leo. This is a fiery blessing to tune in to throughout the entire Season. Then the action moves ... Venus, Mercury and Sun move in to Taurus and create complete inner renewal and outer transformation with Pluto in Capricorn. This is where the routine can/will easily fall in to place. You'll have access to energy that is grounding, stable and practical and as you recognize changes that are inevitable, you will move in to your new rhythm with ease and grace.

Venus/Mercury/Sun in Taurus / Pluto in Capricorn ~ ALL Earth

4/4 ~ Venus in Taurus / Pluto in Capricorn

4/6 ~ Mercury in Taurus / Pluto Retro in Capricorn

4/25 ~ Sun in Taurus / Pluto Retro in Capricorn

And late April, while Venus is still in Taurus, she will contact Saturn Retrograde in Virgo and to contribute her piece to that particular completion. Venus will help with the final healing and integration of a new system (personal, social and collective) that supports life, love and beauty! Use this time to dig deep within for your true values and priorities, to what you consider "real" (or not), to your definition of beauty. This is potent Earth energy, solidifying the work of the last two years (Saturn in Virgo), reconnecting with your *body* and recognizing the eternal connection of the two (body & spirit). This is a time to see where the structure of your daily life needs an infusion of "love, life and beauty". This is the time to call in the fusion of your body and spirit and honor your own power to create a beautiful and bountiful life here on Earth.

4/25 ~ Venus in Taurus / Saturn Retrograde in Virgo


There are many other planetary alignments during this *Initiation* that are contributing to the tone and possibilities.

Initiate *3* High Moons

The *3* High Moons refer to the Lunations which usher in the Spring Festivals each year as life is renewed. They are the following: Aries New/Libra Full Moon, Taurus New/Scorpio Full Moon and Gemini New/Sagittarius Full Moon. There are many cultures and belief systems that refer to these Full Moons which *AWAKEN* the life force energy (Aries/Libra), the Christ nature of unconditional love and acceptance, then the Buddha nature of compassion and forgiveness (Taurus/Scorpio), and finally, wisdom and understanding comes (Gemini/Sagittarius) every year, activating every lifeform's genetic code on a cellular level reminding them of the annual opportunity to seed and renew *LIFE*.'s Allison Rae describes the Festivals we celebrate during the Spring Equinox ~ Sacred Season every year. She says, "This is the first of the three great spring lunar festivals. Arriving just after the Equinox point, this Full Moon represents balance, culmination and renewal. The Festival of Easter or Festival of the Christ (Libra/Aries) celebrates the advent of Christ Consciousness on Earth and relates to the resurrection and ascension of the soul. Wesak Festival or Festival of the Buddha (Scorpio/Taurus) celebrates the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha and serves as a focal point for the seeding of spiritual enlightenment on Earth. During the Full Moon Festival of Humanity (Sagittarius/Gemini), the energies received through the previous two lunar gateways are disseminated into the Earth grid through the hearts of planetary servers."

I highly recommend consciously working with the *3* Lunations of this Sacred Season: Spring Equinox ~thru~ Summer Solstice as they will also prepare you for the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses of June/July. Keep in mind too that the Cross Quarters in between are intense and potent times to check in on your progress (Taurus/Scorpio). The mid-point of this Season is around May 1st and sometimes referred to as Beltane.

Vesta in Leo/Virgo ~ Sept 2009 - Sept 2010: Vesta usually spends about 2-months in a sign, and what should be a 4-5 month process through these two Signs is extended in to a one year process of making your own creative process *Sacred* again and healing your connection to Source. This protracted period in these two Signs has been perfecting *YOU*. Leo is the lesson of Self-Love and Virgo is the lesson of Trust, both of which need to be mastered before moving to Libra, when you start interacting with others. Vesta is the aspect of fire and sexuality which *Creates* ~ a most potent force to work with. It is Sacred and should be expressed with care and consideration. In this case, knowing who you are (Leo) and how Sacred that is ... and knowing that your on-going contribution is the daily practice of mindfulness and order (Virgo) and how Sacred that is ... to the *Health & Vitality* (we're back to Virgo and Leo respectively) of the whole.

Chiron in Aquarius ~ 2005-2010: This is a time when people need to heal their connection to the earth and be more grounded and balanced. Until they do, they will struggle to manifest their ideals. In the 3-D, Higher Consciousness needs a structure or vehicle of expression otherwise, what good is it? We need this consciousness to be practically applied in the 3-D world.

Chiron in Pisces ~ 2010-2018: This is a time when people need to heal their sensitivity. Sensitivity is a GIFT, however, it is a mixed blessing. Being so sensitive can also make you feel the need to protect your Self, and in piling on whatever layers of protection you think you need, you LOSE TOUCH with your ability to "sense" things around you. Body - Buildings - Energy Fields - whatever you 'surround' your Self with as 'protection', when excessive or imbalanced, can block necessary, incoming energy and information. Until you find a balance and understanding of WHAT you are sensing, you will struggle to connect to God/Spirit/Oneness/BLISS (that is essential to your nature).

For the Collective ... during this 5+ year period of Chiron in Aquarius, we have come to realize that "either/or" serves no one, all Spirit-all the time and you are no longer grounded / all reality-all the time and you are no longer *free*. We must get creative to accommodate the growing family of humanity. We have to heal the wounds of the past and honor them by allowing them to close (and you to move on) ... get to the work of co-creating a renewed global family.

