Weekly Forecast: May 29 – June 4, 2022

The video version of this forecast, as read by Kelly, is available here.

5/29 ~ Mars (passion) ~conjunct~ Jupiter (expansion):

This is an excellent energy if you are beginning a new project or business because you will have considerably more energy than usual so direct it consciously and use it wisely. Do not take unnecessary risks, but calculated risks are actually well-supported for a positive outcome under this influence. You will be optimistic and willing to do whatever it takes to facilitate progress. At the same time, if you are not initiating something and perhaps are struggling on one level or another, then watch your temper as things may appear worse than they really are. This is a huge dose of Truth & Passion, direct it consciously and you will accomplish great things in a short amount of time.

Mars has a 2-year cycle and Jupiter has a 12-year cycle so meeting up in the same Sign is Special! The Sign becomes the *magic* ingredient to take note of, in this case (2022), they are connecting in ARIES and the last time they initiated here was in 2011 but before that, 1975 – and the next will be 2047. So you see it is very special for this ARIES Area of Life (House). Not to mention that it is automatically a New Cycle when Aries kicks in! Mars in its home placement, where it is strongest, is so useful for the individual to get some clarity of purpose. Jupiter in Aries is expanding our consciousness and asking us to improve this department of life. Lean into the expansion of whatever narrative you are currently living – whatever you’re doing, think a little bigger, deeper & more expansive! This can be a brand new cycle of sovereignty, independence & freedom but you have to be able to hold your own structure to a certain degree. This is a special opportunity to reclaim a sense of self-value & identity if your consciousness is in the right place. These two will inevitably link up with Chiron as well so any self-healing, self-education or personal soul work that you can do will be anchoring a much larger cycle, going forward. Remember, self-preservation is not selfish but essential so take advantage of the once-in-2-years to re-set your identity & purpose with Mars. And use the once-in-12-years to re-set what you believe to be true or possible for you, the individual, with Jupiter.

5/30 ~ New Moon in GEMINI:

This New Moon can activate some radically NEW ways of thinking, learning & expressing. How we process information and what we allow IN – into our individual field of resonance, into our personal space or into our own consciousness. Now that the ‘Collective Field’ is Infinitely Open, you are encouraged to fortify & rely on your own filters, boundaries & systems for living. It is time to live your own Truth, within the context of the larger, collective Truth. Gemini always activates the lesson of CHOICE, and now that we have so many choices, some more than others, we have to have a way of making the best choices for Self. The way to do that is to strengthen & fortify the *Head/Heart* Connection: allow the Head to present the variety of choices and the possibilities therein, then proceed to the Heart to sign off on what *FEELS* True & Right for You, personally. Anything good for you, is usually good for ALL so think with your Heart! And set intentions for a new level of learning, awareness & energetic exchange with others going forward.

6/3 ~ Mercury Direct in TAURUS (until June 13th):

It is finally going Direct today – yay! Now is the time to reflect on all that has come up in the last 6+ weeks and beyond. Now is the time to consider what has changed about your ideas, thinking or consciousness. As you make the connections and do some deeper processing of all that you’ve learned recently, then you can move toward the necessary embodiment as it goes Direct in Taurus. Once you make up your mind, then you can start to create space for whatever you’re birthing this Spring season! Take some time to improve your environment, beautify your Self, raise your vibration and recalibrate your magnetic field so that you are naturally magnetizing what is for your highest good and repelling that which is not.

6/4 ~ Saturn Retrograde in AQUARIUS:

This is Saturn’s first time in Aquarius since 1990-1993 and today brings its last retrograde before it begins to move into Pisces, when we will move into very new territory. It is a good idea to get clear on what you’ve learned in the last 2+ years about your own reality, as well as the reality of the world and define your own terms regarding the Aquarius House Issues (if you want to get personal). Otherwise, we all can see how a certain reality & purpose has played out and run its course since 1990-93. On social/collective levels, what have we learned?

At the same time that we had these incredible technological breakthroughs in the 1990’s, which helped us connect globally, we are now facing the results of that in a way that is proving to require much more self-awareness & vigilance than we may have thought going in. The world has changed in ways that we can never go back. Meaning: you cannot unknow what you know or unsee what you’ve seen. So how can you visualize more humans becoming more responsible stewards of Earth and more respectful of Mother ~ the Source of ALL LIFE? We can’t control the rest of the world, but we can make our own individual choices and we will have to, going forward, because we are stepping into a new reality and claiming a whole new purpose by Spring 2023 when Saturn moves into Pisces for the next 2+ years.

Saturn Retrogrades every year, giving us a tremendous amount of stabilizing energy that you can direct consciously on your own behalf. Every year, Saturn asks us to clean up, clear out and upgrade our reality in some department of life. You can look to any area of your life that requires you to upgrade & fortify because it has essentially run its natural course and is more/less worn out. But you can also look to your Aquarius House, and see if the Areas of Life it represents, also may require some much-needed focus & dedication. Saturn often gets our attention by creating blockages & delays, pointing out weaknesses & oversights, and during its retrograde, there are reports of folks feeling like they are being ‘held back by the elbows’. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. A better use of Saturn’s amazing energy is to slow down and check-in with your personal base. How organized are you in general? Are you naturally focused and self-directed or do you succeed more often when you have a structure? This is a time to develop or fortify your Inner Authority to make choices & decisions on your own behalf, with courage & confidence. Take time to organize your thoughts or create a plan or strategy for adjusting to the changes (seemingly) being forced on you at this time. Start with small, manageable goals because accomplishing them will also give you the momentum & fortitude to go after the bigger goals. It’s time to release fear & doubt and redefine your reality on some level, if nothing else, for the new year alone.



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