Gemini 2014 Lunar/Solar Guidance

Monthly *Solar* Guidance

As the Sun moves into Gemini, *Illuminates & Infuses* our ideas & thoughts, which are then *communicated* through our body language, our actual language/words, our energetic field (aura), our movements & sounds ~ ALL express something from within. We have both conscious & unconscious communication. I often play with the concept of an Inner Twin. Here's how it works: consider your own Sun, Moon & Rising Signs, and then go research their exact opposites. Aries/Libra ~ Taurus/Scorpio ~ Gemini/Sag ~ Cancer/Capricorn ~ Leo/Aquarius ~ Virgo/Pisces are the polarities. You will find a more balanced strength & inner knowing once you more fully understand your natural opposite.

Using this month's energetic support, consider all that you have accomplished with both the Aries (3.30.2014) and the Taurus Eclipse (4.29.2014) New Moons, then move in to *Present* Moment. If you anchored your Identity (Aries) and your Priorities (Taurus), then Gemini (5.28.2014) says, "It's decision time!" Based on the new revelations & integrations, choices will have to be made so you are in a better position to accommodate the new energies and master your NEW Rhythm. Be sure to dream forward ~ old dreams must be fired up with renewed lifeforce or released altogether. You're in very new territory, look around for resources & support nearby and explore new ways to use the support & resources you already have, in fresh, new ways. This is an *Annual* Activation for everyone, but for the *Mutable* Family, it can be more intense & personal ~ Gemini *Initiation* ~ Sagittarius *Integration* ~ Virgo/Pisces *Test/Growth*.

This month's Guidance took on a life of its own and we got two cards instead of the usual one. Perfect for Gemini that wants to honor both sides of everything! I pulled *Clarity* and *Many Tongues* jumped out. This is the challenge of NOW, the Field of Possibilities is wide open and there are more choices than ever before. Your Heart ends up being your true Inner Compass, the part of you that knows you best and will always choose for your Highest Good. When the Heart signs off on whatever choice/decision you're having to make, then you know you are operating from 'clarity'. However, if you allow your Mind to make the final choice/decision, often that *feels* divided within.

Post-2012 is a clean slate, particularly where consciousness, knowledge & information are concerned. It's time think in radically new ways, this is beyond a rebirth of consciousness, this is altogether NEW consciousness that may take some longer than others to grasp and integrate fully. In the meantime, use this time, along with the support of the Summer Retrogrades, to turn within, take some time-outs and assess how far you've come, as well as the direction you're headed.

Monthly *Lunar* Guidance

This month supports process & assimilation exercises. What have you learned or discovered? that you now need to integrate as a true, earned *knowing*. If you do not integrate the changes you've been through, the choices you've made, the knowledge you've learned & the wisdom you've earned, then they never convert from ideas-to-bricks in a Base that supports you (of your own creation). Many will stay in 'overwhelm' or go even deeper at this point because this much information, that does NOT get filed or deleted, WILL overwhelm the system. Gemini time is a good time to review & explore the ideas, concepts & perceptions that have been revealed over the last 3-6-9-12 months. It's good to review last month's advice, because you'll need it again NEXT month (Cancer) when the 'fundamentals' are UP again. Now it will be about which of these ideas will nourish, support & protect you going forward. Choose ideas that have life & vitality, choose ideas that *feel* right from your Heart-Center, choose ideas that expand your life, rather than limit it. SIMPLIFY, PRIORITIZE & RE-DISTRIBUTE YOUR ENERGY/RESOURCES.

The Pisces Last Qtr Moon (5/21) may be challenging you to get up and out of your comfort zone. Life and the World are beckoning and you may rather hit the 'snooze' button but I don't recommend it. Instead, take that same time to be still and invite the *Vision* for the day/week and as that clarifies, then you start moving. Tend to the most pressing items first and then go with the flow for the rest of the week. It is time to surrender some aspect of your Being and the instructions for what's next will come with next week's Gemini New Moon.

This leads to the Gemini New Moon (5/28) which is really the outcome of Gemini/Sag Eclipses 3-years ago (2010-2013). Those Eclipses carried us over the threshold of 2012 and NOW ~ we can make sense of it all and begin to activate some radically NEW ways of thinking, learning & expressing. How we process info and what we allow IN - now that the Field is Infinitely Open - forces us to rely on our own filters, boundaries & systems for living. It is time to live your own Truth, within the context of the larger, collective Truth. Gemini always activates the lesson of CHOICE, and now that we have so many choices, some more than others, we have to have a way of making the best choices for Self. The way to do that is to strengthen & fortify the *Head/Heart* Connection: allow the Head to present the variety of choices and the possibilities therein, then proceed to the Heart to sign off on what *FEELS* True & Right for YOU, personally. Anything good for YOU, is usually good for ALL. Think with your feelings!

The Virgo First Qtr Moon (6/5) totally supports the current assimilation process going on due to all the retrogrades, eclipses and rare, potent planetary alignments. As Above, So Below. What humans are directed to do is tend to the physical body, the vehicle that protects you as you navigate Earth. Virgo has to do with the systems for living, natural timing, the rhythm of life and of balancing being a Spirit in a physical body. We have to know ourselves, our natural rhythms as well as our natural limitations. These limitations shouldn't make you feel 'less than' but show you your own boundaries. Virgo is all about being practical and dealing with what's physically in front of you, no matter how stinky or scary it may be (think: Nurse Archetype). This week you prepare, assess & integrate what you can because next week, the Sag Full Moon will shine a bright light on that which is/isn't Truth for you.

The Sagittarius Full Moon (6/13) is exactly one year since the last Sag Eclipse (5.25.2013) in a series of 9 and you may feel like you've spent at least a year just clearing out that which no longer reflects your personal Truth. We are completely supported to pull back and process what is being illuminated at this time. The Summer Retrogrades are rolling in, Mercury included, whose primary purpose this go-round is to help you *Think with your Heart*. Also, this is the third of the *3* High Moons ~ the Lunations which usher in the Spring Festivals each year as life is renewed. They are as follows: Aries New/Libra Full Moon, Taurus New/Scorpio Full Moon & Gemini New/Sagittarius Full Moon. There are many cultures & belief systems that refer to these Full Moons in particular, which *AWAKEN* the life force energy (Aries/Libra), *Awaken* the Christ nature of unconditional love & acceptance, then *Awaken* the Buddha nature of compassion & forgiveness (Taurus/Scorpio), and finally, *Awaken* the wisdom & understanding that comes (Gemini/Sagittarius) every year, when all life, on a cellular level, is activated to seed & renew Life.


keryndawer 11th June 2014 5:21 pm

Wow!!! Super comprehensive Kelly. Thank you :)


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