For the Collective ... during the 8+ year period of Chiron in Pisces, we will recognize the value of intuition and the necessity of healthy boundaries. We must recognize that some of the wounds are collective, and what is the collective - but the whole of the individuals - so it stands to reason that if we facilitate our own individual healing and wholeness, that would automatically serve to create a collective healing. We must practice Higher Consciousness in our daily, mundane, 3-D world, making it practical and useful for the entire community. Use tools properly (3-D/Saturn), access Spirit (Consciousness/Uranus) regularly and honor all living beings (Justice/Jupiter).

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn ~

Another reason it is so intense at this time is Pluto just went Retrograde (Apr 6 - Sept 13) for the next several months provoking a deep delving for all. This too is a blessing, however it appears in your life/reality. We know how Pluto is moving the collective along, but as an individual, you should tune in to this energy for a final purge and purification of anything you've neglected, suppressed or allowed to fester and grow toxic in the dark corners of your Being, your Heart and/or your Mind, for far too long. (Look to the Capricorn House(s) of your chart for the ultimate goal of the Pluto activation. This is in conjunction with the Aries, Libra and Cancer sectors of your chart as well.) Again, choosing to work consciously with the energy will make its journey through whatever part of your chart easier to take and more productive in the end. Pluto is just introducing you to how you will be pushed to "grow up" through this 16-year process.

It's time to pull in and assess how you handle personal and professional responsibility (Capricorn) and if you have heeded the signs to move in to *heart-centered* work, by any means necessary (then Pluto's power is a delicious help). If you have coasted on the backs of others, ignored your own Truth(s) and essentially avoided reality on any or many levels, then this will be a tough (but necessary) review and adjustment period.

Saturn Retrograde RE-Enters Virgo ~

This April-July, Saturn will complete its work through Virgo, that is, restructuring our daily lives on fundamental levels and creating new systems for living. This is your chance to tie up any loose ends that have to do with you the individual, your healing, your structure, your daily routine. You must anchor that prior to the next evolution, which is Saturn through Libra, when you will have no choice but to deal with other people and relationships of all kinds, on all levels (personal, social & collective).

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus ~

Mercury usually spends about 3 weeks in a Sign and Retrogrades 3-4 times per year, extending that stay. While Mercury Retrograde does seem to consistently coincide with technical and mechanical challenges, it is also a *prime* time to commune with nature, Great Spirit and your Higher Self. Mercury Retrogrades are times to review your ideas, perceptions and thought patterns, as well as how you are "processing" life in general. April/May brings 2 full months of Mercury in Taurus, the lesson of proper values and personal priorities. This suggests that we get to review our thinking for where it is/is not grounded and practical, while also reviewing ideas and concepts for their usefulness and innate beauty. This whole year is a major opportunity to anchor some creative ideas so they can manifest in 3-D, benefiting you and serving others.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn launched a review of the strategy and plan (Dec/Jan); Mercury Retrograde in Taurus will launch a review that cultivates that "strategy & plan" (Apr/May); which will lead to Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, which will perfect all the ideas and prepare them (and you) for "sharing" (Aug/Sept). Ultimately, we will end 2010, like we did 2009, with a Mercury Retrograde straddling the new year and this time it will be Earth/Fire (Capricorn/Sag), leading to a predominantly *FIRE* year.

Here are my thoughts:

~ 2009 was Air/Earth giving us the opportunity to review the ideas (Air) and test them out, experiment and improvise in real time (Earth) which should have yielded some useful information for guiding 2010.

~ 2010 is giving us the opportunity (to go willingly or get dragged) to apply all that we learned last year to working the ideas in the 3-D, also garnering additional useful information on what physically works and what doesn't.

~ 2011 brings in the *Fire* which can be potently creative or explosively destructive, your choice. Earth gives Fire a *container* ~ a purpose ~ a guide ... or it smothers it. Create your *container* this year (2010) ~ the vehicle that will carry your idea(s) forth in to manifestation. Cultivate a solid base this year, and next year (2011) you'll be able to take advantage of the fiery creativity that will be bubbling behind the scenes of each Mercury Retrograde (2011).

Use this April/May to infuse your thinking with practicality, simplify your personal process and (somehow) connect with the natural beauty within and around you. Every 6-7 years, Mercury Retrogrades through all ONE Element, this year is Earth, and the last time was 2003, so there is your frame of reference. Can you remember 2002 as experimental (Air/Earth similar to 2009) and 2003 as pushing your ideas in to manifestation (ready or not)? (All Earth similar to 2010)

ALL *3* Earth Signs Activated ~

I thought it was worth noting for April, Mercury Retrogrades through Taurus, Pluto Retrogrades through Capricorn, and Saturn (which is already Retrograde) RE-Enters Virgo for the last time in 28+ years. This is a time of MAJOR Review & Completion where our personal, social and collective concepts are concerned: the concept of values and resources (Taurus), structures and stability (Capricorn) and general physical health (Virgo) for humans on this planet (Earth). It's time to master the rhythms of nature (seasons) and deepen your understanding of time and space so you can create a better quality of life, not only for you, but restoring the balance will serve generations to come. Reconnect with your own body/physical vitality and reconnect with Mother Earth in ways that support and preserve life.

The heights great men reached and kept,

were not obtained by sudden flight ...

But they, while their companions slept,

were toiling upward in the night.

Winner's Blueprint for Achievement:

BELIEVE while others are doubting.

PLAN while others are playing.

STUDY while others are sleeping.

DECIDE while others are delaying.

PREPARE while others are daydreaming.

BEGIN while others are procrastinating.

WORK while others are wishing.

SAVE while others are wasting.

LISTEN while others are talking.

SMILE while others are frowning.

COMMEND while others are criticizing.

PERSIST while others are quitting.



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