Weekly Forecast: March 5 – 11, 2023

The video version of this forecast, as read by Kelly, is available here.

3/6 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~sextile~ Uranus (freedom & individuality):

This activation will help you access a deeper sense of authenticity as everyday, routine events may be more enlightening than usual this week. Anytime Uranus is involved ‘ah-ha moments’ are available, that sudden inspiration or the surprising clarity that changes everything – is bubbling near the surface, you need but invite it into your conscious awareness to be useful. Eventually, you will have to ground these breakthroughs in some literal way or physical form, but this energy supports the exploration of possibilities. Where can you use a dose of freedom & liberation? How can you lighten up? This energy also promotes ‘authentic living’ – you won’t be able to be phony, nor tolerate it in others this week. Just remember that Truth sometimes rattles those who would rather ‘play nice’ (keep up appearances/status quo) than face the facts, so watch out for rebelliousness, if not in you then possibly in others. This is a positive activation, and is not usually a disruptive energy, except to those who resist change. Don’t fight it – embrace it! Change is good, it means that you are growing!

Saturn Pisces

March 7, 2023 -thru- February 13, 2026

LIGHT Expression:
Spiritual Self-Mastery – Creating New Practices
Manifest the Vision & Imagine a Better Reality
Intuition, Empathy & Psychic Ability Improved
Being of Service to Others, while Providing for & Protecting Self
Altruism, Community Outreach & Charity
Inner Strength & Resilience
New & Improved Boundaries & Protections
Intentional Solitude in Nature
New Rhythms & Better Routines
Art, Creativity, Photography & New Mediums of Expression
Sanctuary, Sanctification & Sacred Space

SHADOW Expression:
Fears, Phobias & Projections
Victimization & Martyrdom
Giving Away Power & Authority
Depression, Apathy & Pessimism
Self-Sabotage, Doubt & Insecurity
Judgement, Shame, Blame & Guilt
Surrender, Completion & Endings
Seeing the Potential rather than the Reality
Denial, Spiritual Bypassing & Avoidance Behavior
Confusion & Overwhelm
Extreme Sensitivity
Lack of Adequate Boundaries

First things first, Saturn takes 28-30 years to travel through all 12 signs, spending 2-3 years in each sign. Saturn is also known as the Great Teacher, Father Time or Lord of Karma ~ its whole purpose is to teach important lessons, determine healthy limits and remind you that YOU are responsible for all of it ~ who you are as well as what you create in the world. As Saturn moves through the sky, and thus through each sign, it will activate Saturn lessons for the collective. During the 20th Century, Saturn moved through PISCES: 1905-08 … 1935-38 … 1964-67 … 1993-96 and now, the 21st Century brings the first one in 2023-26. You can reflect on the history of those times to assess the social lessons and collective patterns (there are many).

We are in an unprecedented Seed Time for our personal, social & collective lives. Think of Saturn as a Teacher/Guide. Think of Aries thru Pisces as the Lessons that we all have to learn and just like any other education, some things will be naturally easier & naturally harder, according to your individual blueprint & disposition. During PISCES, the Lessons have to do with surrender, integration & good boundaries. We are completing a 30-year cycle of Reality & Purpose. Personally, our Roles & Responsibilities have run a full cycle and should be considered for renewal at this time. Imagine, this is the time to *incubate* the New Vision that you will act on and activate in literal terms when Saturn hits Aries in 2026 so we want to prepare consciously.

On the positive side, we can harness our imaginations to think differently and dream bigger so that we are calling in a New Vision for Self & Humanity, as well as a deeper connection to and reverence for the mystery of life on Earth. We are being called to more awareness & care of our physical bodies, as well as improved spiritual practices and deepened dedication to honoring being a Spirit in Human Form. We will re-set our personal boundaries in social & collective settings and reclaim our power to control the input of information or images into our consciousness, being more discerning & creative, rather than being lazy & accepting things at face-value.

On the negative side, the Shadow expression of this energy leads to literal insanity, a disconnect from reality because it is too harsh, upsetting or counter to the vision in our minds. We can lose ourselves in the overwhelm of societal & collective crumbling and go down a dark tunnel of victimhood, martyrdom & judgement.

