Weekly Forecast: November 7 – 13, 2021

The video version of this forecast, as read by Kelly, is available here.


Time for honoring the dead
(ancestors etc)
Time to prepare for several months of INNER Self-Work
Time for honoring that which is complete
(aspects of your Being & world)
Time when the veils between dimensions
are thinnest, easing communications

Time to prepare for seasonal shift
(this hemisphere is Winter, time to rest & replenish)
Time for honoring the end of a cycle,
while glimpsing the new cycle about to begin

11/7 ~ SCORPIO Gate of Power/Cross Qtr:

Samhain ~ Cross Quarter ~ Scorpio Gate of Power is all about Honoring the Invisible Assistance. This completes the 8 Sacred Seasons of the Solar Year. You’ve done all that you can do for the last 10+ months and now you must surrender. You have been intuitively guided and completely supported the whole time, whether you were aware of it or not. All seasonal shifts call your attention to *BALANCE* and remind you to, periodically, tune-in to your Heart, Mother Nature & Great Spirit. This is the time of year for closure ~ within & without. The Cross Quarter Seasons (between each of the Solstices & Equinoxes) have long been considered to be *Gates of Power* ~ a threshold that offers access to other realms of existence, other Dimensions which are relevant and connected to our own 3rd Dimension. During this time of year, reflection on the past and rumination on the future commingle. The Angels, Ancestors & Animal Spirit Guides should be honored and will be more accessible for communing with at this time of the year. You can ask for their guidance on the lesson & purpose of certain events/experiences of the past year and you can ask for guidance on how to proceed during the upcoming year. After completion, clearing & release, it is an especially good time to sit with the Empty Space for a period of time. This is an Infinitely potent time “in between”, a place also referred to as the *Sweet Spot* in agriculture, which is that very thin membrane between *Seed & New Life*. Plant your seeds of the future during this dark time and be still, listen, invite Life. This 6-week period prior to Winter Solstice has the longest nights, implying rest, work behind closed doors and moving through any personal darkness. It is time to restore strength and prepare for the Light’s return, when things will again begin to quicken.

*SCORPIO* represents the most potent time of the year …
Scorpio as ruled by Mars asks, “What do you deeply desire?
Scorpio as ruled by Pluto asks,
What are you willing to sacrifice to have that desire fulfilled?”
Are you willing to *SACRIFICE* …
fear … for love?
doubt … for faith?
false pride … for true confidence?
skepticism … for critical thinking?
poverty consciousness … for abundance?
groundless low self-esteem … for knowing who you are?

This is the time when the Life/Death/Life cycle is at work, highlighting the area of your life where you may experience an ending and subsequent new beginning. It is a time to *Honor the Dead* which can apply to friends & family who are no longer on this plane of existence with us, though their essence never dies and becomes more accessible at this time. Or it can also apply to your own Being, your creative projects, cycles in your life that are now complete.

In between a completion and the initiation of a new cycle, project or part of your Self, a time-out ~ Rest ~ Reverence ~ Reflection are all highly recommended. Also, this is the last of the 8 Sacred Seasons of the year when people who honor Mother Earth celebrate each turn of the Wheel, each cycle. This is the season between Fall Equinox & Winter Solstice, so there is an element of Harvest still going on, however, it is more about *Surrender* and rest in preparation for new life.

11/8 ~ Pallas Direct in PISCES:

Pallas takes about 5-years to make it through the Signs so Retrograding in Pisces is very special, plus she’s been traveling with Neptune, taking us even deeper into our own inner beliefs and stirring our imaginations. Pallas is our individual, unique genius and it has been very interesting to note what is coming up from the depths of our subconscious these days. As she moves forward, you may start to put some pieces together. It’s time to fully engage your heart, soul & imagination to connect with the creative solutions & prismatic perspective that is necessary to navigate these crazy times in the social/collective. Pallas is also completing her journey through the Signs in a way that is a reboot for all of us, no matter where our own Pallas resides in our charts. Use this energy to tap into your Higher Self and ask how you could be more imaginative in your life choices, how you could be more multi-dimensional in your approach and how you could be more intuitive with your responses.

