Cancer Energy ~ Assimilate the New & Eliminate the Old

Which May Mean … Sideways, Backwards … THEN Forward!

Cancer time brings us face-to-face with some major choices & decisions (Eclipses) which will likely require some form of Assimilation & Elimination. Cancer’s gift is Processing all that passes through your system, taking in the nutrient (that makes the system work) and any excess or toxins that cannot be “assimilated” must be “eliminated”. If you do not eliminate them, then blockages (and some form of dis-ease or discomfort) will occur. Quality nourishment (or what you take into your system) is vital and *if* you have held onto anything that has not been put to proper use, then you may be particularly toxic (within or without), and you will have to Cleanse and Heal FIRST, before your can rebuild or fortify your structure (Capricorn).

Digestion, Assimilation & Elimination are truly Cancer’s domain and one or all may require periodic “time outs” to process all that has come through your *system* over the last 6-months -to- 1-year (Sun/Moon) ~and~ 10-years -to- 20-years (Eclipses) This Summer brings much more clearing than the usual annual process. Keep in mind that, on one or many levels, you have released the past, you’ve cleared space and created new flow that must also be properly directed ~ this is a 2-way process (in/out). Your Higher Self does this naturally, but ego/personality has preferences and can cause problems along the way. Your Soul has been very busy working on your behalf, positioning you for greatness, stripping the weakness and letting you know the areas of your life which have been in a famine (for however long, for whatever reason). Cancer time beckons, “come out of the storm (of life), dry off by a warm fire (your heart), replenish your Self with light-filled food and quality rest!” You are no good to your team, in fact you are a danger and liability to your team, if you are not centered, balanced, properly fortified and fully rested. When you ARE, then you can be alert and focused, strong and productive.

In more practical terms, Cancer is the time to restore your energy, replenish your physical and spiritual nutrients, stabilize your foundation, clear your physical body and personal space of the past, any debris and clutter and assess your inner and outer productivity with special attention to strengthening and fortifying yourself so you can CREATE come the next cycle (Leo time).

If you work the Cancer energy to its fullest potential, you would stabilize within, clearing the channel to open the floodgates (allow flow), access your own deep well/reservoir of energy and resources (use what you’ve got), and ignite the fire of creativity (be heart-centered and passionate about what you are doing) so you can fulfill your potential and, ultimately, be of *Service* to your Self, your family, your community and the planet.

Cancer, being ruled by the Moon, is serious about letting you know that the natural cycles work best when you HONOR THEM, rather than resist! When you fight Nature (or any natural process), you will receive your due lesson unless or until you surrender and realize that (in general) “mom and dad” (Cancer/Capricorn) are right more than they are wrong. You have to give the deep emotions (which are being stirred at this time) a structure and purpose or you’ll drown in them. With every penetrating realization, allow it to pass through your consciousness with the last thought being of the Light … then, get the lesson and the blessing! from whatever memory, experience, choice, decision, and of course, feeling that comes up at this time … and CLAIM your Truth, Infinite Light and the Highest possible outcome.

Keep in mind that whatever you’re feeling can be useful. Trust that *feelings* are one of the major ways of communicating within, your moods are inner *messengers* bringing information into your conscious awareness. Often, we are bombarded by outer messages, very few of which are true or worthy, but simply there to DISTRACT you and/or DISCONNECT you from Source altogether. Your heart – your gut – your core – DEEP WITHIN your being, buried under layers and years of trying to work from the outside-IN … is your *Inner Compass* just waiting for you to excavate and reconnect with it so it can serve Its true purpose of guiding you on your Path. Working from the outside-IN is not how it works, you HAVE to work from the inside-OUT. Yes, it is a glorious day for those of us who feel “backwards” in the 3-D world (I know I am not alone ;-)) I get the distinct impression we were just ‘before our time’ and NOW the Universe is READY! We must return to heart-centered, empathic, intuitive, receptive, Divine Feminine way of LIVING … which is to create ~ contain ~ nurture ~ and protect … and we’re back to *Cancer* energy and lessons.

Remember, often, ‘how you start is how you finish’ and Cancer Initiates this quarter of the year ~ Summer Solstice -to- Fall Equinox ~ for there is deep value (and potency) in this (extended) moment in time. Cancer/Leo/Virgo prepares us for upcoming Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius which will complete the annual cycle. Despite 3-D obligations, clocks, calendars, families, bosses etc all competing for your time and attention, I urge you to put on your ‘invisibility cloak’ and MAKE TIME for several periodic TIME OUTS (or one long one). Take some time to soak in the Light (before it recedes), bask, and while you’re doing that, reflect on all that you’ve created with your energy and efforts over the course of the last 6-mos -to- 1-year.

• How well did your efforts PRODUCE?
• How well did your investments (of all resources: time, energy & money) PROVIDE?
• What is the QUALITY of your return thus far?
• Are there areas of your life BLOSSOMING with overflow, bounty and beauty (and multiplying like crazy)?
• Are there still other areas of your life WILTING, dying on the vine, not being nourished properly or receiving enough Light?
• What do you WANT to do?
• What does your HEART say to do?
• What ‘FEELS’ right at the moment?
• What should you NOT attempt to continue to grow (in your life)?
• What should you pay some extra special attention to because you KNOW it will bear fruit if you would just give it some quality, direct and focused energy and attention?

I’d also like to remind you that Solstice time makes it even more imperative that you make any decisions regarding ‘course correction’ at this time. With the Summer Retrogrades, you will have a unique opportunity (in this potent year of change) to regroup this Cancer season. Summer Solstice and the Sun moving into Cancer Initiates the second half of the year every year and activates a deeply transformative Integration process with Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024). Use this time, at least initially, to gather courage, cultivate integrity, tweak your plan and prepare for the delicious (and fun) creativity that you will have access to next month in Leo.


Grateful Fren 15th July 2021 9:55 am

I must have my 'tuner' set to 'receive,' because this message sure found fertile purchase! Thank you.

My beloved partner, who transitioned in May, was 0 deg 45 min Cancer, with Mercury in Gemini, to boot! I see now that his morphology, and his mind, did the crab scuttling many times per day (he chalked it all up to 'mood swings'). And, his 'idee fixee' was digestion, and chronic illness fear (his adopted mother died of MS--20-yr process), which, of course, he manifested with "Chronic Fatigue," and more.

I grew up watching crabs at the beach, and the jetty; so, my first recognition of Cancer Sun in a person was a 'scuttling crab' upon introduction. Had to squelch a big ol' belly-laugh watching the moves she was making. :) For YEARS, my companion would subtlely suck in his gut, and back up a few feet whenever I approached him. Thought I had aura 'cooties,' or similar.

I 'have' Jupiter (26deg), Uranus (24deg), and Mars (0deg 45min!--right at 7th Hse cusp/Desc, and same Deg/Sign as 'was' companion's Sun) in Cancer.
Gosh! Karmic relationship? Hahahaha...


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