When Retrograde, we will get to re-dream our reality in some way. Tune-in to the Higher Self and ask for concrete directions on how to proceed. This means we may have to tweak our spiritual practices during this time to be more effective & meaningful. It’s definitely a time to heal & integrate anything blocking or delaying your results & rewards. Once it goes Direct, we will have an opportunity to move things around to accommodate the evolved vision for the year.

3/7 ~ VIRGO Full Moon:

This Virgo Full Moon is a potent time to release the need to ‘keep up appearances’ (of beauty or order in your life). Instead, focus on actually healing what is imbalanced or integrating what is fragmented. Then, rather than a temporary fix, you can and will begin to radiate more beauty & order naturally, from the center of your own Being. Virgo is the energy of fasting and purifying, so if you feel the need to do that, it applies to all levels: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. Fast from negativity, internal or external, and purify your priorities. There is something you must be willing to release from your system to have what you want and there is something you must integrate into your system to BE who you ARE. This is the completion of an annual cycle so you can ground your intentions this Full Moon for the completion work on the personal/individual level, in preparation for birthing a new cycle of working & playing with others on a Collective level this Spring.

As we get to the Virgo Full Moon, we can really assess all that we put in motion around Fall Equinox 2022 and release that which is not falling into a *natural rhythm* by now. What new system or routine did you activate back then? and where does it stand now, 6-months later? Much of what is revealed at this time, will also help deepen your dedication to inner wholeness in some way. Clearly, there is more work to do to align your Internal Truth with your External Reality. Check-in with the reality of the various relationships or basic exchanges that you are experiencing at this time. Any ‘friction’ that you may be going through is necessary to help you grow & evolve into the New Vision being seeded this month. There may be an intense ‘ending vibe’ to the usual Initiation of a new lunar cycle. But maybe ‘ending’ isn’t the right word, think completion or surrender or full circle and trust that ALL is Divine, even if it doesn’t all make total sense to you just yet. It’s time to run everything through your own *Internal Processor & Personal Filters* before getting to the action-oriented Aries energy of Spring Equinox 2023.

3/11 ~ Venus (feminine values & priorities) ~sextile~ Mars (masculine desires & actions):

This energy is good for creating the balance between self & other. It is good for trying new things & meeting new people, if/when possible. It creates a good vibe and balanced masculine/feminine energy that allows a nice exchange between self and other. This is a good time to be creative, so be cognizant of any ideas that come to you right now, even if you cannot implement them right away. This is a happy, upbeat energy, so if you can be sociable, by all means, get out and mingle. It’s possible to attract someone under this influence as well. The best thing to do with this energy is get involved with new projects and progressive people. It’s all very positive.

3/11 ~ Mercury (acumen) ~sextile~ Uranus (the Awakener):

This energy says, it’s time to go with the flow – “new and different” being the flow. It wants to shake it up a bit – in a good way. However, if you feel like new and different is more like chaos and disruption, then you need to reflect and see if you aren’t being too rigid. Unwillingness to go with the (new) flow will make this energy harder to handle. This is also a good time to try to resolve any old issues or challenges – they are not going away without resolution and conscious release. Perhaps you’ve been trying the same thing over and over and it’s time to try something NEW – now is the time new ideas can & will come to you. Pay attention! Try to be open and receptive to unusual things, events or ideas and allow room for spontaneity, improvising & thinking on your feet. You may think you are doing one thing and look up and being doing something completely different – be open to exploring the new path!

3/11 ~ Juno Enters TAURUS (until May 1st):

Juno, the Divine Consort, rules your most important relationships and what you are deeply committed to. As she moves through Taurus, she reminds us to check-in with our personal values, within the context of our relationships. It’s time to cultivate stability, beauty & strength within so that the partnerships & collaborations that we engage in are productive, rewarding & long-lasting. In Taurus, we are building something, so how are your relationships going – personal & professional? How are your intimate relationships in particular – our Taurus Dept is where our self-esteem issues around food, sex & money come up and often, we project our issues onto a partner or attract a partner who has the same issues. Any partnerships we initiate at this time have to fulfill our primary needs, whether it is physical or material security. It is time to be fully present in your dealings with others and to the degree that you’re able to do that, you will be able to add sensuality & beauty to all that you are co-creating with others going forward. If you’re not in a partnership, intimate or otherwise, then it is an excellent time to re-set your own self-love/self-worth in a way that will carry you for the next 4-5 years.



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