Weekly Forecast: December 12 – 18, 2021

The video version of this forecast, as read by Kelly, is available here.

2/12 ~ Sun (core essential Self) ~square~ Neptune (illusions & delusions): 

This activation can cause self-doubt, self-delusion and an overall confusion that seems to be sourced within or self-directed. It’s only temporary, this is just the Universe’s way of slowing you down so that you can see where your goals may have been unrealistic or based on flights of fancy. If your energy is low and you’re feeling challenged to see the bright side of things, it is better to just time-out, rest & replenish (if possible) and most of all, do not initiate any grand plans as you are not really seeing things as they truly are at this time. Luckily, this is a pretty short-lived activation.

12/13 ~ Mars Enters SAGITTARIUS (until Jan 24th):

Prepare for a serious dose of righteousness. This energy can bring chaos or brilliance – your choice. It tends to make you blunt and painfully honest at times, and in the body, it’s fire to be channeled through any kind of physical activity (walk, dance or athletics). Learning something new is easier than usual – maybe it’s the perfect time to take some kind of dance class (salsa anyone?) Try not to take anything too personal at this time, and avoid petty arguments or fights if at all possible. Channel all that righteous anger, if you have any! When you channel your rage (which paralyzes) ~ into outrage (which mobilizes) you can find a solution to any challenge. Don’t forget to apply some of that brutal honesty when looking in the mirror and remember to stand up for what you believe in.

12/13 ~ Mercury Enters CAPRICORN & AQUARIUS (until March 9th):

Now that we have expanded & explored the possibilities (in Sag) and which of them have any chi/lifeforce energy in them, we can choose which ones to embody, express and create containers for going forward. This is the time of year when we review all that we’ve accomplished with an eye toward what we can build-on in the upcoming new year. We get a little more serious & focused on our goals & how we will accomplish them. We look at our exchanges to see which ones are solid and which ones are not and we start to look at new commitments going forward.

Mercury in Capricorn is going to ask us to get practical about the fundamentals: home & work and self & other. And then it is going to go into Aquarius and Retrograde (1/14), asking us to review & revise our thinking where our unique contribution to the world is concerned. Then, when it goes forward in Capricorn (2/3), we will be called to commit in some way, whether that is to commit to creating containers for our ideas or to new ways of expressing ourselves. Either way, we will be in this zone (along with anyone else there) re-wiring our ideas, thoughts & concepts of those Depts of Life (Houses) and won’t move on until March 9th, when it moves into Pisces.

12/18 ~ GEMINI Full Moon:

Sag-time always launches the research & development process of the year, during November & December. This is when you reflect on the last year of your life and determine what it all really “means”.

Virgo energy (Last Qtr Moon=11/27) helps you sort, sift, release & integrate what is REAL for you personally and what is real for your body & daily reality that you have to navigate on a regular basis, in real time. We’re still processing, but not the “idea” of what’s happening in your life at this time, but more like how much your physical body and nervous system etc can actually handle, process or sustain in a 24-hour period.

Sag energy (New Moon=12/4) helps you intuit deeper meaning and develop a Story & Belief System that you, personally, can live with integrity. This is when we plant the seeds of living a more authentic, vital & honest life. It is also the time when I give everyone permission to dream BIG – stretch beyond your normal limitations and expand the vision for your life.

Pisces energy (First Qtr Moon=12/10) helps you process what’s going on in your life through the filter of the emotions & intuitions that you are feeling at this time. You may ask questions that help you discern what’s really happening versus what you see through any kind of rose-colored glasses. First Qtr brings the first step on our New Moon intentions so in this case, you should follow your intuition because Spirit’s communication is always more subtle than literal. So I also recommend prayer, reverence in Nature, intentional solitude to hear your Angels & Ancestors, who are wanting to speak to and through you at this time. Also, it is time to add some imagination to that vision, flesh it out and make it your own!

Gemini energy (Full Moon=12/18) helps you process the facts & information revealed. This is good for reviewing options, opportunities & other ways to decide on the best “way” for you personally. The Full Moon always illuminates an area in need of attention. Sometimes with Gemini it is simply making up our mind or making a decision or getting congruent instead of being pulled in too many directions.

This Gemini Full Moon (12/18) supports a major data-dump! We are releasing all old thinking, old ideas, old paradigms, old thought patterns and most of all, old ways of *communicating & expressing* ~ on multiple levels. It is a delicious opportunity to change your thinking in a fundamental way, which will shift the Path you are on. As you release debilitating mental patterns with this Full Moon, you also let go and trust that you are creating a cleaner space for a more efficient aspect of your Being to emerge. If it doesn’t serve some kind of actual function, it has to go, which clears space for something more useful & relevant to support you in real time.

We have crossed a bridge that has disintegrated behind us ~ we didn’t burn it, there is nothing ‘bad’ back there, there is actually nothing back there at all. So this is the time to focus forward and really decide what the Story of your life is saying to your friends, family, community and the Universe. There are so many planetary alignments & global cycles during this time, anything you can do on your personal/individual level is, without a doubt, contributing to the larger story of Mother Earth but even more importantly, Her evolution is contributing to how your life story unfolds. This lunation supports changing our individual *Conceptions & Perceptions* in radical ways. What are you *Conceiving & Perceiving* at this time? It is an incredible time to be awake, alive & participating consciously!



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