Virgo ~ Energy of the Month ~ Healing + Unity Within

Virgo gives everyone a chance to “process, sort & sift” all that has come up in the last nine months. There is a line in the book, Little Soul & the Sun by Neale Donald Walsh, that says, “Now that I know WHO I AM, I want to BE it!” And I must suggest that in order for you to “BE” all that you discovered about your essential nature (in Leo) and what nourishes and supports you on the deepest levels (in Cancer), Virgo is the energy that extracts the BEST of YOU and helps you heal and/or release all that is no longer relevant or useful – within and around you.

Virgo time this year is a potent time for anchoring the healing process you’ve just gone through over the last couple of years. It is time to organize your life on many levels. The Sun (your core-identity) and Mercury (your voice & self-expression) will travel thru the sign of Virgo, which is purifying and healing these fundamental parts of you (Individual) as it simultaneously teaches trust (self) and discernment (others). You are finally putting down real ROOTS to this “new you” and Virgo, the Healer, is here to support and guide you in the way a mother to a newborn might; by being patient, conscientious and consistent. You just got a tremendous boost from the Leo energy, amped up by intense Eclipse energy added to the mix and hopefully, amidst all the change and (seeming) chaos, something beautiful was seeded. Routine is all-important to a new life initially, as with a new creation, creative project, relationship, collaboration, or a newly blossoming garden – everything is blooming beautifully yet still very fragile and requires care and attention to details, discipline and follow-through. These are just some of the many gifts Virgo brings to each of us, in different ways and in different areas of life / chart).

Daily routine should include some periodic breaks – SILENCE is golden! Virgo energy tends to make everyone very “mental” which can be draining to the point of exhaustion … especially if you do not take periodic time-outs. At this time, you may tend to over-think things, which leads to indecision and more confusion. However, clear, objective assessment of the information available at this time will push your progress to the next level with lightning speed.

Analyze – Don’t Criticize
Be Detail-Oriented – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
Listen and Process – Don’t Judge
Objectively Assess – Don’t Over-Think

Virgo, also associated with the High Priestess energy, who is a solitary soul by nature. I always think of this time as the retreat to get Self in order before moving into sociable Libra, collaborating with others and merging energies. In order to do that successfully, the individual energies coming to the table ought to be stabilized, grounded and focused. So take this month to assess how things are going so far.

What progress can you note from March/Spring Equinox till now? Have you integrated more balance? What needs to be tweaked? How have you evolved thus far?

Virgo/6th House is the last House in the southern hemisphere of your chart; below the surface, behind the scenes, it is where your primary work and focus has been since March/Pisces time. Every thing leads to and prepares you for the next thing, so use the next quarter to define your values and priorities so you can go forward centered in your heart and rooted in your integrity.

Healing + Unity Within

This season is so important, and taking advantage of every possible form of support and good energy, (planetary or otherwise) is vital to making a smooth transition to the next leg of this particular journey. This month’s expanded Virgo energy will feed you in a way that fuels your individual process, making you more effective in your preparation for the coming tangible results. However, if you are in a weakened state or not prepared, it may also frustrate you by pointing out every crack in your personal system, scattering your energy to the point that you don’t even know where to begin because there are too many tasks at hand. That’s when you can PAUSE & BREATHE! and remember you can always CHOOSE to express this energy in a different way in any given moment. Virgo is about Self-Mastery, as you gain skill in understanding your own personal system and how it works for you.

True to Virgo form, yes, a light is shining on all that is still YET to do before this year ends and the next year begins – that’s called Pre-Harvest & Harvest Time. It is the time in the annual cycle to purify your system, clean up your environment, focus on getting healthy and initiate a new a rhythm that supports you in the here & now. It’s *preparation time* as you move toward a new year – and this “new year” happens to be 2020, which already promises an initiation of its own for humanity. Virgo energy is here to assist you as you navigate this month: sorting & sifting, organizing & planning, healing & replenishing … your being ~ your life ~ your environment ~ your community ~ and most of all, the many personal and professional SYSTEMS for living that you employ because it is time!

Honor your core being by using the current energy to genuinely dig deep, and find the SEED of who you are becoming. What will it take to bring that seed to LIFE? You have been stripped of all the non-essential (one way or another), and all that is left, is that seed of promise within … that seed will lie dormant until the right season, perfect conditions and Divine Order collide to support that particular life. I believe that you can help that along if you wish, with your thoughts, intentions, words and deeds.

All the various activations (energy, cycles and planetary alignments) throughout this year (and last year and next year) are supporting & directing you. (How well do you take direction?) The Sign energies bring the Lessons & the Blessings and the Houses they travel through activate those Areas of Life that need your attention at this time. What you do, don’t do and intend to do for the last quarter of this year will determine where you end up (blossoming) come Spring of next year. Fall and Winter in our hemisphere is your chance to process the past, heal & replenish on many levels, and organize & set up your future.

This is the time of the year when focusing on the ‘little things‘ is truly supported and not considered a distraction, sabotage or delaying your good. This is actually your chance to PAUSE (for the cause). It is time to catch up EVERYTHING and get organized for the second half of the natural year (Spring to Spring calendar year makes each Fall the half-way mark of the year.) How is this year unfolding for you so far? What do you want to embody (be)? be doing? be giving? be sharing? come Spring of next year? For wherever you are on your Path to the next level, taking advantage of the planetary support this month and getting these things DONE ~ is going to assist you with this major *annual* assessment, and will identify that which you can preserve, as well as what you can expand and build on going forward.

Virgo is the time to purify, heal and work on your Self ~ in preparation for Libra time. Libra represents relationships, partnerships & collaborations, as well as what we cultivate in the our friendships & communities. You will magnetize and bring in the people, places, resources and circumstances which MATCH *YOUR* ENERGY. Virgo is here to PERFECT YOU! Once you get a plan for your Self, clear the debris, release weight & nonessential, then you can properly prepare for sharing your energies with others come Libra time. This month is all about YOU and your life and where it is heading. Is it moving in a direction of YOUR OWN choosing and design?

Trust me, Order is the First Law of the Universe, whatever ‘order‘ you can create in your world will only make your world that much more interesting to live in. Order is usually simpler than we humans make it out to be, so simplify any/everything you can and get your priorities straight. If you tip-toe ahead a bit, dream a little, think of where you want to be come Spring of next year (6 months) and Fall of next year (1 year)? Then work backwards from THAT VISION and map out your steps, create a schedule, draw up a blueprint … one that allows for re-visions as you go. Finally, remember there is only *Practice* ~ there is no *Perfection*.



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