11/10 ~ Mercury (thoughts) ~conjunct~ Mars (energy):
(3 of 3: 8/18 ~ 10/9 ~ 11/10)

I have to preface this with two things: (1) is when Mercury is involved, it is a relatively fast-moving energy. (2) is when Mars is involved, being the lower version of power (Pluto being the Higher version), reminds us that with power, also comes responsibility. Now, that all said, the positive expression of this energy is that you can control your mind and direct it with passion, getting tangible results. This heightens your intellectual ability and mental capacity (for better or worse). You will be able to clearly articulate your thoughts and you should have quick, effective responses. If you maintain your integrity, this is an excellent time to ‘fuel’ major creative expression. If this energy manifests its negative side, it can make you petty & combative, arguing over nonsense and wasting precious time & energy in ego control-dramas. And if it is not coming FROM you, it is just as possible to be coming AT you (from others). This is the best time to put your energy (Mars) behind your thoughts, ideas and words (Mercury) and get creative. The power of this pairing is that they are occupying the same space, essentially energizing each other and initiating a new 2-year cycle. *Special Mercury Retro Activations ~ 37-min Audio HERE

11/10 ~ Mercury (communication/expression) ~square~ Saturn (limits/reality):

This energy is good for deep self-reflection and intentional solitude rather than negotiating with others as it can create challenges around communication & self-expression. It is easier to feel misunderstood when trying to convey something or you may seem a little down to others when it’s more of a serious, not necessarily negative vibration. This is not usually good energy for business negotiations unless every detail is very clear to all involved. This energy often makes you most critical of your Self, but it could trickle over onto others as well. Basically, Saturn helps you see any weakness & instability, so that you can recognize what needs to be fixed or fortified, and Mercury can actually be useful for learning. Beware of a tendency toward apathy, pessimism and/or depression, that’s Saturn & Mercury, which makes it more mental than literal. Try to stay focused on all the blessings that you do have and all that you have accomplished instead of what’s still on the list of things to do (in life). This energy is not intended to make you feel bad about all the things left yet to do, but encourage you to begin the necessary steps and be okay with small measures of progress for now. This energy tends to make you focus on the practical side of manifesting. Clear the mental distractions & emotional debris, and begin to lay a new, clean, solid foundation beneath your goals. Then, strategize about the details of bringing it to fruition. That will cheer you up too!

11/10 ~ Mars (anger) ~square~ Saturn (restriction):

This is the energy of action being restricted and the anger or frustration that follows. You can either be angry and feel restricted, limited and unable to move … or you can see this energy as an opportunity to define the right actions to take and strategically plan to take them when the Universe is more supportive. This energy requires us to slow down and double check The Plan. If you proceed consciously, your plan has a better chance of success than if you were reckless & impatient. You may experience a blockage of some sort, internal or external. You may feel this tremendous urge to change or move forward in your life but seem to find blockages and limitations with every effort. That is likely your perception, not necessarily the reality, so you have to ask your Self if you feel inadequate to the task at hand for some reason. What are you afraid of? Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real – release fear and choose to be responsible for creating your life. If you don’t, your outer circumstance only becomes a reflection of your inner belief. You will attract criticism and repel support. Take your grand vision and figure out three small steps that you can take on this restricted level that is still taking you in the direction of your goal. Don’t try to initiate at this time, this is a time for cultivating, planning, working behind the scenes, doing the detail work and foundational (grunt work) that is NECESSARY to support the grand vision when the time comes to fully express it.

11/12 ~ Sun (authentic Self) ~trine~ Neptune (intuition):

This energy triggers your idealistic, altruistic inclinations, but remember that help has to be invited. But if you have the energy to share & to spare, then dedicate your Self to something greater than you. Choose a cause to support or help those less fortunate for the sheer pleasure of giving. If your energy is low at this time, it is better directed inward in order to replenish. If you can, take some extra time in intentional solitude, praying, meditating and connecting to Spirit this week, you will be rewarded with deep revelations & mystical discoveries within you. It’s a great time to do divinations, ritual or ceremony if you’re into that. Your intuition is heightened also, so pay attention to any ‘messages’ that come through or to you. Try to use this energy to reflect on where you are and dream a little about where you want to be, mentally, spiritually and physically in 6-months to a year from now.

11/13 ~ Mercury (thoughts) ~oppose~ Uranus (radical shift):

This energy tends to make your mind work in over-drive. Not that you think too much, but rather you may tend to think, speak and process information faster than usual. However, when you are moving that fast, sometimes you can overlook something vital. The negative expression of this energy tends to make you feel scattered and disorganized, but the positive side of it is making those brilliant connections that are normally just out of reach. Your perception and intuition are picking up so much in such a short period of time that you will want to review the details later to ensure that you didn’t overlook something crucial to your development. You may be impatient with same-old/same-old routine but check-in with your body to make sure it is not just your monkey mind playing tricks on you. It is a good time to breathe and be flexible because if you are impatient with this energy, you are more likely to make mistakes or have accidents. Anytime Uranus is involved, radical shifts and ah-ha moments are totally possible on an internal level, however, on an external level you may tend to blurt things our without proper forethought. Be sure to engage your Heart and some kind of filter, especially when communicating with others this week.



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