Weekly Forecast: January 2 – 8, 2022

1/2 ~ CAPRICORN Super/New Moon: (#3 of 3 Super New Moons)

We can use this Super/New Moon to seed our intentions and clarify our goals going into the new year. The Cardinal Energy of Cancer/Capricorn/Libra/Aries is all about our *Fundamentals* and making choices & decisions in those departments of life. The messages are subtle yet fierce, clearly pointing to the end of the old as we create space and activate the fertility (compost) of the NEW!! The Capricorn Super/New Moon gives us the opportunity to set a new structure & foundation in place to support our growth & evolution in the new year. It is time to recognize what you are and are not responsible for and clear space so that you can deepen your dedication to what you actually are responsible for and for all the new choices & creativity you will activate in future. This is a time of renewal for what supports & protects you on a regular, daily basis. Consider that if there is a New Beginning in your Capricorn Dept, then there is some natural Integration that will have to happen in the Cancer Dept and to accommodate all this Initiation/Integration Energy, then the Aries/Libra Depts are going to have to adapt, adjust, change & grow out of comfort zone and into new territory. That means, you the Individual, are growing & changing because of the new energies being activated at home & work or in your private & public lives.

The Capricorn Lesson centers around Inner Authority and Personal Roles & Responsibilities. What are you known for in your personal life and what are you known for in your professional life? This is an opportunity to clarify what Sacred, Heart-Centered Work really is for you and release any blockages to you contributing your unique piece to society. This is an opportunity to release any weakness or fear and let go of the past once and for all. It is time to center and truly own who you are and what you want from this life and then you can use this energy to renew your commitment to living it through your own Truth & Purpose. You will be recognized and rewarded in equal measure to your commitment and dedication. It’s all up to you! You have a clean slate to begin with now and fulfill the potential of your Being here, now and for the future.

1/2 ~ Mercury Enters AQUARIUS:

This is the time of year when we review all that we’ve accomplished with an eye toward what we can build-on in the upcoming new year. We get a little more serious & focused on our goals & how we will accomplish them. We look at our exchanges to see which ones are solid and which ones are not and we start to look at new commitments going forward.

Mercury in Capricorn asked us to get practical about the fundamentals: home & work and self & other. And now it is going to go into Aquarius and Retrograde (1/14), asking us to review & revise our thinking where our unique contribution to the world is concerned. Then, when it goes forward in Capricorn (2/3), we will be called to commit in some way, whether that is to commit to creating containers for our ideas or to new ways of expressing ourselves. Either way, we will be in this zone (along with anyone else there) re-wiring our ideas, thoughts & concepts of those Depts of Life (Capricorn & Aquarius Houses) and won’t move on until March 9th, when it moves into Pisces.

This is an opportunity to release any attachments to the “old story” of the “old you”. 2022 is new territory and we’ve all been stripped pretty raw in 2021 so whatever parts of you, your ideas, thoughts & concepts that are still solid, those that are the unique aspects of you which need to shine, will come through & be reflected in your words, thoughts & deeds going forward. So use this time in Aquarius to review & clarify where you’ve held onto an old persona over-long, assess how rigid your own thinking can be periodically and under what circumstances it hurts more than it helps and prepare to break out of your own rut, if you are conscious about this time. This is the time to ask your Guides for the most creative solutions, radical ideas and unique genius to be awakened and channeled through you in a healthy, productive way that expands your individual world and makes you more valuable to the team. This is preparation for the Retrograde period.

1/5 ~ Venus Rx (essence & natural beauty) ~sextile~ Neptune (consciousness & vision):
(2 of 3: 11/30 ~ 1/5 ~ 2/24)

This energy connects your true values & priorities to the planet of dreams, mysticism & other dimensions (Neptune). You have an opportunity to gain some real traction on making your vision tangible just by connecting to the essence that you want to experience. Feel the feeling and that will lead to the physical manifestation. This energy helps you believe in what is possible and supports any artistic expression or active practice, such as vision boards, affirmations etc, anything that helps you hone the actual vision. Steps & strategies are for other planets, Venus only cares about the essence of Nature & Love and Neptune is definitely not who you’d work with for ‘steps/strategies’ ; -) So, tune-in to the natural beauty around you and suspend any usual inner dialogue for a day or two (as soon as you can) so that you can connect to some inspiration that is guided by your own Heart & Soul (from the inside-out).

1/8 ~ Venus Rx (beauty & creativity) ~conjunct~ Sun (individuality & Light):
This activates your innate creativity and gets your wheels turning about what you want to express or bring to life in the world, what you want to invest in and be a part of. When Sun contacts Venus, the creativity is centered around you, the individual, however, here as Venus contacts the Sun, it is all about your creations! Use this Solar infusion to brighten and illuminate your self, your surroundings and/or your creative projects. This expands & brightens your magnetic field and opportunities that are just right for you are the result. There is a burst of new energy wanting to be expressed through you, and it’s based on your new values & priorities. It is also the beginning of a new creative cycle. Remember that love too is a creative force, so if your relationships are more center-stage than your creative projects, then this too lends new potency to what you create with others. This is a powerful seed time and good to allow support & guidance from men and/or the Sacred Masculine within and around you.



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